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  1. Leblanc's first AHL season: 22pts in 31 games

    Pacioretty's first AHL season: 29 points in 37 games (6 goals!)

    Plekanec's first AHL season: 46 points in 77 games

    (and just to drive the point home)

    Parise's first AHL season: 58 points in 73 games

    Well said. Also, Hamilton was not a great team last year. If Leblanc starts the year in the AHL this year, you'll see him put a .ot more points up on the board.
  2. I don't move PK unless you're getting a premiere 1st line winger like a Bobby Ryan or Evander Kane in return. There's alot of 'potential' D prospects we have but nobody that can jump in and replace PK right away and I think Therrien will be great to help his maturity. This assumes Subban isn't holding out for a ridiculous long term contract, 4 years@$16MM would be maximum. Bourque is making too much $ to be a 3rd line winger so you have to give him a shot at top 6 and try and move him if that doesn't work. Would rather package Rene, Weber and one of our 3 2nd rounders in 2013 (the Preds & Flames could be very high picks) for a bonafide LW than move Subban but if they can't get a deal done I would also consider maybe a Pleks/PK for E Kane/Bogosian as a good alternative if Galchenyuk is ready to centre one of the top 2 lines. Gallagher & Leblanc should spend the year in Hamilton playing top minutes like Pacs did than 3rd line duty.

    There's no way I'd trade PK for either of those players. Not a chance.
  3. I really like his smarts, and he can be pretty slick with the puck, so I'm going to say 2nd liner, 20-25 goal man, potential for a better season here and there. I'll say winger, just because he won't get the chance to play centre with the habs.

  4. Nobody is saying that Subban should never, ever be traded for anybody. We all agree that we'd trade him for a franchise player. But that amounts to saying we wouldn't trade him, since no one is going to offer Stamkos or Crsoby for Subban. I'm really not sure what is gained by saying 'we should trade him if the right deal comes along.' What's the right deal? Rick frigging Nash?

    We have holes, but no 'overwhelming' need in our roster that would justify the radical move of destroying our defence corps by trading PK Subban.

    I've said it before, trading Subban for instant help is a very Maple-Leafy thing to even consider. I'm content to let our young core develop, as long as new Management handles things better than the previous group, who got rid of players like Ribero, S.Kostitsyn, and Grabosvski, and McDonough for little or no return in each case.
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  5. A this point if we could shed a little bit of salary and get rid of a Weber for instance then I would seriously consider Kubina.

    He can be a secondary PP player and be a steady influence for Kaberle. Only if he would sign for relatively cheap that is

    Actually, I don't see us making a move on d until training camp, and then, if everyone seems healthy and good to go, I could see Weber traded for a pick, and thats about it.
  6. I hope not. I don;t want him to lose a year of eligibility for 20 points playing 6-7 mins a game.

    Thats what will determine wether he stays or not, in my opinion. If you read the article posted on the home page, there is no clear way to handle a player such as this. So, in my opinion, if he's going to play 6 to 7 minutes a game, there's no way you'd want him here. If he's going to play top 6 minutes and contributes, than, by all means, lets keep him. I'm no expert on the matter, but I think he will get the 8 game trial, and if he earns top minutes, then he's probably better off staying. Hell, even 12-14 minutes a game at the NHL level might be better for his development than a year of junior. I can't wait to see how it plays out.
  7. The Kovalchuk ruling set clear boundaries. The boundaries being that if your deal runs past the age of 40 (Kovalchuk's first deal took him to age 44) any year past that mark would not help to reduce the cap hit.

    This contract ends when WEber is 40.

    There is nothing wrong with it.

    If the league shoots it down, the NHLPA and Weber would grieve this thing so fast it wouldn't be funny. The fact that they conformed to all rules set out in the last grievance means this would be a slam dunk.

    I was thinking Weber is older than he is, so I suppose you're right. The timing is really bad, though, the owners continue to be their own worst enemy.
  8. I've seen him play as well, and even though he didn't have his best game, man, can that guy skate. Can anyone in the league skate better backwards than this guy? I agree with most of you, he has soooo much talent and potential, its would really take an established superstar coming the other way for me to even consider moving PK.

  9. 14 years!!! This is stupid. I repeat, the CBA better do something about this as GMs continue to screw not only themselves, but the rest of the GMs that have more sense. There is not a expectation among top players that they get a "career contract" with no remaining risk (or much incentive) to earn their pay. If Markov is a shadow of his former self (I hope not, but it could happen due to the knee), can you imagine having him locked up at a high cap for the next 10 years!

    Didn't the league strike down the first New Jersey-Kovalchuk deal because the life of the deal wasn't realistic? If so, this deal should also be struck down, and I'm hoping it is. What a terrible time for Philly to make such an offer, players are not dumb, you can't be telling them that the length and amount of these deals is way too much in negotiations, while one of your strongest franchises makes a totally stupid offer at the same time. Man, the owners really are a bunch of morons sometimes.
  10. Thank you for this comandant - it is probably the single most concise educational post i have ever read on any online hockey forum. i learned about DD, about the Habs future, about coaching, and about hockey in general.

    much appreciated.

    I have a feeling that Therrien might want to play with the lines a bit. It would be interesting to see what Eller could do between Patches and Cole.
  11. To me this means the team needs patience.

    Top four D-Man: Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis (possibly)

    Top six Forwards: Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Holland (possibly), Kristo (possibly), Collberg (possibly), Pribyl (possibly)

    I would have to include Collberg as more of a sure thing than even Gallager. He has an amazing release, is a better skater, and seems like he will be a top-6 winger in the NHL. I believe Gallager could be, but if his offense isn't at the same level in the NHL as junior, he could end up playing more of a (sorry to mention his name here) Darcey Tucker type role. Also, for the defense, from what I seen at the Memorial Cup, Ellis is going to be an excellent defender, good all around. I would throw Throwers name in the mix. I haven't seen him play, honestly, but his scouting reports seem to indicate he will be a hard nosed, tough bottom 6 type guy (I know you mentioned top 4 d-men, but having a young guy with offense and toughness in a bottom six role would be awesome), which is fine with me. I know all prospects do not translate into NHLers, but man, we have one impressive group right now. As for subtracting current players, in two seasons, I doubt that Gionta and Cole will be at the same level as they have been recently, so its easy to see them being traded or shuffled down the lineup somehow if needed. If Galchenyuk develops fast, it would also be quite possible to see Pleks moved in the next year or so.
  12. I personally like Diaz but hate the fact that we more or less have 4 players who fit the same mold.

    If we were able to shed Weber and Kaberle then Diaz would be a mainstay on that blueline. Right now he's what #6-7?

    He's above Weber on the depth chart in my opinion, but behind Kaberle. In my world, he would also be above Kaberle, but I'm probably in the minority on that issue.
  13. Therrien loves hard workers. If DD is moved it's because he doesn't want to sign in Montreal. If he gets moved on the team it's simply to the wing.

    I meant moved around, as in switching positions. I see no reason why you would switch the teams most productive centre to the wing, unless Galchenyuk is so spectacular in camp that his play demends he be kept with the Habs.
  14. i'm not accusing you of hating, just undevaluing and seeking to shelter a high-end, if no longer elite, offensive dman.

    A 5-6th offensive d-man is no longer high-end. He is a guy you don't want caught out against any top 2 lines in the league, he is soft, he is, in my opinion, a defensive liability. That being said, as I stated many times, I like our defense, baring any long term injuries to our top 4. I like Diaz better since he is also capable offensively, did a decent job in his own end, and has more room to improve. I'm sorry, you never made to hate comment, that was in response to another post.
  15. I have spoken out against this before, and you have all replied to this topic well. We are not going to win the Cup this year, even with another top 6 winger. Subban has the type of natural, raw talent that is nearly impossible to come by, he was a major league steal in the 2nd round, if the 2007 draft was to happen again, we would have 2 of the top 5 picks taken. Wait and see how good this guy is this year, and again the following year, when he starts to get Norris nominations. Be patient, Hab fans, this team is gonna rock in another year or so.

  16. This is exactly the kind of attitude towards Kabs I don't understand. Sure, he is on the downside of his career and he is soft. But he is a proven elite puck moving dman who ranked 40th amongst ALL NHL DMEN for points last season despite playing for two brand new teams/having an off year.

    He is expensive for a 5-6th dman, but few teams can boast having that kind of skill on their third pairing, considering that there are only 38 dmen in the whole league who bested his output last year and that he has been in the top 10 (or 13) point producers for many years prior to that. We cannot expect that from him anymore, but 30+ points are very realistic.

    Then you're pretty much saying exactly what I said above. I don't care what he did before, and I don't want to see him placed in the top 4 or given more ice time than he can handle. I fail to see any 'hate' in what I said about the guy.
  17. I'd predict you are both wrong.

    Galchenyuk is likely getting the eight games up and I'm betting Leblanc will get a look at the start of the season as well. Both of these push Gomez out of the lineup. They are going to be determined to see how Bourque plays in the top six with Plekanec and Gionta (likely) and if he's flopping, Leblanc can't replace and Galchenyuk needs to go back to the OHL, *then* they will make a trade for a top six player. Gomez doesn't decide anything unless he plays great enough to make the roster.

    I'm hoping a healthy Galchenyuk blows everyones mind at camp and is an NHLer from day one, but I don't count on that happening this year.
  18. The above comments stand out to me as I read over the thread early this fine morning.

    I wholeheartedly agree that we don't need fighters on D with Prust and White in the house. Cube will contribute somewhat as well. Add the agressive play of Moen, Armstrong, Subban and Emelin and the Habs are now officially tough - whatever that is worth (huge debate there :)

    Yet the D is indeed a bit soft and the arrival of Tinordi, Ellis and possible others will help in the years ahead.

    Kaberle is no doubt the softest of the bunch, but I don't get the fairly widespread undervaluing of him. I think it is residual anti-Laff bias at play. He has a consistent track record as a playmaker and ranked 40th in dman point production last year despite the disruption of playing for two new teams in one season. I am also surprised to find that he has missed relatively little time to injury over the years.

    I predict that he will make us all very happy as our 5th dman and 2nd PP QB this season. Another 30-40 point campaign is totally realistic, but he is still young enough to do even better if he settles in and really clicks as a Hab.

    I also think our d-core has the potential to be well above average if Markov returns to form and Emelin continues to develop into one of the best physical players in hockey. PK, Markov, Gorges and Emelin make for a very well balanced and dynamic top four, IF all remain healthy ;)

    I am hoping that reduced minutes for Kaberle, plus pairing him with Bouillon will somewhat protect him, and keep him from hurting the team too much. Truthfully, I still don't like his game a lot, and would rather see Diaz out there, who, although smaller, is better defensively. I still like our top 4, and if we only need Kaberle to fill a top 4 role for a handfull of games (injuries), then we'll probably be ok.
  19. A healthy Markov would make a huge difference. And please don't question my "fan" status, I have been a fan of this team since I was old enough to watch TV. The fact is, the smart way to build a contender is to do it through the draft and player development. We have some excellent prospects, we have a development team in place to help them succeed. They are a few years away. I would like to see this team contend year after year. I wish we could have such a team this year, but realistically, I think we're going to be in a battle for a playoff spot again this year. The pieces to make us an instant contender are not really out there via free agency, other than the 2 that Minny signed, and I wouldn't even want to see us take on those huge contracts. So, this team won't go the Toronto route, trading the future for a quick fix. The only thing which might make us better right now would be Doan, and I don't know if he would actually make us a contender. Thus, this is where we are, if another tough year or so mean we're going to be long term contenders, then, I suppose I could wait for that.

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