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  1. Alright, its been too long and its time for me to weigh in here. Price will be signed soon. I agree with Brian in that once the Kovalchuk situation is settled and teams begin to round out their rosters the Habs will sign him for the type of contract that fits the situation at that time. Have patience people.


  2. Just wanted to say Hi :), I'm still around, not a recurring theme, I'm kinda behind the scene at the moment as I just moved into a new apartment, because I started a new job last week, and have been busy for the last little bit. However, I do still talk to Tristan, Fred, Maca, Mike, Jon, Jason, Andrew and Tony fairly regularly and the last time lines were sent for me was a few weeks ago, sorry about that, but once I get my cable/internet hooked up (wonderful Rogers) I'll be back running my own show. Just saying, here I am.


  3. Only saw the last 15 minutes but so far I like all the additions and how they're living up to the expectation. Im also liking how Plex, Price and O'Byrne have turned their games around. Just need some time for it all to get rolling and then when we get Markov back it'll be like a huge deadline addition.

  4. My dad got home from work in time to watch the 3rd with me, and about 3 minutes to go he looked at me and said, "you know its nice to have players who play to win the game til the end even if theyre down a goal". I thought about it and it is a good feeling..... those boys were FLYING tonight. Can't wait til next thursday!


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