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  1. I think they reason we didnt get Hossa was because Bob was waiting down the wire with the Higgins for Sundin deal to be accepted by Mats, it didn't and we ended up with neither. I think were in a better position now anyways since we have cap space galore and could make serious bids on either while trading for a guy LIKE Arnott, Morrow, etc. etc.


  2. Next year i see this....

    A. Kostitsyn - T. Plekanec - A. Kovalev

    S. Kostitsyn - S. Koivu - C. Higgins

    G. Latendresse - M. Lapierre - M. Pacioretty

    S. Begin - K. Chipchura - T. Kostopoulos

    Spares = G. Stewart, M. Grabovski

    A. Markov / M. Komisarek

    R. Hamrlik / J. Gorges

    A. Emelin / R. O'Byrne

    7th Dman = P. Brisebois


    A. Markov / M. Komisarek

    R. Hamrlik / UFA or Trade puck moving Dman (Campbell would be nice but thats a dream).

    J. Gorges / R. O'Byrne

    C. Price

    J. Halak

    Maybe,... just MAYBE Bob will acquire a legit star somewhere but other than that I think we'll see something like the above.


  3. Why is Trizz running your team if you're here? Is your EHM not working or something?

    Im on my aunt and uncles computer for the time being and alas, no EHM.


  4. if there's a stink around here it's New Jersey! i mean, between the medical waste on your beaches and the factories polluting your air and the frozen urine you use to skate on ... New Jersey is just simply disgusting!


    Excuse me but the ice my team skates on still has some of the pleasant fragrance of the urinal cakes! :angry:


  5. 3-0 sim for Calgary. I might still be able to catch the Canucks with half the talent.

    1-2 sim for NJ, but somewhat expected as Harding got all 3 starts again.

    :blink: ... hes only got two more right? Right?

    Bah! Kidding all around!!


    Also doesnt help that Gylling and Stewart are on the IR.


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