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  1. I have 11 AHL dmen, and now i have an AHLer with 75 points and he could be an emergency call up if ever needed. Thanks to Mark for the lightning quick deal.


  2. Well most of you knew that Ive been looking for a true #1 Dman and now I do believe Ive found him. Byfuglien is there to help out with Malones departure and the picks go towards making next years draft better for me cuz this year still isnt looking too good for me. Thanks to Matt for once again trading with me and good luck.


    PS, Chara looks alot better at 3 million than Pronger at 14 doesnt he :D. JK JLP

  3. New Jersey sends:

    Correy Perry: 80O, 69D, 74OA, 81 Cons

    Riley Merkley: 67O, 68D, 67OA, 72 Cons

    Phoenix sends:

    Mike Johnson: 77O, 75D, 77OA, 77 Cons

    Dimitri Cherynkh: 66O, 60D, 66OA, 73 Cons

    Thanks to Brian for the Negotiations. Johnson brings a leadership boost to the Devils is an all around better player and is a better fit on my NTZ 4th line than Perry would be.


  4. I will be moving to Alberta at the end of the month and wont be able to keep up with the league for a few weeks. In that time Tristan has agreed to take over responsibilies as Assistant (to the) General Manager and Head Coach. So thanks to him and I'll be on whenever I can to check things and hopefully will be back to my team within a month.


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