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  1. I call "Elder with Big White Beard and White pants"!!! I said it first! JLP you can be "Cross-Legged Elder with Rolled-Up Pants"


    I feel somewhat left out of this picture.... but it could just be me. Especially when Andrew, Kjell, and Blaze get an old guy with a beard and not me.


    Hey David, I guess you and I haven't been around long enough to be elders. Nice to know we're younger than some of the relative newbies!



  2. nothing to do. It is the family section. You HAVE to buy tickets for adults AND children...

    Ok, so when I said I wanted 4 tickets together in the best spot they had and they gave me those, what are they going to say when two people who are obviously over 16 try to use them?


  3. Yah, complete bullshit. The preview pane lists tons of seats available, but then you burn all your chances to get shit seats... I'm totally not impressed.

    But still, I'll be in the nose bleeds to see the Philly game on the 13th!

    Same here, way up in the friggin family section, when it finally said it was my turn to pick thats all that was left. But I wanted 4 regular seats and it billed me for 2 regular and 2 under 16, wtf? What do I do to get that fixed??

  4. Detroit Protected:

    Simon Gagne

    Henrik Zetterberg

    Jeff Glass

    Trevor Lewis

    Angelo Esposito

    Alexandre Gervais

    Matt Niskanen

    Jeff Schultz

    Goran Svendsson

    Jean Pronovost

    Igor Grigorenko

    Stanislav Dvorak

    Dustin Kohn

    Phil Young

    Patrik Zakirsson

    Petr Kalus

    Marc-Andre Bernier

    Mark Popovic

    David Bosak


    G / Robert Goepfert - 71

    F / Morten Madsen - 70

    D / Kyle Klubertanz - 64

    F / Michael Gordon - 64

    D/ Josh Gorges - 64

    F / Johan Harju - 64

    G / Jodan Sigalet - 63

    F / David Backes - 59

    D / Paul Ranger - 59

    D /Jim Posh - 56

    F / Marat Petrov - 48

    Sorry for the lateness, I'd be all for Tuesday since I have to work Saturday.


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