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  1. CGY Confirms.

    I was always uncomfortable having a projected top offensive pair of Sbisa and Subban. Despres's superior defence and similar offence makes my Projected D look A LOT better. Hutchings should be a decent defensive forward, and I can replce Lewis in the upcomming drafts. If it takes a couple of thirds to make the deal happen, then fine by me.

    here's to hopping you'll keep your job



  2. For the good of the Red Wings

    Detroit sends:

    D - Simon Despres - 52o, 55d, 59oa, 82con

    C/LW - Alex Hutchings - 47o, 50d, 56oa, 84con

    LW/RW - Mikkel Boedker - 58o, 51d, 62oa, 82con

    Calgary sends:

    D - P.K. Subban - 76o, 69d, 73oa, 79con

    LW/C - Trevor Lewis - 80o, 82d, 82oa, 85con

    LW/RW - Tomas Vincour - 48o, 51d, 54oa, 76con

    LW/C - Shawn Matthias - 46o, 46d, 54oa, 88con

    St Louis 2013 3rd round draft pick

    Los Angeles 2013 3rd round draft pick

    Reasoning: Well Lewis is a solid two-way centre/winger that I was looking for and puts up the points as well as the hits. Subban becomes the triggerman on my powerplay and the 3rds are nice to have. Losing Despres may seem like a big hit, but I got Karlsson as a top offensive dman prospect and losing his size isn't a huge concern as I already have a hulking young blue line as it is. The Boedker for Vincour and Matthias part turns another good prospect into two good prospects.


  3. Well I figure its time I speak on this matter. I was hired by a CO-commish to take a team that needed a lot of work and only had a week to prepare for the season. Immediately I sent contract offers, and prepared trades that will set this team up for the season. I've also spent a lot of time over the past 4 days familiarizing myself with the Red Wings and its system. Therefore, not being spiteful, I really think that should I "officially" be hired, The Red Wings should be the team awarded to me. I honestly don't know if I want to spend another dozen hours of my time familiarizing myself with another team when there is only a week til pre-season starts. Just where I'm sitting on this matter.


  4. Well here it is, gunna try to gauge some interest here....

    Make me an offer:

    D: Alexei Emelin, 47-O, 75-D, 66-OA

    D: Mark Popovic, 58-O, 74-D, 69-OA

    LW/RW: Morten Madsen, 75-O, 70-D, 69-OA

    LW/C: Peter Kalus, 73-O, 66-D, 71-OA

    C/RW: Marat Petrov, 41-O, 39-D, 49-OA

    C/RW: Igor Grigorenko, 80-O, 67-D, 75-OA

    C/RW: David Bosak, 80-O, 54-D, 68-OA

    Untouchable (Unless you can make me an offer I can't refuse):

    Henrik Zetterberg, Simon Gagne, Jeff Glass, Patrik Zakirsson, Goran Svendsson, Angelo Esposito, Jeff Schultz, Phil Young, Alexandre Gervais, Matt Niskanen, Jean Pronovost, Stanislav Dvorak, Bryce Swan, P.K. Subban, Trevor Lewis and Jakub Voracek

    I'm looking for:

    - A veteran stud Dman

    - A good Goalie

    - An good two-way Centre

    - Quality depth players


  5. Detroit is pleased to announce that it has come to the rescue of the Fredericton Feds, saving the great city of Fredericton a great deal of hardship at the sudden and abrupt loss of their beloved team. Upon hearing the news they were overjoyed knowing that they will now have a superior form of hockey to watch at the Aitken Centre now on those cold winter nights.


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