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  1. For serious, I'd say that NYRs and OTT have a growing rivalry given our continuous bidding on the same players to trade for and playoff series.

    I also figure things will get pretty serious between Pittsburgh and New Jersey and the Rangers this season as well.

    But like the NHL, rivalries are born in the playoffs and most of my rivals have moved to the west or quit the league, heh.

    Yeah i think you two are the only teams ive had a rivalry with. Only because I play Giggy everytime I face Pittsburgh:P And i just like beating the rags all to hell.


  2. New Jersey sends:

    Garnett Exelby: 46-76-67 Con:74

    Kyle Sabin: 50-43-53 Con: 57

    Radoslav Dolezal: 45-49-49 Con: 36

    Brian Longsworth: 41-24-42 Con: 10

    Juska Hautala: 44-39-50 Con: 53

    Philly sends:

    Dan Lindqvist: 42-39-44 Con: 54

    Joel Murray: 49-54-52 Con: 41

    Yuri Berezov: 52-46-56 Con: 31

    George Sutter: 54-46-55 Con: 35

    Mike Bishai: 19-15-28 Con: 67

    Thanks to mike as this helps me get closer to the cap.


  3. To PHX:

    John Daciuk: 51-50-51 Con: 64

    Stephane Dickson: 33-36-41 Con: 80

    Nashville 2012 3rd

    New Jersey 2014 3rd

    To New Jersey:

    Patrick McNeill: 50-52-58 Con: 73

    Lubomir Podkonicky: 44-42-50 Con: 65

    Phoenix 2013 5th

    $ 2,500,000

    I get a decent offensive dman replacement for Kubina next year and some cash to buy out some farmers. Thanks to Brian for the negotiations.


  4. Protected:

    J.S. Giguere - 90 / G1

    Brad Richards 83 / F1

    Marian Hossa- 83 / F2

    Josh Harding - 83 / G2

    Martin Havlat - 82 / F3

    Nick Boynton - 82 / D1

    Ricard Gylling - 81 / F4

    Vaclav Jerabek - 80 / D2

    Mike Comrie - 78 / F5

    Raffi Torres - 78 / F6

    Radim Vrbata - 78 / F7

    David Hale - 76 / D3

    Florian Seiser - 76 / F8

    Jamie Langenbrunner - 75 / F9

    Petr Vrana - 75 / F10

    Lubomir Visnovsky - 75 / D4

    Ville Nieminen - 73 / F11

    Kris Letang - 73 / D5

    Byron Bitz - 70 / F12

    Joakim Lindstrom - 70 / F13


    Tony Salmelainen - 70

    Sami Lepisto - 68

    Garnett Exelby - 67

    Daniel Taylro - 65

    Richard Demen-Willaume - 63

    Mathieu Aubin - 60

    Drop: Bitz and Lindstrom

  5. To Ottawa:

    Brad Boyes - 82 O - 69 D - 77 OA - Con 81

    Adam Pineault - 79 O - 78 D - 75 OA - Con 79

    New Jerseys 1st round pick in 2012

    To New Jersey:

    Marian Hossa - 95 O - 78 D - 83 OA - Con 85

    Ottawas 2nd round pick in 2013

    Well I now have a top line of Havlat-Richards-Hossa and Im hoping that that will be enough to make my opponents poop themselves when they step on the ice. Reason enough?... opponents deficating themselves?... I think yes.

    Thanks Jets for the relatively easy negotiations that took place about 3 weeks ago :P


  6. Florian Seiser - Yes

    Raffi Torres - Yes

    Mike Rathje - Yes if not retiring.

    Tony Salmelainen - Yes

    Garnet Exelby - Yes

    Bondarev and Jokila - No


  7. K, I now have a working computer again. And as soon as my uncle gets home I'm going to get the code to his network again.(i forgot it) Then I will spend time over the next two days looking after my team, scouting and then I'll see you all on Sunday for the draft.

    Just letting you all know that Im again back and that I am again sorry for another absence.



  8. Trizz ran it while i was in Fort Mac, that was the second half of last season and the first couple weeks of this season. Then I came back for the whole season, and had to miss out for the last 4 playoff games the devils were in. Other than that Ive been around.


  9. +1

    Someone can be unlucky once, or twice­ and have to go AWOL. But at a certain point when he's unlucky permanently and can never participate long enough, it's the rest of the League that becomes unlucky with him.

    At that point, either he realizes that maybe the EHM Gods dont want him in HWL and he does what's best for the common good and step down on his own. Or we decide in his place to sacrifice him to the EHM Gods on the Altar of Bannishement.

    Thats a little rough... I dont take MONTHS off at a time without somebody in place so things still run smoothly. And why should i still be around constantly during the playoffs? And when they end at a time of the year like this? Oy! sorry for being busy in other things.


    Sorry for ranting two posts in a row but this hasnt been the best month for me. If i cant buy a new computer soon I'll find another one to put EHM on.

  10. Indeed.

    I mean don't get my wrong, I like the guy, he seems interested enough when he's around.

    But how many times are we going to look the other way when he takes off for months at a time.

    Im here... And Im sorry that I have such crappy luck. But Im working on it, and I do believe this is the offseason no? And I did send lines for the playoffs, then my computer died and I had to go back to Trizz (whos amazing for all the help hes given me). Just letting you know that Im still around, but Christmas, Exams, Work, Family, Injured Leg, etc. etc. that builds up on me is keeping me busy. Anyways thats all, just letting you know that I didnt disappear.


  11. Well played sir, well played. Sucks that I couldnt do anything past game 1. I really hate this bad luck streak that I'm on. But alas what can I do?

    'Whats that?"

    "A firesale in NJ??"

    "Could it be???"


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