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  1. No no. I netted around three thousand my last two weeks there and they didn't pay me. So the aunt and uncle I was living with paid them a visit and now my check is going to be in the mail on Friday. So by the time I get it it'll be like a month late.

    PS. I'm 21.

  2. Hello, I just got my computer from my parents place and had a few complications since moving back. Between school, work( back at the theatre) and the company out west that I worked for screwing me out of $3000, I've just been very busy getting readjusted and settled in. I'm sorry for missing so much time but until I get my computer to accept my uncles network I have no net. Only my iPod that I'm using right now. So until I'm straightened around(weekish) please just use CPU lines. I fully intend to be back and giving HWL 100%.


  3. I confirm. The 1st was changed back because I still have two next year that could get me one this year and like Seb said, he needs prospects. Its all good with me. I dump a lot of salary and get younger with more useful players. The only thing I'm really losing is Charas hitting but there will be another deal soon to address that.


    And what's this about the Devz not making the playoffs?

  4. Just saw Dark Knight.. Finally. And my review "stands" as is, it was quite possibly the best thing my eyes have seen since the Departed.


  5. Something I just realized about Plekanec. Over his first 3 years his have been raising is almost steady increments.


    Year 1: G 9, A 20, Pts. 29 +4

    Year 2: G 20, A 27, Pts. 47 +10 (Goals go up around 10, Assists go up around 20, +/- goes up around 5)

    Year 3: G 29, A 40, Pts. 69 +15 (Repeats the same pattern)

    So with that reasoning Im figuring that...

    Year 4: G 38, A 49, Pts. 87 +21 (Can we only hope it will be this way again??)

    Anyways, just me playing around and hoping. :lol:


  6. The whole Sundin thing has me pissed off. So if Bob cant pull a Jagr or Selanne outta his butt then Id be happy if we traded for Schneider and signed Laroque then if we have money left over we could get a guy like to centre the third line, my preferance is Morrison.


  7. Free Agents Re-signed

    Andrei Kostitsyn: 9.75 million over 3 years (cap hit of 3.25 million)

    Jaroslav Halak: 1.55 million over 2 years (cap hit of .775 million)

    Maxim Lapierre: 1.375 million over 2 years (cap hit of .6875 million)

    Ryan O'Byrne: 2.825 million over 3 years (cap hit of .942 million)

    Cedrick Desjardins: Unknown two-way contract

    Greg Pateryn (acquired in Toronto trade): Unknown two-way contract

    Free Agents Signed

    Georges Laraque: 4.5 million over 3 years (cap hit of 1.5 million)

    Marc Denis: Unknown two-way contract

    Alex Henry: Unknown two-way contract

    Ryan Flinn: Unknown two-way contract

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