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  1. On 10/5/2017 at 5:09 PM, dlbalr said:


    Sorry to hear that.  Hope everything is alright now.  There may be an opportunity to join midseason as we have had teams drop out in the past and if not, send me a note before next season gets underway and we'll get you back in the pool.

    all is good wih my health now so I figured i would let you know , I want to be in the league. Hope this works out.

  2. Hi guys, I have not had much to say bout this because what is there to say. They have played like crap but what is the point in jumping all over them, We all  we all should have known that no  defence and very little offence is a road to disaster. My opinion, the Gm has lost his mind. We win one game and he has a presser to tell us that all is well. All we needed was some confidence, All is good, he has the team he wanted. Apparently we do not need a puck moving defenceman. Goal scorers? not needed. We are going to teach Carey to play center and score goals. I guess. Our GM  tells us no changes coming. Don't need any. The team is in great shape. My real question is, what team is he watching? I dont blame the players or the coach, they are not the problem. They are doing their best but the GM forgot to spend some of that 8.5 million that he has. This is just my opinion and that and a dollar will get you a coffee at the clown place with the arches. Maybe we could get a GM there.

  3. 1 minute ago, dlbalr said:


    Unfortunately, you did miss out this year as the league drafted on Sunday.  I sent you a few emails along with the invites (plus a PM on here) - did the emails not go through?  (It's interesting, there was one other GM who I couldn't get a hold of to bring back this year and he sent me a note today as well.)

    No I was simply in the hospital. Oh well I have another league to join. I think.

  4. 13 hours ago, Toronthab said:

    This ust in.. there are no rumours discussions or plans or even interest in relocating the Montreal Canadiens franchise to Mongolia. We can all relax. Just sayin'.

    Thanks goodness I know I for one was really worried that Markdown Mark had found a cheap arena. As well as an utapped source of 4th liners. Thanks TH

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  5. 3 hours ago, Link67 said:


    it is quite the opposite, Backstrom is an elite Center, among the very best at his position. It is for this reason the trade won't happen, Pacioretty doesn't help their team get better, But Backstrom definitely helps our team get better. The picks mean nothing to them, they are not close to rebuilding yet, it is for all these reasons the trade has pretty much no chance of happening, not because we wouldn't want to make the trade, but because they wouldn't. 

    my mistake I thought he was a winger for some reason. Still would not make that trade, we need a goal scorer, a guy with a ton of assists needs a scorer, only my opinion

  6. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    Must be nice to have inside scoop on free agent discussions. Any more insider stuff you can share?

    Don, if Mark down Mark doesn't have a plan for 8.5 million to improve this team, I think even you will agree he should be fired. I am willing to wait and see what he does now. BUT there better be a plan. and not just some my dick is longer than yours, which is what we have seen so far. I agree with this and Rads move, if there is a plan in place to improve team.

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