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  1. 2 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    Former Montreal assistant coach Clement Jodoin signed a one year deal to be an assistant with Eisbaren Berlin of the DEL.  (It was reported earlier that it's not expected that the Habs will replace him.) 

    thank god we didn't fire him, being so valuable and all. Could we maybe encourage some of the other jerks to hit the road? We won't need to replace their useless asses either.

  2. 3 hours ago, ehjay said:

    Couple of ppl thought Ott shouldn't have a thread... Sorry I guess for starting it but I thought it was a worth a mention, I liked him as a Hab. I thought he would be great in development coach role for the centers on this team and the farm but maybe not a full time asst. coach on the Habs. 

    That said Big Bird on the Habs in ANY role should be a priority on the same level as getting #1 center, extension to CP31, Radu, top 4 D ....  


    3 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    I don't think people should have to apologize for starting new lines of discussion. Kudos to you, I say.

    I agree it is just a thread, the world won't end. So we discuss Ott for a while, what the hell is wrong with that. I liked Ott and hoped he would be back but he wants to be a coach and the Blues are giving him an opportunity. Good for him.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

    Dallas trades the Habs 2017 4th round pick for the negotiating rights to Ben Bishop.


    Solid move, and quite a game changer for Dallas if he signs.



    The Kings did not do so good in getting Bishop. They gave up Budaj (who played well for them) a young defence prospect (who looks good) and a couple of picks (no real loss) for what is now a 4th 5th and I think a conditional pick in 2017. I think they should have stuck with Budaj.

  4. 11 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    You do make a good point that guys like me, who feel Bergevin has proven unequal to the task, are assuming that Molson would choose a quality replacement. If the choice is Bergevin vs either McGuire or Roy, then that's a Hobson's Choice par excellence. Without claiming detailed expertise on all the possible options, BriseBois would be my pick. Either of those two egomaniacs could turn out to be even worse than Bergevin. (At least Roy has credentials, unlike Mouth McGuire).


    Not that any of this matters much, since Molson seems to be standing pat.


    I can't recall who the Habs interviewed besides Bergevin on the last go-round. BriseBois was in the mix, wasn't he? Did they interview McGuire?

    I do believe they did, and he has been pissed off ever since.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Commandant said:



    2 years, 9 million. 


    We couldn't do better than that.  


    Really Bergevin?  Really?

    FOR #### SAKES.

    well we don't know how negotiations went. we heard earlier he did not want to come to the habs, so who knows.

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  6. 2 hours ago, REV-G said:

    For argument sake, let's say MB and Price's agent sit down and after talking it was agreed by both sides that the best option would be for us to trade him, Price agrees with the move. What do get for him.


    With his awards, trophies, past successes and playing on the WJC, Olympics and other world tournaments and considered the best goalie in hockey by many this would be my asking price:

    A top line centre.

    A second top young asset.

    Two first round picks, or a first and a high second.


    What do you think? 

    depends on the team doing the giving, and what the assets are.  But that trade won't ever happen, the difference  between the top 10 goalies in the league is not enough to warrant that kind of return imho.

  7. What is the point of trading Patches? He is a solid 30- 40 goal scorer. You gonna get a what? a 41 goal scorer? Come on guys you don't trade offence when you are goal starved. Trade prospects defence but whatever we need more goals. Trading Patches does not make that happen. we need goals wherever they come from, as long as we are not replacing patches goals for some other guys goals.

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