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  1. LOL 2 moderators contradicting each other, one tells me I won't gets banned for disagreeing with the mods and the other tells me he's going to ban. Laughable. You guys are on a real power trip.
  2. That's the exact reasoning I was using that it was the coaches fault. You think 24 players are going to just become terrible over night? Makes no sense. It has to be Carbonneau. He hasn't adapted their game play as the season has gone on. The coach has to be flexible and change things for the better when things go badly. He can't do this.
  3. I'm sure it will be. The mods here are like KGB. All evidence will be destroyed Seriously, I'm sick of having my posts buried or just deleted because they don't fit in with the beliefs of the moderators. Very poor way to run a forum in my opinion. I know who did it anyway so it's no surprise....
  4. Maybe it's a sign..the team is sucking, this forum is run like a dictatorship, and I should be doing more important things with my time. It's not worth the effort of making a post here when it gets buried in some other one.
  5. If I wanted it posted there I would have done it myself. Now it looks like the first sentence of my post makes no sense because it was tied in to the post title originally. Why ??
  6. what happened to my post?? Crap like this makes me not want to post here anymore. Can you just leave my posts alone.....
  7. No we can't blame a single person, it's a team sport after all but the greatest blame has to go on Carbonneau. Koivu deserves his fair share as do other players but ultimately it is the coach who makes the final decisions. If he sees that koivu is not playing like he should then he has to fix it somehow. My point is that it lies with the coach and he has been making bad choices all season. Somehow something has to change because make no mistake this team is not going to make the playoffs playing like this.
  8. Exactly..some people find that acceptable here and think that they are playing to "their level". A breakdown like this has to be put on the guy in charge not the team because the odds of every player on the team simultaneously tanking are pretty low. It must be that the game plan they are following is faulty. They need new direction. Carbonneau is just not cutting it.
  9. Actually to be truthful I knew this team was playing over it's head...I had no illusions on that unlike some but there is no excuse for the last month and a half of play. I don't know their record off hand but it is well below .500 and I think this team is better than that ..not great but better than that.
  10. So you think they are playing at their level right now? Funny cause I could have sworn that you were pretty pleased with this team a while back. Seems like you actually think this team got worse over last season and will not make the playoffs since you seem to think they are now playing at the level they should be. You mean down the stretch when we started playing better ??
  11. You're failing to mention the development and improvement of players like Plekanec, Perezhogin, Higgins, Komisarek.....etc. these guys are promising young players that are going to make up the nucleus of this team and another season under their belt should have made this team better. Or at least they should have but they haven't been used to their potential like they should. Blame Carbonneau. See last post and throw in 2 better goalies ...no excuse for this team not improving over last season.
  12. The reason that everyone is on Carbonneau is because this team does have potential to be a lot better as they proved earlier in the season. When things fall apart it is the coach that is blamed because he is the one that has to keep the team focused and playing at the level they are capable of. Carbonneau hasn't been able to do that and he looks totally lost and helpless behind the bench. I'm not saying this team is the best in the league but to have such a breakdown is totally unacceptable and the coach must take the lion's share of the blame. This is the best team Montreal has had in the
  13. What are you basing that on? I see a team that is falling fast with better teams coming up behind them. If we do make the playoffs it will be barely in the 7th or 8th seed. I was hoping for so much better than that but at this point I would gladly take it. This team is so down right now that a playoff finish seems like a very difficult thing to attain.
  14. and right now it looks like they won't, Carbonneau must take a great deal of the responsibility. He has mismanaged so many things. Starting with line combinations (why is Koivu and Kovalev not together yet...don't give me crap about how the other teams would then shut the team down because that is laughable considering how shut down this team is already...I remember a line of Koivu- Kovalev-Perezhogin that was pretty damn good a while ago but I guess he's just too stubborn to try that again. Instead he lets a young kid with all the potential in the world like Perezhogin rot on the bench or
  15. Do I detect an anti-marijuana sentiment? I don't know, I've always heard that it helps people with glaucoma. It is also said to help people who are getting chemo get there appetite back and prevent nausea which is very important because they are in a weakened state and can't afford to not eat. It is also said to relieve pain in some cases in which convention meds do not work. If anything they should make alcohol and cigarettes illegal because they kill a lot more people than marijuana ever did or ever will. The only reason it's illegal is politics nothing more.
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