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  1. This thread welcomes Mathieu Carle... The underdog Rouyn-Noranda Huskies exceeded expectations by winning two playoff rounds, but they came up empty agains Jonathan Bernier and the Lewiston Mainiacs. Mathieu was good in the final game by the looks of it, he had two points on just 3 R-N goals in the game and led the team with 6 shots. Overall he finishes with 16 points in 16 games in the post season, the third or fourth highest scoring defenseman for the playoffs. I never get a chance to watch Carle play, but I am encouraged that he seemed to bounce back from a mid season slump and the trade
  2. Actually it is a translation of an interview for Soviet Sport. As translated and reported by Radio Canada. Not the same interview that caused all the fuss back when, but essentially he says the same things. Whining about his ice time and the way he was used. I heard that "Kovalev" is the Russian word for "Ropeadope", can anyone confirm that? His possum act caught up to him this season, he was crap right to the bitter end when he probably cost the team their playoff spot with that half assed bonehead play against the Leafs at the end of the second period in the final game. As much as I de
  3. Kovalev gave an interview with one of the local French players in which he said that he doesn't want to come back unless there are changes on the team. Don't let the DOOR HIT YOUR ASS, ALEX!!!
  4. Interesting detail from NHL.com article on the ranking process. The final candidates for top N.A. pick were the top ranked prospect in each league. Turris (Tier II), Kane (OHL), Voracek (Q), Ellerby (WHL), Sweatt (NCAA), Pacioretty (USHL), McDonagh (HSW), Cross (HSE) and a couple of others who don't count. SOOOO much depends on rating the leagues against each other, since it is relatively easier to rank players within a league. That is where the steals and bust come in, I think, when mistakes are made in comparing leagues (especially when you have to factor in the Euros to the final equation).
  5. Excellant article at NHL.com about the process the scouts go through to come up with their final rankings. It takes them a week locked together in the same room to work it all out. Some good comments from McGuire the Head of NHL Scouting on this years draft as well.
  6. Yeah, Carle has been 6th or 7th in playing time per game among Shark defensemen both in the regular season and in the playoffs. He averaged 18 minutes per game in the regular season which was about identical to Gorges, and has averaged just over 15 minutes per game in the playoffs in comparison to over 26 minutes for Rivet.
  7. Ask any Shark fan if they think that Carle is good defensively. As for "playing him in all situations", he has only been averaging around 16 minutes per game lately, so I don't see how that can be the case. Pretty sure Josh Gorges averaged more playing time per game in S.J. than Carle did. They are similar in a lot of ways, size, age, style, etc., but Gorges has been concentrating on being a good defensive player while Carle was used mainly in offensive situations.
  8. I think a combination of being one of the youngest players with the NTDP while he was there (even though he finished second to Pat Kane in scoring last season), the off season of CC this year, and the fact that he missed a chunk of the season due to injury and WJC play have left Sweatt ranked lower than he deserves.
  9. I think one player who is really slipping between the cracks is Bill Sweatt of Colorado College. At the very least he is going to be a good penalty killer and defensive forward, plus I think he has terrific offensive upside. He has mainly been cast in a defensive role due to his skating, but his numbers as a WCHA freshman were on par with Phil Kessel of a year ago if you adjust for the amount their respective teams scored. Sweatt had the identical % of his team's points as Kessel did last year. Billy had a better average within the conference where the toughest competition was. Sweatt is smart
  10. Kyle Turris moves to the top of the CSS list... B)
  11. There are some variable there. Last year they had an offer for the #16 pick (1100 points value) from S.J. for their first (#20) and third (#83) which total 1120 points. But the Habs shopped around and got a better offer, so the Sharks upped their offer to a first and a second (#53). In the other draft pick deal, Montreal traded their picks at #79 and #109 to move up to #66 for Ryan White. That deal was almost exactly even as far as the draft value chart was concerned. I think Mtl gave 1 extra point or something out of about 500.
  12. As it sits according to the Draft Value Chart, Habs would need to package their two first rounders plus their second round pick to move to #3 overall. Two first round picks would get them to #4. Their own first and second picks to #5. S.J. first and their second to #7 overall.
  13. Vlasic is O.K. defensively, but Carle? The guy is awful in his own zone, pretty much a PPQB and not much else. I don't think you watched the Sharks play if you feel that Carle, or even Vlasic, is a shut down defender.
  14. Rivet has averaged more playing time than any other Shark defenseman since he landed there. That makes him their #1 defenseman. I think the actions of the coaching staff speak a lot louder than the words of a fan.
  15. Not to say that Kane and Gagner aren't very good young players, but the London situation, plus the fact that they are both right handed, smallish, offensive players which Montreal has an excess of, makes them less attractive.
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