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  1. Here's your chance I turned out to be Harknao Peres
  2. whats with all the corporate BS that changes brand names into abreviations?? RBK, KFC, fu.. even gatorade is named G nowadays...IT sucks Rant number 2: how the fudge can I change my name ?? Marky and KOMI is no longer good. I want it changed to MAK !! Bulis the Habbie, Makaskill and Jean luc Pilon changed theirs. HELP ME OUT PLEASE !! food for thought: if Tim Horton companies changed its name for THC Id buy more coffee !!
  3. Now you owe me a paint job :lool: Nice of you of doing it and I agree somehow with the gesture but I have to rant on all those dumb cyclist, old people that just won't walk fast enough because they feel we owe them since they're old and all those fat sob on their little motorised buggie that think that own the road simply because they're not driving. well guess what !! If I accidently hit, I may get a fine and lose points but you'll be dead or permanently hurt.
  4. better than the crappy album that just came out ?? I saw them a couple of times and they always gave a great show !!
  5. Kovalev loves to talk and being the centre of attention yet he's not the one that delivers the most consistently. If he loved Montreal so much he should've played like he cared. He's a Senators now and he's been doing is complaining how he,d rather be in montreal. If I were a Sens fan I'd be so pissed. What if Cammalleri came out and said that he'd rather finish his career in Calgary and that he choose Montreal only for the contract ??
  6. I hope he watches all the tapes of Markov and learns from the master. I see top 3 D for him for a long time !!
  7. Translation: Somehow Ottawa was my last choice. Otherwise I would've end up elsewhere for a one year contract. Incroyable!! translation Incredible !!
  8. I really dont want a guy like that on my team. does he ever shut up ?? he hasn't play a signle game yet he's talking of coming back here. His only chance is if Gainey's still here and he's willing to take a huge pay cut.
  9. I remember team990 broadcasting Dogs games and it was Wills who was doing them so he's been there at leat 4 years. i'm pretty sure he's close to 10 years doing Bulldogs play by play.
  10. which player does he feel like a wild card to end up in montreal full time by the end of the season ?? please congratulate him on his work. I really enjoy listening to him.
  11. Thanks guys I'm really happy to have a housefull of boys. my gf doesnt know it yet but she just became a fan of hockey !!
  12. Became the father of a second beautiful boy today !!
  13. we don't need that kinda of distraction. although we could use everything else he brings.
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