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  1. I'm 110% certain the captain will be under 6 ft 2
  2. Price for another top 10 goalie in a multi player deal sure, but his contract no team will take on based on how injury prone he is. If weber has a good season you might be able to pry some valuable assets at the trade deadline from a cup contender.
  3. Pacioretty's stock is way higher than Weber's, we should trade him before the stink season while it's still near the green with most teams MB needs to get fired for Weber to get moved Price would waive his NTC, our GM is just too much of a wimp to admit that his master plan has epically failed
  4. somebody NHL-ready in the return needs to happen
  5. Bergevin won't be our GM by the middle of December
  6. too much French and Fin, not enough Western Canada hard hitting gritty players.
  7. Nashville won the trade the day it was made, Weber has maybe 2 years of good (not great) hockey left, and that is not factoring in his ability to stay injury free.
  8. And somewhere Lars Eller is laughing with a Stanley Cup ring and a Stanley Cup GWG, DLR was never projected to be more than a 3rd or 4th liner
  9. The prospects still beg the question, who will be the #1 C? Max’s value might be higher as a trade deadline addition for a pushing team (heres to hoping he has 20+ in the back of the net by then). I would be disappointed if the trade didnt involve offence. Prospects make sense but I think MB would be seling Paciorettys stock short without landing a NHL ready asset in return.
  10. to Dallas: Pacioretty Benn Price return: Seguin Faksa Bishop try to pry spezza out for picks maybe?
  11. I guess ROR was wishful thinking, now that the dominoes have fallen, who are the remaining candidates beyond Spezza and an outside chance on Trochek in a trade?
  12. Can a player like ROR thrive in a Claude Julien system?
  13. his name is Carey Price! add Pac? send Luongo Trochek Huberdeau back thats a KO for bergevin on the rebuild.
  14. ROR= 2nd line CTR Toews=1st line CTR Trochek, we have the assets to make this trade happen, if huberdeau is involved it might work. Development doesn't solve the problem which has been black and white for years, we might not be a contender by the time the 1A CTR pans
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