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  1. Already has one, leads the tournament atm with 6 goals
  2. With Roy and Mesar as small Right Wingers in the system i highly doubt the Habs will Pick Michkov, and will go for more size. I have more faith in the bigger Centres in this draft. Think Smith/Carlsson or Dvorsky would be very nice for the habs. Also cuz its still uncertain of Dach could be our number two centre, of we will have a Chucky problem all over again. For now he excells on the wing.
  3. But why did Carolina call for a trade. There must be a reason for that, cuz why do you call the Habs that already lost a centre and did just play the SC final, so have a good team and you dont wanna blow that up more, to stay competitive So maybe someone informed the Canes that KK wanted out...otherwise i cant understand you wanne trade for him, and think the habs will do it.
  4. As long as it wont be 2020 playoffs all over again, it would be typical Habs. 🤞
  5. I agree with Brandon here, Romanov and Kotkaniemi were more to blame then Mete. But yeah its easier to blame Mete.
  6. But from asking a 2nd to getting a very very late 3rd,not so good. It would only be good as it was done as a favour to kovy who wanted the capitals, and he comes back next year.
  7. Its about time, young players shouldnt sit, they need to play as much as they can.
  8. He's on the garbage line, first he gets teamed with Armia and Drouin(both not living up to expectation till this season), and when they get hot, they get them off his line and the next to stonecold players are teamed up with him(lehkonen and Byron). This way you cant get going. You dont get chemistry, and you cant play great hockey. Not your best anyway.
  9. I hope they draft Daniel Sprong, for obvious reasons! He's Dutch and moved to Montreal and a Habs fan.
  10. Foster the people 's new album just came out. Arctic monkeys album must be one of the best of last year, theyre great live btw.(no big show but them they play good)
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