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  1. International Habs Fans

    Well it is your part of the world what chance have we got never mind maybe in one of his clearer patch of the day a translation will be coming eagle 1 Thats what I meanth, I dont remember even writing that so it has to have been done when I was really drunk and noticed we lost to the leafs in that final deciding game you remember being drunk you are on the way to recovery never mind we have next season only 3 months away hope we keep souray he was key to scoring his defence need a lot of work egale1
  2. International Habs Fans

    Well it is your part of the world what chance have we got never mind maybe in one of his clearer patch of the day a translation will be coming eagle 1
  3. International Habs Fans

  4. International Habs Fans

    well look out for me I will have habs jacket the old pro player version. regards eagle 1
  5. Hero poll

    :hlogo: Hi all you said habs fans so we didn't make it but there is a god of hockey the Islander when through thank this god of hockey I don't want think how I could live it down if the leafs go through on such a crap game . best regards, eagle 1 :ghg:
  6. The Great Merged Toronto Thread

    :hlogo: Hey guy's all this talk is very fine but who cares solong as we make the playoff's that's all that matters if they get through it will be a few sleepless night for me in europe staying up to watch what the satellite will bring habs rule lets keep the faith :ghg: best regards from this side of the pond. eagle 1
  7. International Habs Fans

    :hlogo: sorry friend most good seats were gone the the first 12 hoursI got 2 for both games if got we must hook up. best regards :ghg: eagle 1
  8. Who do you want the Habs to play...

    Hi All stay as it is we have sabers like it or lumpit the big question will we make it and in the play off's anything goes I have my finger toe and any other part that will cross :ghg: best regards,from across the pond eagle 1 :hlogo:
  9. Hockey: A people's history

    you got it in one cbc but pretty good never the less
  10. Habs Fans 50-70y needed for a project

    :hlogo: Hi I have been a fan for over 50 years but live in europe sorry can't help you but will be your first customer for the book good luck with the project. best regards, eagle 1
  11. Hockey: A people's history

    :hlogo: Hi All I am new to the site , and wonder how any of you have seen this. I was given for Christmas the book and dvd set of the above I have watched the 10 hours of the dvd and am finished the book . What an excellent piece of work for the dedicated hockey fan on how we got this great gameand how the habs's dominatedfor so long , as a European and retired on ice official my surprise at how little was given over to how the rules evolved and what contribution the officials have made to the game . Maybe some of our Canadian brother would like to enlighten us and open a line of discussion thanks Canada for the game I have followed the habs's for over 50 years Good the bad and the indifferent years. best regards, eagle 1 :ghg:
  12. International Habs Fans

    :hlogo: Hi I am new here the first of many posting I hope some of the graphic and avatar you are using are really great just found the site this morning been life long habs fan since I was about 4 when I began skating.the WEB a fun old place looking to get tickets for the NHL when comes to London in September on google and up pop this site. I think you well may have an other two member soon my 2 boy's are life long fans well I brainwashed them. sorry for being long winded hope to here from you like minded people best regards, eagle :ghg: 1