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  1. Hi guys. I posted once or twice last year, but never had the chance to be consistent (for a few reasons). So wanted to re-introduce myself. I grew up in Quebec until I left at around age 8-9 (lived in Laval and Montreal). Since I arrived at the age of 1 from South America, my dad and I got hooked with the Canadiens (and Expos) , literally watched every...single...game. 92/93 Cup is a momentus moment from my youth. I moved to Toronto at age 9, and since then I had been frustratingly trying to catch any game that I could (usually about 10 a year, if lucky to have TSN show that many games
  2. I agree man. Seeing Koivu charge at the Boston defence (same Defence that had been pushing and throwing us around all series) was incredible. I felt goosebumps everytime our players were going head on (finally). BTW, I watched the game on the Boston channel and Oh my....most biased announcers I have ever heard. Even CBC atleast tries to be neutral. Habs vs. Rangers probably
  3. I dont know about you guys, but I felt like crying after the 4th goal :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: Havent felt a win like that since game 2 in 93 <vs. LA> (not kidding). This was huge. Especially price's performance. Well...the turnaround vs. Boston a few years back was big deal too....but I got a feeling about this team now. BTW, hats off to Boston. Im serious.
  4. I agree man. The d was absolutely dreadful. Looking closer into this series, Boston just very obviously wants it more. But it's not that MTL isn't giving it their all, ...they are. It's just that , for some reason, MTL cant keep up with Boston's tempo. Sad that we have to put ALL the pressure (Again) on Price to literally "steal" a win.
  5. Gotta give it to Boston. Im sure many Canadiens supporters are fearing the worst...and Im sure Bruins fans are very optimistic at the moment. MTL has been playing below their standards this series. IMO Game 2, and 4 could have gone either way. With Boston dominating Game 3 (though we were unlucky in overtime). We need Koivu, that's for sure. He can be the determining factor in this series and has always been a key player. Good news is: MTL is building nicely. I remember (as a kid) when my "Nordiques" friends wanted to kill themselves after they had their 2 best seasons (92-93....9
  6. absolutely fantastic. I dont remember us ever dominating so much at the start of a playoff series. well, in 92 vs. Harford...but look how that ended (but that was a good team and MTL wasnt that strong at the time <being swept vs. Boston next series). But we skated rings around them. My goodness. Went to campus today and saw TONS of Habs shirts. I went to work and suddenly out of a school building , I see a HUGE habs flag hanging from the 3rd floor . There was a girl screaming "go habs go" to people walking by great win
  7. www.channelsurfing.net shows habs 100% I watched all the playoff games last night . ( this is incase anything ever happens to anyone's tv here )
  8. Yeah , first time ever. Apparently there is no word for "puck" in mandarin, so the guy will have to use the equivalent for "ball" + various basketball terms to explain some of the penalties. "icing" will be said in english.
  9. I agree. We havent had such a mismatch in years. Think about it, even Quebec in 93 was a tough draw (they finished even ahead of us that season). Harford the season before even gave us lots of problems. Having us go 8-0, 1st seed vs. 8th......seems like a big disadvantage in that there is enormous pressure on the boys to not only win but clean up the Bruins in 4. I hope they can ignore the Media. Guy is experienced in this , so here's hoping for the best. This will not be an easy series, Bruins will go all out. (and you know the media in the states will just eat up the Bruin;s "underdo
  10. Im going to colour my hair (white and spray paint "Habs" on the back of it), instead of growing a beard (after the 2006 debacle vs. CArolina, Im not trying that for a LONG time) :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: SO PUMPED FOR GAME 1!!!
  11. I hear ya. Love how everyone is saying we're "Canada's best chance in over 15 years". As far as I can remember, Vancouver was awesome in 94 (and Ottawa in the early 00s, before being swept by the ...Leafs... :puke: *loses all respect for Ottawa* :can: In Guy we trust :bow:
  12. ha! Toronto (especially after claming to be Canada's #1 hockey city) is surprisingly filled with bandwagon fans. You have no idea how many people i see at work or in streets talking about how they are "Canadiens fans" all of a sudden. A friend of mine even bought the jersey! (and he was an avid leafs "fan" during their early 00s runs) Oh the leafs
  13. Didn't see an introduction thread, so dont mind me adding a new post. I came to Montreal from S. america and lived there until I was about 9. I used to watch every...single...game each season until 1995 when I moved to Toronto. The lack of RDS (and fact that CBC was monopolized by Leafs) made it very difficult for me to catch the habs. I remember (as a kid) going to bars with my dad to watch few games. If anyone here is from Toronto, Im sure they can relate how hellish it can be for a habs fan here ( http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1394/135597...181b3e59a_o.jpg )...this pic pretty much s
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