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  1. Well I haven't been posting much wanted to see how the season played out. But remember the season production earlier....


    Looks like I hit it bang on  because this is what I said.


    and everyone ripped me for saying this. 


    I think Florida has made some nice improvements and will finish higher than us. We have the same team as last year.


    So we finish 6th in the division.

    13 or 14 in the conference.


    That could all change if Bergevin gets off his ass and trades for a puck moving defensemen.



  2. 2 hours ago, JoeLassister said:

    I know th goal was waived for offside, but Rielly should be up in the stairs after this aweful pinch. 


    It was Junior B level at best.

    Wait I thought our D was improved this year because of experience under their belt🤔. That’s what I was told earlier when I said its the same bad D from last year. Oh and what happen to everyone's favorite red button?

  3. 3 hours ago, Commandant said:




    1) Unless you were in the room, and inside Bergevin's head, how do you know he didn't want Tatar. 


    2) How do you know what the scouting report was on Domi and whether the team saw something in Domi's 20 games at C with Arizona that showed them he was a better C than Galchenyuk?  I didn't like the trade when it was made (but love it now).  I'm not willing to say it was luck though.  Teams do a lot of work before they make trades and obviously they saw something in Domi and his ability to play in the middle, seeing as he was made a centre from the very start of training camp on his first day here. 


    3) What trades were available that he could have moved a prospect for?  Which ones should he have done?   Did you want him to trade Kotkaniemi? Suzuki? Romanov?



    Seriously, your Bergevin hate fest is tiring.  If you actually made good points like some here have that would be one thing, but this is just asinine. 



    Are you serious????? It has been said multiple times that Tatar was a throw int, to even out the cap for Las Vegas. Maybe you should look up your points .


    Also their has been interviews in which he said that teams where asking for top prospects on Montreal in any trades for their top players. Bergevin didn't want to pay the price.


    All I am trying to say and the whole point of this trend is if you want to not trade your top prospects to get top players that could help you win now...... Why string Price and Weber along on this rebuild. They're getting old let them go try and win a cup now well they're still good enough to be top players in this league. If we're going to wait on development of our young players we're not wining anything anytime soon.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

    So his successes are accidents, and his lack of interest in trading away picks and prospects during an ownership mandated retool/rebuild is a flaw...


    Solid argument here, guys, I don't know why we ever moved on with our lives.

    Wow just wow.  


    I beat you you were one of those people that didn't like the Galchenyuk trade. I didn't like it base on the fact he gave up one problem for the same problem and didn't address anything in that trade. But it turned out in his favor,  but don't go on saying he knew what he was doing. He got  lucky.


    The Tatar trade he just wanted Suzuki. So again didn't go out and say he knew what he was doing when he took Tatar.


    And again since people don't seem to understand last time he traded a top prospect it was for Drouin. We all know how he got eaten alive for that trade and He hasn't been willing to trade a top prospect since.

  5. 51 minutes ago, Commandant said:

    Bergevin has made more trades than any other GM in the last two years.  Being afraid to make trades isnt a criticism that is fair imo.


    Oh and with the domi, tatar, drouin, etc... trades its not like they are all small either.  


    Its not being afraid to make a trade, its being afraid to make a trade for a top player because he doesn't want to give up top prospects to get those type of players.

    Oh and as good as Domi has been he got lucky on that trade. Also Tatar was a throw in he didn't even want him so don't give him full credit on that.

  6. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:


    There has not been any trades because no one in the NHL is making trades right now. 


    We have a couple of deals where guys cleared waivers and then got traded, but we have not had one significant trade in the NHL this season.  Not one. 


    There is a reason for that and its the same thing that happens every year.  Big trades never happen this early in the season. Its usually around American Thanksgiving that trading season opens.  That said, we've seen a couple that are done a week or two before that, so maybe you can look at the second week of November instead of all the way to Thanksgiving, but don't expect anything to happen now. 

    I am not talking about now, talking about last 2 years.

  7. On 10/15/2019 at 8:54 PM, dlbalr said:


    Had Carolina not matched on Aho, the Habs would have parted with first, second, and third rounders all from the upcoming draft in Montreal.  That suggests to me that Bergevin is open to moving a pick from this draft in the right situation.

    Yeah but is he willing to move a prospect with that pick to get a deal done? I don't think so, which is why we haven't seen any trades.

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  8. 59 minutes ago, Link67 said:


    I don't know who's knickers you bunched up, but lately you seem to be instantly downvoted regardless of content, i've seen the same constant 2 downvotes on even your most insightful posts of late, that childish crap needs to stop.


     Clearly a couple haters are abusing the downvote system in a manner it wasn't intended..

    Abusing the downvote system you say I was at 50 and in less then a week I went down to 13 just because I talk bad about Bergevin 

  9. Problem with this D is the same as last years D and the year before that.

    1) cant box out the front of the net

    2) hard time clearing the zone 

    3) can't set up the PP

    4)they give up way too much 2 on 1 and break a ways.


    Outside of Weber and Petry they don't produce points.


    We don't get enough production from our D. Also nit deep enough if we get injuries there.


    Mete still needs more development but isn't a top pairing guy more of a 4-6 kind of guy right now but needs more time.

  10. 20 hours ago, Commandant said:


    You can't build a team with all kids and no veterans to lead them.  That is how you end up in an Edmonton situation. 


    With Price and Weber, there is also no reason, given the way similar goalies and defencemen in the NHL have aged, why they can't be the starting goalie and a top 4 defenceman on a contending team in two years. 

    If you trade Price and Weber, your veteran leaders in the locker room would be guys like Gallagher, Byron, Petry, Domi, Danault .


    When we made our last locker culture change the young guys took over Pacioretty, Price, PK we only kept Plekenec and Markov.

  11. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:


    The Bruins went through a retool to get back to where they are now.


    The habs team that made the conference final and had the price knee injury had some key pieces get old, get out of favour, etc...   the current squad is in  the midst of that retool.


    Because the team isn't there yet doesnt mean it wont get there.  The bruins had some years out of the playoffs and a  pitiful 5 game first round loss to ottawa too.


    Charlie mcavoy, jake debrusk, david pastrnak, these guys needed time to go.from prospects to players

    The big difference between Montreal and Boston retool is that Boston isn't handcuffed on only having to hire someone who is French. They can go out and get the best coach and gm for the job.


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  12. 7 hours ago, Chris said:

    They are a bubble team at best


    They finally have good prospects, no reason to move them 


    At the deadline when they are out of it, they need to acquire more picks and prospects, 


    They have Byron Tatar can be moved at the deadline, 


    the 2 big elephants in the room would be Price and Weber both of whom i believe said they wanted to win now, there window is closing. The habs aren't close, might be time to move them. 


    If they miss the playoffs again, is that the end of MB, CJ and the coaching staff? 

    Watch out you might get downvoted for this. I but I agree with you on price and weber.

  13. Just now, John B said:

    I'd be willing to trade them, but I think it would be more difficult to get good value for them because of their contracts.  Not every team will want an $8 million good, but aging defenseman that is signed for another 6 years after this one.  Price is a whole other story.  He has a full NMC.  He isn't going anywhere unless he wants to.  Even if he did want to, he's chosing the destination which will probably result in less of a return.  It could end up like when Calgary traded Iginla where they probably should have gotten a lot more for him elsewhere, but he would only agree to go to Pittsburgh.  So while the Habs may not need Price and Weber to accomplish the goal, they still need to get good/fair value for them if they are being traded.

    Well if you look at a team that has a window to win a cup, but just needs better goaltending San Jose and Toronto come to mind. We could take on their current goaltenders contract that would lesson the blow from price's contract. Plus get a top prospect and a top pick out of it.

  14. 9 minutes ago, John B said:

    I was just thinking about this while I was at work today.  It's funny that I come onto this site and see that somebody started a thread about it.


    I want to start by giving some kudos to Bergevin for sticking to his plan.  I'm not completely clear on what his plan is, but it seems like he's not willing to mortgage the future at this point.  I think it's a smart move, because I don't see any way this team is going to win a Cup this year short of acquiring Connor McDavid and adding a top pair LD without giving up anything of real consequence the other way.  As far as giving a name to what Bergevin is doing goes...I'm going to call it a re-tool, which I'm not a big fan of.  IMO a re-tool is a direction a GM chooses when he doesn't know what direction to choose (rebuild or all in are the directions IMO).  Sometimes this plan of action works though.  It's what the Habs and a lot of other teams have been doing for a long time now.


    Since Bergevin seems to be placing a higher value on the future than the present, it might be a good ideal for him to start moving on from some veterans that may not serve a purpose or play as big of a role when this team enters their Cup window (which might be a few years from now).  I would be looking at moving Petry and Tatar in the next couple years.  Petry's contract expires after next season and he becomes a UFA at 33 years old.  If he continues to produce like he has the last couple of seasons, you can bet that he'll want well over $6 million/season with term.  That might be fine for a year or two, but after that I don't think he'll be worth that cap hit.  So unless Habs can convince him to take a 2 year extension it's not going to a pretty contract.  Tatar will only be 30 when his contract expires, but again he'll likely be looking for a raise and term (likely 5 to 6 years) if he decides to return at all. The trade value of both of these players will never be higher than it is now and both players will have a limited window of effectiveness during Montreal's prime contention years.  If Bergevin gets a good offer for Weber or Price, he has to strongly consider it.  Their cap hits could hurt this team during their Cup window.  I think Price will age gracefully like Brodeur or Luongo did and still be a good/solid starting goaltender for the duration of his contract, but good/solid starters aren't worth a $10.5 million cap hit.  More like ~$6 million.   As for Weber, we are already starting to see signs of the decline.  Honestly I don't think the Habs could get fair value (or at least worthwhile value) for Price or Weber due to their cap hits and term and Price's NMC.  Price isn't going anywhere unless he asks to.


    Overall it's all about cap and asset management right now.  If the Habs are smart with the way they handle contracts and don't sign anymore Alzners while handing out any ridiculous contracts, the cap should be good.  It will just be a matter of getting younger at some key roster positions to try and have a lengthy Cup window.

    I get were you going but if this is the plan you don't need Price or Weber and would get there faster if you move them now rather than later. You don't need to tank by trading them you can get good younger players back that fit the mold your trying to build and not having long contracts tied to aging players hold you down.

  15. I ask this because it doesn't make sense to me.


    If we're retooling shouldn't we be adding UFA's or making trades  to help us win now? Even if that means trading draft picks and prospects to get a star player. But we don't.


    If we're not going to trade our draft picks and prospects to help win now but go with development of our young guys....doesn't that mean we are rebuilding?


    If we're rebuilding aren't we wasting Price and Weber? Wouldn't we be better off trading them now. If we're not trading them Should we not be trying to add to them and trying to win?


    I just don't get how the team's trying to be built and maybe that's why I have different views of the team then most here.

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