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  1. You're 100% right about Blashill. 


    I'm just frustrated. The fans deserve better than this. It's been going on too long. To start, Jeff Molson should not be president of hockey operations. They need a legit hockey mind in there. He literally said they have an 8 year plan, who says that in the hockey world?


    Patience may be a virtue, but at some point action needs to be taken 




  2. On 1/8/2020 at 7:10 PM, dlbalr said:


    Detroit has a 12-gamer and an 8-gamer this season and no change.  (Of course, the obvious caveat here is that Yzerman is in his first season as GM but he has resisted any temptation to make other changes.)

    How is Detroit's situation anywhere close to Montreal's situation. They have a new g.m, who has recently built a power house team and drafted Elite players. 


    What can Detroit do? They have basically no veteran assets who are worth trading for picks. They broke down their team and kept the essentials, but I'm sure they will at least try to sell more at the deadline. I mean, the teams are in completely different situations. 


    They came off very argumentative(not my goal) , but I just don't see Detroit's situation as being relatable. 


  3. 9 hours ago, Habsfan89 said:

    I know that  but the question is does Bergevin know that. What's he going to do from now to trade deadline to try and save his job?

    What he should be doing is sitting on his couch


    You want to wreck a dressing room, lose 8 games in a row, TWICE! At the very least; an interim coach should be taking over for the time being. Julien does not have an answer. 

  4. I'm sorry you had to make a GDT for this game. What a waste.


    25% of Detroit's wins, have come from Montreal. 


    At what point do people start getting fired? This must be the only franchise to allow an 8 game losing streak and now an on going 7 game losing streak, with management still sitting pretty. 


    4% chance to make the playoffs, yet the Bergevin lovers will continue to find excuses for this clown. 


    If Kotkaniemi stays up with Montreal, they're going to damage this kid. I said months ago he should be in Laval, the kid is lost out there; Poehling is the same way.... Very unlikely either of these guys get sent down, but man, don't damage these kids. 

  5. 56 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

    I switched over to Team Tank after last night's loss, so this signing does nothing for me except that the thought of Poehling and Kotkaniemi playing with Kovalchuk instead of Weal will help make watching Habs games enjoyable til the trade deadline (where Kovalchuk is hopefully shipped to a contender for a conditional 3rd.)

    I'm so over Weal... I'll probably think of a pun for this tomrrow morning 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    Yup its totally different to trade for him when he had this year and next year at 6 million per season (which i would have hated)

    And sign him for this year only at 700k


    Trading for him.wouldnt have been a good move, but this is a no risk gamble.  Even if it fails, and i think it will, Bergevin lost nothing 

    Maybe trap lighting in a bottle. Or we get Alex Semin





  7. 14 minutes ago, tomh009 said:


    Yes. He basically has the league-minimum $700K/$70K two-way contract, pro-rated for the season, so we only pay about $350K.


    The Kings have already paid Kovalchuk $3M this season, and I suspect he wasn't hard up for money before that, either. So the minimum salary is a non-issue -- what Kovalchuk was looking for is an opportunity to show that he can still play (and play next season).

    Thank you 


    Dreger interview said there were a few top teams interested, but Kovalchuk didn't want to wait and also get 4th line minutes... We'll see how this goes with Julien... 

  8. 17 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    Yeah, that is a common reaction by a handful of regulars; shouldn't discourage you from contributing.


    On my end, it motivated me to read-up more about the teams, players and to learn more about what is valuable in a player at different stages of their career or the team's needs.


    Case in point, the LAK-CH-Kovalchuk love triangle :) 

    You're right, for sure.


    Without injuries, it's unlikely Kovalchuk get signed. The guy is not a top 6 forward anymore, but he still has an elite release... The contract isn't hurting the team



  9. 12 hours ago, DON said:



    At least Cucumber and 29 are consistent in their endless dislike of all things Habs related and don't flip flop.

    I keep my mouth shut until a press release  comes out where our g.m blantly says he's doing nothing. Not sure how thats flip flopping. 


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  10. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    If they had a different roster, they might win more often, but they are what they are, a 15-18 team in 18th place in the league, 18th in goals for and 18th in goals against.

    Barring a significant roster change, i still doubt will make playoffs, my guess at finishing 10th in the East still looks to be about right.

    Well, our g.m apparently has "no clue", so thats promising 

  11. 4 hours ago, Habsfan84 said:



    Michael Mcniven got into a tussle yesterday. Kind of a forgotten prospect. He cant be happy with how things are going this year. Started with the Adirondack Thunder and put up outstanding numbers but essentially got benched as the Devils would rather give their own prospects playing time. He's now with the Jacksonville Iceman and appears to be getting playing time but I'm sure in his mind he did enough last year to still be playing in the AHL and not be searching other organizations for playing time in the ECHL. Really no excuse for a team with as much money as the Habs to not have their own ECHL team. 

    Good post 

  12. Honestly, why do we have Price and Weber on this team, if this is the route Bergevin insists on taking. It's a contradiction 


    This gm is such a bum. He sees this team as non-playoff team, and that's perfectly fine, apparently. I cannot believe this guy still has a job. 

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