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  1. 45 minutes ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    I’m thinking a Petry trade announcement today and an Anderson announcement at the draft tomorrow. 

    I expect our draft picks to look different tomorrow

    If we're asking  for picks in next year's draft we really don't need to trade them now. Let them play and hopefully they have a better year so at the trade deadline their value can be more. 



  2. 9 minutes ago, DON said:

    Why not? You dont like Suzuki? 2 Nick Suzuki's is not better than 1?

    I dont get that logic?

    I'm saying to me Cooley is similar to Suzuki. 

    So why pick cooley over Wright when we have a cooley already on the team in Suzuki. My pick is Wright he fits our teams needs better than Cooley does. 

  3. 37 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:

    Kings acquire Kevin Fiala.  The Kings were considered a possible landing spot for Gallagher but I think there is zero chance of that happening now. It was very doubtful before, only talked about I guess because of MB's relationship with him.  The Kings continue to get better. 



    Honestly I think Edmonton or Toronto would be a good fit for Gallagher. They need a guy like him especially in the playoffs. He gets under a lot of players skin and Edmonton and Toronto are missing that in their line up. 


    But with his cap hit it would have to be a 3 team trade where us and another team could eat up some of Gallagher contract.

  4. 17 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:


    Vincent Lecavalier's role is to look at UFAs. I will be looking to see what he does in this area. I did like Dubois early in CBJ, but like Anderson, he has been hurt more often than not.


    The Habs with Dubois and Anderson in their top-6 would jump ahead on "a restructuring" closer to the perennial bubble team of the 2010s, I do not thinks this is "THE restructuring" Hugh-Gort is planning.

    Do we really need another center on the team? Once we draft Wright this year and Bedard next year😎(hopefully) we'll be set down the middle for years with Bedard, Wright and Suzuki.


    KH said himself not going after top UFA's, which means full on rebuild. I would expect Petry 




    All will be traded by or at trade deadline








    Will be traded in the next 2 years or so


    Price if he can prove he can play a full week of hockey will be traded within the next 2 years also.


    Anderson is still young and under a good contract i wouldn't trade him unless we get blown away by an offer.


    Stay with the rebuild finally doing things right, don't try and fast track it. 


  5. 46 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    The big thing here is what type of return would the Habs require to hold back $16M of salary (it's not just cap hit, it's cap hit and salary; it has to be both).  For a team to make that much of a commitment for dead space for that long, we're talking multiple high draft picks to justify that type of cost based on precedents set in the last few years.  Price, given his injury situation, simply isn't worth that and Molson isn't going to sign off on paying that much money for someone not to play for them for next to no return.


    In Arizona's case, they're about to have an attendance that's less than many junior teams for the next several years resulting in major cash flow (revenue) concerns.  For them to commit that much dead money in the retention to Edmonton simply doesn't make economic sense for them.  Weber was one thing because the salary was so much lower than the AAV; they could justify that to have to spend less in actual money to get to the cap floor.  Price's contract isn't structured that way though.  They simply can't afford $12M or so in dead money on their books to at best get back whatever they gave up to get him from Montreal.


    For Price to have any trade value, he needs to get through all of next season and get back to playing at a high level.  I see no reason to think either of those have a chance at happening.  

    The last part of my  post I had mentioned that Price needs to prove he can still play. If he can't play a full weeks schedule of hockey, he can't play playoff hockey. Which means his best beat is to retire all together. 

  6. I think if Price can play and a team is willing to not over work him to save him for the playoffs, then it would have to be a 3 way trade  were us and another team can eat some of his contract so the team getting him isn't getting a big cap hit.

    For example 

    We trade Price to a team like Arizona. We take on 4mil of his contract and get picks or maybe a prospect back.


    The Arizona then flips Price to lets say Edmonton and Arizona takes on 3.5mil, they get back picks.


    So Edmonton would now Only have a 3mil cap hit. Which is a lot better than it would be if it was just trading with us.


    But anyway I think that's the type of trade we would need to do. But I guess it all depends on if Price can handle a playoff load. If not best thing might be to retire (which would be sad and suck) . 

  7. Dadonov 



    Should all be traded at the deadline as they all have 1 year left 






    Hopefully sooner rather than later.


    Man i was hoping for this rebuild 4 years instead of that retool so we could of gotten more for Weber and Price. But man if we finish last again and get the first pick and get Bedard along with Wright I would be one happy habs fan. 

  8. 31 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    True, I am almost more interested to see what they do with picks 26 and 33.  

    I wonder if with their 2nd round pick they should take the top available goaltender.  I mean we see what a team can do with a top goaltender and what it can't with just an average goaltender. So at the 33rd pick i would go top available goaltender and with the 26th pick top available player. 

  9. I would call up Nashville and offer them this trade 


    To Nashville 



    To habs 

    2023 1st round pick 


    Hoffman is on a cap friendly contract and locked up for 2 years. They could lose Forsberg to free agency, so having Hoffman would lesson the blow. Plus if they can resign Forsberg adding Hoffman would be a big plus for them.

  10. 24 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    To CHI: Hoffman ($4.5M/2024) and MTL's 2nd

    To MTL: Kubalik(RFA ~$4M/???)


    CHI gets an oldish scoring winger, a role they hopped Kubalik would fill. His contract has less term than what Kubalik would get and a similar cap. CHI does not have a 1st round pick but this a good return from the 2nd round pick CHI was reportedly looking for:



    MTL gets a young skilled LW that may flourish under St-Louis. A boom or bust deal that makes Drouin expendable but this trade gives the Habs options for LWs to play with Suzuki and Caufield


    If anyone picks up Hoffman it's going to be a contending team. Chicago is not looking to add vets but trade the ones they have. Look at team's like









    To be the type of team's to make a trade for Hoffman.







    Also depends on how they're playoff runs go.


    But these would be the team's I would look at that would be interested in guys like Hoffman, Petry, Gallagher, Armia, Drouin, Byron. 

    With that being said , I can see a team like Nashville going after Hoffman especially if they lose Forsberg.

  11. A trade that could be good for both teams would be us and  Vancouver. They're a bubble team that wants to make the playoffs but have little cap space we have Weber's contract that would help them. 


    Vancouver picks 15th how about this trade 


    Vancouver get

    Calgary's 1st round pick and Weber's LTIR which would give Vancouver $7.8mil in cap space 


    Habs get

    Vancouver's 1st round pick 15th overall 


    Think it works out good for both teams. 

  12. I don't believe management will look for anymore pics in this year's draft trading players regarding our players.  If they move up Calgary's pick and our 2nd round pick maybe in play to move up. I think they're going to be asking for picks in next year's draft.



    They're going to be asking for picks in next year's draft.

  13. 23 minutes ago, GHT120 said:


    The RESULT yes ... the PROCESS to get here ... preferably not.

    In order to get the result you need to lose. So the process has to be the same especially if we're in the bottom 10 come all star break. 

  14. And this is why you tank if you're in the bottom of the standings by the all star break. We did everything WRIGHT this year to give us the best odds and chance at the top pick. 


    Now let's do this all again next year 👍

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