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  1. With rumors of Weber having to retire do to his injury, I thought we need a Weber appreciation post. 


    The last 2 years he has played with a high amount of pain and for that i give him all the respect in the world. It just  sucks that Bergevin wasted 3 good years of Weber playoff hockey  with a retool instead of trying to put a contender on the ice. He will be missed on the back end and you can noticed it already. Best of luck Weber and if he wants to get into coaching I hope the habs bring him back in a coaching roll. 

  2. 1 hour ago, dlbalr said:

    The Habs have added some goalie depth with the claiming of Samuel Montembeault off waivers from Florida.




    He was on my radar to be claimed later in camp if Price wasn't ready to go (him being waived yesterday put an end to that though) so I'm not entirely surprised with the claim though it makes me a bit worried about Price.

    We need center and d depth and their adding a  gaoldtender . Who's the top pick in this year's draft🤔

  3. Well we saw what happen in the playoffs when our key guys got hurt especially Weber and Petry, we just couldn't generate offense.  This year division and conference will be back to normal , which means we got to Be better than anyone of these team's. 











    I believe the team's above I mentioned will be playoff team's. Now are we better than anyone of them? Do we have the depth to compete with them?

    I know we're better than these none playoff team's 





    Blue Jackets 



    So I think it's going to be a battle with 





    For those last 2 playoff spots.  If we're healthy we're in. If we get injuries look for the usual tail spins around Christmas time and again around trade deadline time. And our usual draft pick in between 15-20. 


    We got lucky the last 2 years which is why media will over look us. Much like they do every year. But key points you will hear in all media review of the habs will be strong on the wings, question marks down the middle at center, question marks in net and on D.  

  4. 53 minutes ago, TurdBurglar said:

    Unless something changed, Buffalo wants a complete salary dump if Eichel gets traded.  So it would need to be a team that can currently fit Eichel in and Buffalo would get picks and prospects back.  If that is still true, Buffalo would have no interest in either Dvorak or Armia.


    It kind of sounded like Buffalo set the demands so high that there’s no way a trade could happen.  Either teams had the cap space but not the assets, or the assets and not the cap space.  This is my opinion though.

    I don't think that they're cutting pay or cheap. I think they're just trading guys that don't want to be there and  Trying to change their locker room atmosphere. 

    Buffalo isn't Arizona, buffalo just sucks at trying to build a winner. 

  5. 6 hours ago, DON said:

    Has any player that was traded for in off-season, to play a key role (who is a nice fit and has nice long affordable contract), ever been traded away...before even playing 1 game?

    Just seems so unlikely, that isnt even a consideration?


    But, is a type of player the Habs have needed for long time, Kovalev's 84pt season in 07-08 was last thing even close to what Eichel might bring. 



    Yes players have been traded then flip to other teams before. And for those reasons you listed I would think buffalo would be interested in Dvorak more than they would be in Kotkaniemi. Dvorak would be a better replacement for Eichel then Kotkaniemi would be.  


    A 1st, Dvorak, Armia, and a top prospect would be a better hall for buffalo than any offer package involving Kotkaniemi. 


    But all in all I'm okay with Dvorak and Suzuki as our top centers. The only thing that worries me is our depth on D. Man if we get any key injuries on D we're in trouble. 

  6. Well i originally only posted our 1st round picks. But then tomh said I should put the number were we picked them. I knew if I did that people would say  picking low is always hit or miss. So I put players names that are noticeable today to see the difference.


    For me it's scouting and I think we need a change from Timmins and the rest of our scouting staff. 

  7. So under Bergevin our development of players especially 1st round picks has been really bad. We currently have only 2 1st round picks playing on the team in caufield and Romanov. 


    (3rd  overall)Galchenyuk was traded 

    (3rd overall) Kotkaniemi was let to walk

    (9th overall)Sergachev was traded

    (25th  overall)Poehling book is still open on him

    (25th overall)McCarron bust

    (26th)Scherbak bust

    (26th  overall) Juulsen bust 

    (16th overall  )Guhle looks good 

    (31st overall)Mailloux mistake pick


    So I added the spots were we picked


    McCarron draft year Theodore was picked after 


    Galchenyuk draft year most noticeable was



    Kotkaniemi draft year most noticeable tkachuk and Hughes 


    Scherbak draft no one that noticeable  but if we traded up one spot we could of drafted Pastrnak 


    Sergachev was a good pick


    Juulsen draft year we could of pick Beauvillier 


    Poehling I think was a good pick at 25


    Guhle was a good pick


    Hope that's a better break down then earlier 


    Galchenyuk and Kotkaniemi should of both started in the AHL not on the big club right away. 


    We done really bad on development of these players with the exception of Poehling and Guhle hopefully. What needs to change? Is it development or scouting? 






  8. 2 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Could be. But we have to stop expecting or penciling players in for the spot. Let’s see how they do on training camp. Than, evaluate them during the start of the year. Make full use of the waiver exempt period and allow them to show they can dominate and produce at the lower level, before bringing them up. Once they are up, let them show they belong. If they unsurp a veteran, so be it. Move them up the lineup, or let them bump the veteran out (high is what I think KK had shown enough to bump Stall out last year).

    I for one don't understand why Bergevin signed Paquette and Perreault to begin with other than to keep the French media off his back for lack of French players.  We have the depth on the wings. I would of kept that 4th line center spot open for someone to try and win a spot in camp and preseason. 

  9. 14 minutes ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Poehling should be competing for a ROSTER spot. Where he plays should depend on what his play dictates.  I hate the attitude that a young player should start in the 4th line.  Let his play and performance dictate where he ends up after training camp and start of the year.  What I hate is pencilling in, or counting on a rookie or young player, who has not shown he belongs in the NHL a spot in the lineup.  Yzerman has kept his early draft picks in Europe or the minors, until they have shown they belong. MB has  consistently used 18 year olds and rookies, trying to fill holes caused by his mis-management and mistakes.

    I think he'll be  competing for that 4th line center spot vrs Paquette. 

  10. What the new lines could look like after the Dvorak trade and letting Kotkaniemi walk 


    Toffoli  / Suzuki  / Caufeild 

    Hoffman  / Dvorak  / Gallagher 

    Drouin  / Evans  / Anderson 

    Lehkonen  / Paquette  / Armia 


    Ex Byron, Poehling , Perreault 


    I think we have to much winger's and should trade some to upgrade the LD side of the D.

  11. 5 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    Yes, 2  1st round picks in a good draft is a lot of currency.  Montreal will likely be in a real dogfight to make the playoffs and could easily be top 10 or 15.  Carolina had a good year last year but their goaltending is questionable, they lost Hamilton and all it would take is a key injury up front (heaven forbid LOL) to ruin their season. 

    Maybe Bergevin doesn't match and pays someone to #### with the hurricanes season so they miss the playoffs and we get a higher pick out of it lol. 

  12. 9 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    I agree, have a very similar opinion.  if they don't match then keep the picks and hope the scouts do a great job. It's supposed to be a great draft year.  Expecting another miracle run after losing Danault and Weber is just not realistic. I am good with a reset.

    We can always use the 2 1st round picks to trade up in the draft. Maybe even trade for the first overall pick. 

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