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  1. 40 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    That's too bad, I still think he did a good job under horrible circumstances in Calgary. His real mistake was not firing Sutter. Treliving turned a sow's arse into a silk purse only to have Sutter turn it back to a sow's arse again.

    Wasn't his mistake. He left because ownership wouldn't fire Sutter.

  2. 17 hours ago, DON said:




    "There is ample precedent for five-/six-year contracts to serve as a benchmark. The higher end of the spectrum contains players like Nikolai Ehlers (22 years of age, 8.0% of the salary cap, seven years), Matthew Boldy (22, 8.48%, seven years), William Nylander (22, 8.76%, six years), and Jake Guentzel (24, 7.55%, five years). The lower end includes the likes of Adam Henrique (23, 6.22%, six years), Joel Farabee (22, 6.14%, six years), Travis Konecny (22, 6.75%, six years) and Drake Batherson (23, 6.1%, six years).

    At the current salary cap of $83.5 million, 7% equates to $5.85 million, 8% to $6.68 million, and 9% to $7.52 million."

    If we did 6y at 6.5M-7.5M i would be thrilled tbh. Sets us up very nicely for four strong years from 2025-26 to 2028-29.


    I figure next two years are still going to be largely irrelevant.

  3. 2 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    I don’t see us taking a D at #5, and don’t see any potential dman who is ready to step into that role. Hutson is going back to college and while I’m excited of his potential. I would t want to even pencil him into being a #1 D the following year. Guhle is going to his second year. Will he regress like a lot of sophomores, or take another step forward? We don’t know.


    I’m more comfortable with us at centre on the wing. On D we have a lot of “What-if” kids. I’m not sold on our goalies either, but than I don’t want to pay a lot for a goalie YET, and I hope we never sign another goalie to a $10m contract - unless the cap goes up by over $10m.

    I agree that d is the big weakness as a team but the young guys need to play. Kova is older so maybe he can be a bit more out of rotation. But Barron, Xhajek, Guhle and Harris need game time.


    Guhle is in the NHL now permanently. Harris won't accept a demotion well. Leaves Barron and X. We have the spot on RD for Barron so... maybe Xhajek starts in AHL and Kova is a in and out 7th?


    something like






    then AHL is a a lot of guys... Maybe this?




    @dlbalrwhat's the AHL Blueline like next year?

  4. 2 hours ago, GHT120 said:

    Pacs played 5 games this season ... 5 good games (3 goals) but was never really an integral part of the team ... which isn't to say he was missed.

    No but Carolinas problem was always a lack of goal scoring talent. Pacs was the move to get that talent. Injured.


    Then Svetch... Their only actual weapon with pedegree beyond Aho... Goes down?


    Brindamour somehow got 6 goals out of a guy who had 10 all year in Bratt, then more out of Noesen and Jarvis... Only thing he didn't manage was to turn water into wine with Puljiarvi... I'm just not sure he could make any changes to get more from that core.

  5. 6 hours ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    Brindamour deserves some heat for this loss. He made 0 game adjustments and just continued with the same style and gameplay. 

    Tkachuk is seriously good - clutch or not, he made a huge difference in this series. 

    Vegas is going to get destroyed by Florida. 

    The fact Carolina made it this far without Pacs and Svetch? I think losing a bunch of close games without the two guys you had envisioned being your goalscorers gives him some leniency.

  6. 1 hour ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Not unless they somehow agree to bring Gallagher home! We need D!

    What are you thinking d wise? Obviously Edmonston moved for anything... Wideman is likely not relevant unless injuries pile up


    Mattheson LD Savard rd

    Guhle LD  Barron rd

    Harris LD Kovacevic rd

    Xhejak ld


    With so many young d are you thinking some sort of idea where we improve on Savard? Flip a young d for an older better guy?

  7. On 5/9/2023 at 9:08 PM, GHT120 said:

    Depends entirely on whether ownership of any of Anaheim, Columbus or San Jose are so anxious to try to get back into the playoffs that they would prioritize immediate help over a higher draft position.

    I mean with the supposed depth of this draft... I could see it.


    Also I could easily see it if one of them is keen on Mitchkov for example and trade down to 5 with some knowledge on who is drafting 2-4. But get another pick to help mitigate the risk.

  8. 5 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    That sums it up very well, how I feel about using LVL to develop prospects 

    I favour some trimming of the prospect pool via trade to better build that support environment and increase the level of compete. But it is a trim job not clear cut.

    Yeah like there should be a couple strong vets guys can learn from too. Every line and pairing should have an older dude I'd think. Maybe just a 7th dman older guy to swap in and out for injuries/callups.


    Ideally the team would always be in the mix for the playoffs. Once in a while try and make a run at it.

  9. 15 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    He is a solid 3rd pair D that can play up over short spans. He would not fit in the Habs LD depth chart which bodes well for the Habs


    I am glad for him on getting this goal

    Kulak is just an odd dman.


    He's good at skating with the puck. Zone entry/exits.. but not really good at passing.. creating chances/breakouts.


    Then defensively he's not physical or a crease clearer but positionally sound with a good stick?


    I feel a lot of coaches would struggle to fit him in. He needs a crease clearing partner who can do a breakout pass... Edmonton has those.

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  10. Bit over 8M for a guy who I feel can hit ppg at his peak.


    He's had huge clouds over him at the end of CLB and entire time in Winnipeg. Plus anyone who WANTS to play here... If we aren't overpaying to acquire him. I'm not too worried about the cap hit. He's a solid player.

  11. 38 minutes ago, Neech said:

    Unfortunately the Panthers are looking good to make the playoffs now, three winnable games and then two against teams with likely nothing play for. 


    Pittsburgh's schedule is not strong but they probably need 10 of 12 points, and I don't know if they're in form to pull that off.

    Buffalos 4 pts back with two in hand... And playing Florida next... They win that game and they can do it. Also play clb, ottawa, Detroit...

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  12. On 3/17/2023 at 9:02 AM, DON said:

    Is all kinds of talk about "NOT" rushing prospects, that is about it, it seems? 

    And look at Habs sickbay?

    Why do they run Guhle back out there in 3rd period of a blowout game, after already getting hit hard 3 times and trip to dressing room (because he said "I am good to go coach!"?)






    I think your issue with the Guhle injury is not a rushing prospects thing.


    Guhle is 21. Injuries would happen at the AHL level too. This issue is a 'play through it' culture issue in hockey generally.


    Slaflovsky in the NHL at 18 and getting rocked repeatedly because he doesn't skate with his head up... Ends up injured long term... That's a rushing prospect issue.


    Let him learn that at the AHL level against slower guys... Not at NHL speed.

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  13. 18 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    I hope he is press boxed too, but for the sake of Drouin the person.

    This reminds me of when Brashear was ridiculed by Tremblay at practice as a scapegoat.

    Yes, I am a softy and have defended Drouin. And I find it odd that at this point of the season, after such a humiliating loss, the biggest news is that Drouin was late for a team meeting

    Talk about kicking the dog while he is down 

    we all know Drouin has turned into Gomez 2.0 and that he is not coming back to the Habs and probably not coming back to the NHL. Just the timing of this is so convenient to deflect attention away from real problems

    I really wonder what he could be of he was in phx without the media storm or any public pressure. He's still good enough skill wise to be a offensive 3rd liner on a bad team who fills top six when there's injuries.

  14. 2 hours ago, Commandant said:


    He's denied involvement.... which of course doesn't prove anything, but when you compare that to Formenton, who hasnt denied involvement and didn't re-sign with the Sens, i think we can read into it at least a little. 


    Remember the roster is 23 players and it is 8 who are accused, so the majority of the roster wasn't involved. 


    Its obviously a horrible situation and I think anyone who was involved should get the Formenton treatment, there are also 15 players who haven't even been accused of doing anything wrong and don't deserve any punishment.

    Admittedly I thought he was still among the non denials.


    That being said prior to this going public Hart had a bit of reputation out west in the junior scene...


    I only brought it up though because I thought he hadn't denied involvement. So I won't suggest it again off junior scene rumors alone.


  15. 22 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    It depends on how sold they are on Samuel Ersson and if they think they'll actually be able to get Ivan Fedotov over next season.  I don't think Ersson is a true starter just yet and Fedotov almost certainly is going to sign back in the KHL after the military fiasco so I don't think they can really move on from Hart just yet.  I know it's a popular theory out there but he's 24.  24-year-olds shouldn't be too old to be part of a rebuild.

    I think Carter Hart is not going to escape from the WJ scandal. So they may not have a choice but to move on.

  16. 4 hours ago, dlbalr said:


    If you're curious, Montreal's at 78 out of 90 on that list.  With a high number of picks again, however, that should creep into the low 80's by the time they get through who will and won't sign this summer.

    I am more curious where I pulled that 90 number from hahaha. No idea why I knew that.

  17. 11 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Keep in mind he’s spent half of the year playing with AHL caliber wingers and washed up garbage has beens like Hoffman. Losing CC and getting saddled with the guts s he’s been not good Wally a fair assessment. I think he is still going through his own growing pains as well. I think we won’t know what he is for another two years, but I think at the very least he’ll be a very good 2C. Which is also been a gap -Dvorak certainly is not even close to being a legit 2C. What a waste of picks he was!

    Two picks. At least the 1st was a 27th OA. Our 2024 2nd is yet to be done. Though we likely can get a vaguely similar package retained at a deadline next year. I don't think it'll end up being terrible. May come out in the wash.

  18. On 12/14/2022 at 3:44 PM, Plutarch said:

    I guess I wasn't clear in my earlier posts. I was trying to find possible moves for each player. That doesn't mean they are the best moves.


    I wasn't focusing on Appleton because I want him. He just was the expendable player that has SOME potential value next season to flip for a mid round pick. Having a bottom six guy next year to play harder defensive minutes then flip for a 4-5th isn't a terrible move. IF you can't find a use for your retention spots.


    Also I find it very hard to believe we will be using all three of our retention slots this deadline without one on Drouin.


    I 100% do not mean to be rude but you say these three way retention trades are increasing... They aren't as far as I can tell. 2020: 1 Lehner, 2021: 3 Janmark, Foligno, Savard. 2022: 1 Domi. Basically there was one year where it happened more. It will take off in the future but not yet. Maybe it's GM's not liking helping out the teams or owners arent into taking on salary just yet due to lost revenues (yes they are high now but maybe they are still hesitant).


    I guess I don't see why the idea of losing one of our retention spot for the 1 or 2 deals that might use it when there are likely 10 other teams capable. Makes a retaining Drouin trade a terrible idea.


    Sure the Winnipeg one might be not great but i don't see any other team that would be vaguely interested. So realistically Drouin probably is just going to hang with us the rest the season.



    On 12/14/2022 at 4:35 PM, dlbalr said:


    One retention slot will be Monahan and I'm quite confident at least one will be a third-party retention slot.  They're already being linked as a team that's expected to do so and with them having some LTIR room, they can do so without much issue.  I think the preference for #3 right now is Dadonov who should have more value than Drouin's (which isn't saying much).  Hoffman would be a darkhorse if they opt to retain a bit to match salary in a player-for-player swap which would be better than retaining 50% on Drouin for next to nothing.  I was hoping Byron might be back at some point and him at 50% for his PK ability might have had a taker or two but that's not happening by the looks of it.


    Five of those in three years is an increase compared to what it was before although truth be told, I thought there were more last year.  I know I wrote about third-party possibilities enough on PHR that I suspected there were more than that a year ago but I do appreciate you taking the effort to look that up.  I do expect there will be several moves like that this season.  With some sellers having retention slots and not much of value to trade, they'll get creative and with way more cap-strapped teams this time around, they'll find willing partners.


    With Drouin, I just don't see a team that would want him, including the Jets.  If you're a team that wants to go far in the playoffs, is he really who you'd want to add?  If the answer is no, then they should be pivoting toward looking for other options to use those slots on.  Maybe I'm wrong and he goes on a nice run and someone wants him.  That'd be nice but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

    Well we didn't use our three retention slots... But the teams certainly blew the floodgates off using retention in trades this deadline!!! My doubt was misplaced in league GMs 😛

  19. 22 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    The habs gave up on Henrikson long ago.  Didn't even know we still had the guy's rights. 


    Sund is Engstrom's defence partner.  He's 27, but maybe Montreal wants to bring him over.  He'll be UFA on July 1st so we aren't getting much with his "signing rights" in any event, but I do think we wanted to at least talk to him without tampering.

    I mean it could really just be a contract slot thing. Pitts adding Bonino needed to ditch a contract. Montreal didn't want to add one for retaining so we send a dude to SJ.

  20. Not really a rumor... But all the moves got me looking at MTLs lineup next year.


    I'll assume we don't lose everyone to injury... to start the year should have 9 NHL dmen next season.


    NHL Roster Locks: (LD) Matheson and Edmonston (RD) Savard (LD/RD) Guhle and Harris.


    Leaves one spot on the RD for: (Rd) Kovacevic, Barron, Wideman and LD/Rd Xhejak.


    what do you guys think the plan will be offseason?


    I figure Edmonston is gone or honestly maybe LTIR. Seems headed that way.


    Now that's two spots for four guys. Probably keep Wideman up as a 7th dman to sit him? Have one of Barron or Xhejak in AHL to start like earlier this year? Or are they too good for that? I could see Xhejak maybe having a soft more slump from the pressure or the injury? But seems like a super determined kid and doesn't seem like that 'take a step back' kind of player...


    Think Barron could use more AHL time?


    or are we going to end up moving a young dman for a forward?


  21. Using a retention slot, giving Dallas an upgrade and giving them 400k in cap space...


    For a 25 year old 'project' RFA we get 20 odd games to judge?


    I feel this deal is mainly us doing Dadanov a solid.


    I am concerned we may give this guy a bad contract though if he gets a 'new team boost' then sucks after. Hopefully we do a 1 year prove it deal with him if he has a hot few weeks.

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