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  1. According to Eklund the Sykora 'rumors' are about to come to an end. He could be dealt as early as today. http://v2.hockeybuzz.com/blogworld/blog.as...gger=1&post=835
  2. Ok now i've heard it all. Habbie you cant be serious about Ryder. He has an Tremendous shot. Definilty one of the best wrist shots on the roster. Who cares about magnitude, I.E souray. I know i dont need to point out the WonderFull aspects that define Ryders shot.......Many of his goals are examples of a true shooter, not just some garbage goal scorer. Pay attention man.
  3. Quote "Jimmy, you're full of your last name. Here's what tsn.ca/nhl/teams/players/ has to say about him. Don't forget now that these evaluations are not biased for or against a player or a team. It says that Dagenais "Has a pure goal-scorer's mentality and the hands to match. Possesses excellent offensive instincts, to go along with tremendous size and reach." Need I say more? " Bro...are you serious? TSN ?? AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Boo to you ShortCAt.
  4. OK Fine.....Then can i ask why Dags has'nt been used in more situations that would allow him to display his "Great Shot" and "Scoring Touch". He's been used very little on the powerplay or any other situation, and in only one shootout so far. So what gives. If i had a player that could no doubt bury his chances and has the Abilities that Dagenais supposidly has around the net with the puck, i would most certainly make him a staple of my power play that has been struggling since the beginning of the season. Would'nt you?? Dagenais is nothing more than a Utility player that has his position because there are other players in the AHL that team management would rather see play a full season in the minors than ride the pine and stink up the press box on a consistent basis. I cant wait for Dagenais to "Break Out" and start lighting that red lamp.:bow:
  5. Right now...Ribiero is not what's needed on the second line and probably never will be. Whats worse, is that as long as he is in Montreal, this is where he will be. He does'nt quite fit anywhere else does he. Definitly not a first line centre, a pretty weak Third or Fourth line centre and to even consider him as a winger on Any line would be absolutely outrageous. So the second line is stuck with Ribiero for now. I would rather see a fast skating two-way centre in ribiero's place, one that can make players around him better in all situations and also brings some Veteren leadership. With all the young guns on the team now, its good to have players that will set the tone for the next 5 - 10 years, i dont see Ribiero as being one of these players who lead by example. Ribiero is Too One Dimensional. Most of the time i find he waits for chances and needs room to perform. Not to take anything away from the kidd, but he's obviously not whats needed.
  6. Well Rooster...for the most part we agree on Dagenais lack of abilities...however there are not very many Habs fans who would'nt. No need to point out in what area's Dags is weak No need to point out what a "Scoring Touch" is. The fact that you do is annoying. Where we do disagree is his ability as a Shooter/Scoring Forward. You decide to give him credit for something that in my opinion has'nt been proven. I would even go so far as to agree with the statement that "Dags has a Decent shot" and we could leave it at that. But second on the team in ability to shoot and scoring touch? I just cant see it dude. Maybe you've seen a hell of alot more of him than i have. But i do catch pretty much every game.
  7. Rooster. Second to Kovalev on the team for scoring ability?? Good on Shootouts and PP?? Then you proceed to point out that given the opportunity, he may have success on the PP. NO!! IF he was second to kovalev for scoring ability...and was good on the PP....there would be no saying that he MAY have success on the PP because we could pretty much assume that he would. I'm sorry but i cannot give dagenais any more credit than he is due.....He scored a shootout goal and won us a game!! Kudos and thanx Dagenais. Do i see any more heroics in his future? Nope!! Still waiting on the justification that he has a great shot. How you would say that its better than Ryder's? With all that Ryder's accomplished, we can only now start to say with caution that wow he has something special here. :puke: Dagenais
  8. TRIZZAK..........i have absolutely no clue what your ICON means. Plz carry me through it....thanx in advance. Sorry if i'm being completely dumb. It happens occasionally.
  9. Where do u people get your information about DAgs having a great shot. His shot is average at best. However if u base it on a few goals he has scored in his career than ya he might have a "Deadly Shot", However we could say that about any player. The hardest shot i've seen all year on the canadiens was Plekanec's first goal of the season. A one time blast past eddie belfour, that was on its way back out of the net before belfour realized there was even a shot taken. Does plekanec have the hardest shot or the best shot or an absolutely great shot that should be used in every situation possible?? No i dont think so. The same can be applied to Dagenais. In actual fact i think Dagenais is completely usesless and the only reason he is being held isto increase trade value, thats it. If u want to talk about a great shot, look at Ryder.
  10. Juliens system is a modified version of the trap.....using speed to break down passing in the Neutral Zone. Notice how its usually one man deep on the forecheck......while the wingers are set up around the blue line.
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