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  1. crap. I just want us eliminated to my pacemaker doesn't give out. I can't take this any longer
  2. 2-for-28 ... if we don't score on the next two opportunities, then I don't even want to get to the next round.
  3. You'd think that Gainey would hold the same respect as Lou Lamoriello and Claude Julien to be able to speak to Colin Campbell and tell him to deal with the F£*#ing referees who keep calling dual penalties when one is for diving. You can't have a dive and a legitimate penalty at the same time - it's either a penalty, or it's a dive. It can't be both. THAT'S WHY YOU NEVER MADE IT IN THE NHL, REFS!
  4. I am so sick of pretend diving calls. THIS ISN'T FOOTBALL! FIRE THE REFS!
  5. Boy, Andrei needs a goal too. C'mon Thomas, you got another one in you?
  6. This is a nightmare. I'm actually afraid of the Bruins' powerplay now, after last game. I hope Koivu can put some fear into the B's hearts with a shorthanded breakaway. No scoring necessary (it'd be nice...) but just get them back on their heels.
  7. I don't know what's worse - that the Habs aren't skating - that the Bruins stole our goal song
  8. That is amazing, those face-off numbers. 16-3 Habs. WELCOME BACK SAKU!
  10. Koivu ... we missed you so so so soooooo much. NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN! EVER! DO YOU HEAR ME? EVER!
  11. I hate referees who even things up, regardless of the first penalty being legitimate or not. HIGGINS FINALLY!
  12. Uh ... too much thinking involved. GO HOME, TROLL! YOU'RE NOT WELCOME IN THIS TOWN!
  13. Longest ... anthem ... ever.... rrrrr ... rrrrrrrr FFS, there aren't even that many Yanks playing.
  14. CJAD also confirms Streit in. A shame about O'Byrne, Ryder and the Undresser, but Gainey did say he'd rely on vets before the playoffs started, and he's gonna stick with it. Koivu taking the opening face-off - you go Antero (his middle name)!
  15. We ... lose again? Because I don't want to lose again. It's getting painful now.
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