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  1. Not even going to bother bashing Maxi Pad Max; just came here to say for those of you that strongly opposed my thread on whether or not he is a real leader, the writing is on the wall now, give your damn heads a shake. Had absolutely 0 faith in this team from the beginning of the season with such a passive loser as a leader. heres to hoping we don't hear the name Markov, Plekanec, Beaulieu, or Davidson next season. stick a fork in em, they're finished, and even if they muster a comeback, they will get walloped next round. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    Anyone who signs would have to be placed on waivers. 

    thanks for the info. with that being said, the proper move would likely point to signing a shut down D-man..the farm doesn't have what the team requires unfortunately. 

  3. im just going to throw this thought out there, with Chucky gone I don't think Habs need to sign anybody from the NHL. Instead, Radulov needs to recruit and get somebody on board from the KHL that might be willing to jump ship. Sounds like a MB dumpster dive move as well if this is possible #forthewin

  4. what would it take to land Shane Doan? he's been a talk to Montreal for years....thoughts? PS: I agree with a lot of opinions about spooner...as much as he could be a diamond in the ruff it seems very unlikely but his childhood dream was to play for the Habs. NB+2nd and maybe sherbak might do it

  5. 3 hours ago, Commandant said:


    Very, very little history with Chucky.  They played together for like 6 games. 


    When Chucky got hurt, Sarnia traded for Spooner to replace him as the first line centre for Yakupov.  When Chuck came back he only played 8 games with Spooner, before the season ended and Spooner graduated to the AHL. 

    Short lived chemistry or not, these two could potentially fuel something beyond potent and at a cost effective extension if the glue forms. Spooner's lateral movement and agility is next gen. Sure there's no Corsi stats to support that notion, but he's one hell of a player waiting to break out that has been underutilized in a stacked Bruins system for the entirety of his career. He could be more than an asset to the Habs than initially anticipated, a potential top 6 that allows the Habs to replace Markov either at the deadline or in the offseason with a cost reduction.   

  6. Ryan Spooner on the block in Boston. good hands, skating, two way player, offensive upside and youth + history with Chucky in the OHL. If the bruins didn't take on Backes MB might have been in business wheeling Plex. Either way Habs might be able to land by throwing in some assets+NB .  

  7. 10 hours ago, Commandant said:


    They outplayed San Jose for 50 minutes and were a bit unlucky to hit the post 3 times. Plus the chances both chucky and max missed.  With a little better puck luck, they win the game. 

    a post is just that...a post. If you count the amount of posts that have gone vs the Habs in 1 goal games over the course of the last 5 seasons, they might be just above .500 hockey in regular season at best. Unfortunately hitting posts and close calls don't get you points and they don't win games. Net or nothing

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