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  1. Truth is the Habs would be better off without Savard, Dvorak and Hoffman.  They take up $12.45 million dollars in Cap Space...


    For starters, we couldn't possibly be worse!!


    Plus the money from the three contracts would give us a 'chance' to get pieces for the rebuild.  None of those three should be part of the rebuild in my opinion.  I lump them into the Gomez/Alzner conversation.  Guys who did little or nothing to help them team - and actually hurt in a big way. At least in Gomez's case it helped the Habs sign other players who were assets...

  2. 4 hours ago, dlbalr said:


    I used to think it was a foregone conclusion but I'm starting to see a scenario where he stays.  I wouldn't say that's my prediction at this point but I don't think it's a crazy thought now.


    The Habs need a rebuilding coach, one with a short shelf life as you suggested.  Why can't that be Ducharme?  He's not that far removed from being thought of as modern, forward-thinking coach to the point where he can't in theory change his ways.  He talked recently about not having the players to play the style he wants to.  If he sells Hughes/Gorton on a short-term vision to acquire certain players to let him play that style, perhaps that buys him some time.  And as much as Molson wants to frame himself as wanting to spend what it takes to win (an assertion I think some if not many would disagree with), will a bunch of lost home revenue influence things on that end?


    I think back to Jeff Blashill in Detroit who has seemingly been on the verge of being fired for half a decade.  When they were overtly tanking, they just kept him there and now they show just enough improvement each year to justify keeping him around.  There are enough parallels that I can at least see a scenario where Montreal goes a similar route with Ducharme.  Play the youngsters more and if they're showing signs of improvement, keep him around.


    In terms of who a rebuild coach would be in your scenario, Guy Boucher almost sounds like a logical choice.  He instils structure and good defensive habits (and this team needs that) and will inevitably lose the room right around the time where they'd want to hire the coach to take them to that next level.

    Great post

  3. Ducharme is expected to finish the season, but who will be behind the bench when the rebuild really starts this fall?


    There are several possible candidates, and Gorton and Hughes will definitely want to find 'their coach'.


    Obviously Ducharme is a candidate.  But, given the team's struggles this season I am convinced the odds are slim he is back.


    My number one choice is - Guy Boucher.


    He has shown he can get a lot out of young players and teams.  Although, honestly, his pro success has been short lived.


    Assistant coach for the Rimouski Oceanic, and worked closely with Sidney Crosby during his two years in the QMJHL.


    Went on to coach the Drummondville Voltigeurs and, in addition to taking that team from last overall to first overall in one season, he was instrumental in the development of Sean Couturier.


    Becomes head coach in Hamilton and leads the Bulldogs to a 52–17–11 record.


    Hired by Tampa Bay and took the Lightning to to game 7 of the Conference finals in his rookie year after the team missed the playoffs three consecutive years before.


    Hired by Ottawa and took the Senators, who missed the playoffs the year before, to the Eastern Conference Final in his first season, losing in double overtime in game seven to the eventual Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.


    Both Tampa and Ottawa struggled their next year, but in both cases he took struggling teams to new heights by getting players to buy into his system.  And in Tampa's case he set the table for Cooper and the success they enjoy today.


    And granted, in Tampa that system was 1-3-1 which was pretty boring, but in Ottawa his system was much different as it had been in Drummondville.


    What he does is take young teams and get them to elevate their game. 


    Is he a long-term solution in Montreal?  History says no, but history also says he IS a great short term solution (at the very least) who could be instrumental in getting the team off to the right start next year.  Getting this group to play together and buy in is the start to a rebuild.  They won't win it all next year, but if the building blocks can be set in place - then the future has a chance.


    And, oh yeah, he speaks French...


    So Boucher is my choice.


    Who is yours?




  4. The NHL has become a joke.  Video review (particularly the way the NHL does it) has left the door open for bias, which clearly allows for the fixing of games.  I am not saying it happened, but perception is reality.


    You can debate all you want about the two calls in overtime last night - but that is the point - you CAN DEBATE!  Which means either call could have gone either way.  That means someone other than the players determined the outcome.  The minute that happens there is the 'appearance' of bias.


    Team Tank is happy the calls went the way they did.


    Habs fans looking for a good game are not.


    Blackhawks fans are thrilled.


    The 'appearance' of bias is something that sports MUST work every day to eliminate at all costs.


    There are all kinds of laws in business that address the 'perception' or 'appearance' of things like bias, conflict of interest, etc.


    Why the NHL feels it is ok to just put their hands in their pockets and whistle their way to the next rink is a mystery to me.

  5. Is something like this even allowed?


    Price to Edmonton 

    1st and 2nd round pick to Montreal.


    Habs retain 50% of Price's contract for this year and next.  Oilers on the hook for 100% after that.


    It gives the Oilers two years to win with Price and their current team (more or less) and two years to figure out how to get under the cap with the Price increase in year 3.....


    Habs get two picks for Price and $10 million (and change) of cap room.  


    I'd do that in a heartbeat if I am Montreal.  And Edmonton gets a chance to WIN NOW!



  6. 14 hours ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    That's the way I believe it will happen.  Skills will be most important.  I don't think there are too many successful, experienced hockey people looking for work and if there were they likely would want a lot of autonomy. Gorton will look for a bright young person with some hockey experience that he can mentor. And someone with a similar vision. 

    Just a thought.  Could Gorton mentor Paul Maurice enabling him to take the next step from coach to GM?


    Granted I'm not sure Maurice even speaks French.  Nor an\m I sure he is the best choice.  But at some point you'd think that would be his next move - to become a GM somewhere.

  7. Just now, alfredoh2009 said:

    Yes, he tried his darnest to torpedo t he system but DD prevailed :halm:

    I came out really hard against Petry.


    But...then I went back and watched the quote again - the entire interview.


    I can't defend his play, he has been terrible! - but go watch the clip again - I don't think he is blasting the coach for not having a game plan - he is blasting his teammates for not following one.....


  8. 3 hours ago, Dalhabs said:

    I think maybe it will be the new gm who will replace DD.

    Now that is a situation where Patrick Roy might actually work.


    Roy is GM and coach.  His focus is on the players, so mainly a coach with a little more say.


    Gorton is the real GM.



  9. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    DD has to go. 


    When Jeff Petry says he can't even figure out the structure of the team when he was watching from the press box, its clear that he's in over his head. 

    I'd say with a comment like that one of two things are going to happen.  The coach is being fired, or Petry is gone.  Not sure if he is begging to leave, but you don't undermine your coach like that in public.  Absolutely unprofessional by Petry.  Yes, it shows how messed up this team is but a veteran leader knows better than to call out his coach/team in public like that.

  10. 1 minute ago, REV-G said:

    I personally agree with staying away from the "older" retreads in Montreal. We've had Therrien twice, Julian twice and I think we need to do something different. 


    I have a name that some of you will probably cringe at but.....I would try Patrick Roy as coach, with no other power regarding players. 


    I would not want him as GM or assistant GM or any of those positions because I think with his personality he doesn't play well with others. But in a well defined role, coach and that's it, I think he would be, among french speaking coaches, my top choice right now. He'd bring pride, passion for the CH in Quebec, accountability, fire and drive. I think he has the hockey sense and understanding. When I look around, other than Vigneault, Patrick may be the best choice. He's not unproven but I see him as not as old in the tooth as V and some others who have been coaching in the NHL for many many years. 

    Completely agree BUT how do you get Patrick to agree to that and then keep his nose out of everything else...given his history...


    It is one thing for the team to want that.  It is another to expect Patrick to completely change his demeanor.

  11. 1 hour ago, PMAC said:

    I don't know about "everyone on the table" but at this point I'm open to anyone being traded as long as the return is excellent. Here is are my lists of where I think the players should be categorized by the new regime-- but of course, since I can't read Gorton's mind, except for the obvious "What the F@@K have I gotten myself into!" I don't expect him to agree with me. And, or course I am aware that Carey Price controls his own destiny and may refuse to be traded. Only player whose category I am unsure of is Dvorak...I originally had him in the "Keep" category as our centre depth is so abysmal. Obviously, I don't thing tearing the whole thing down and jettisoning contracts while retaining salary is the way to go. 
























    Montembault ( not sure who would trade for him but if you could get a 7th, go for it)

    Dauphin (ditto) 


    Trade if return is reasonable (ie., a real asset(s) with minimal salary retention or multiple assets with significant retention)










    Hard to disagree with most of that.


    I'd keep Byron and Perreault though. 


    Perreault's team friendly contract (assuming we keep him for $1 million or less) gives us a versatile forward moving forward for minimal cost.  He looks like a guy who would like to finish his career in Montreal, and may just find an extra gear in front of a home town crowd - assuming his eye injury is behind him.


    As for Byron, I think he is more valuable to us that the return we would get.  His obvious leadership, speed on his skates and penalty killing alone are all valuable tools.  They just don't show up on the scoresheet.  Another 20-goal season would be a bonus!


    Honestly, I think we put too much focus on goals and assists to evaluate players.  Obviously it would be nice to have guys who can do that (although we haven't had a real goal scorer in a long time...), but a team needs players who can fill multiple roles.  Byron and Perreault both do that....


    Hoffman and Dvorak, for example, were brought here to score.   If they can't do that....then time to move on.... 


  12. 10 minutes ago, tomh009 said:

    They didn't choose BPA, they drafted for organizational need as we basically had no top-6 centres in the prospect pipeline, and trading for one is difficult. So, they took the best C available. In retrospect, it didn't work out, but I do understand the rationale.

    Interesting stat.  KK was the top Centre of the 2018 draft.  He has played more games than the next 5 centres drafted combined.


    Only 4 centres from that entire draft have scored more than 5 goals in the NHL.


    KK - 28

    Yegor Sharangovich (5th round, 141st overall) - 19

    Isac Lundestrom (23rd overall) - 12

    Philipp Kurashev (4th round, 120th overall) - 8


    KK is also first in point with 70.

    Sharangovich is second with 38.


    Might not have been the best year to draft a centre???

  13. 2 hours ago, GHT120 said:



    For at least a couple of years the Habs don't need an average (in AAV terms) NHL goaltender ... a 50% retained trade frees up some cap space for the initial years of the rebuild, giving them "time and space" while they make moves to dispose of some other contracts ... the "yield" also plays a big part in the viability of a trade ... if the return is legit top half of the roster prospects/youngsters they displace older, more expensive players which also helps cap-wise ... it is a much more complex equation than suggested ... but it would obviously be better to retain less than 50%.

    Totally disagree.  And it is simple math.   The reason to trade Price is to 'free up' cap space.  If we retain $5.25 million we have retained ZERO cap space as we will have to ay another goaltender at least $5.25 million.


    It is NET ZERO!


    So unless you can find a Number one NHL netminder for under $5.25 million a year for the next 4 years you have saved ZERO.  Realistically, you'd need to find one under $3 million a season to make it even remotely worthwhile.  That or retain no more than $2 million of Price's salary. 


    I understand that in a lot of people's minds we need to trade Price to save cap space.  I don't disagree.   But retaining major salary defeats the entire purpose.... 



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  14. The Klusterf#$K  (might as well start the word with K and end it with one!) all started with drafting him third overall.


    Then calling him up too early.  Burning a year of his contract.  Using him poorly.  Benching him in the playoffs.  Not getting his contract done.  Watching him leave.  Then panicking and trading assets for Dvorak...


    Stay tuned, it isn't over yet...

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