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  1. Which is why I can't understand why everyone is putting Caufield in on the first line. Seriously? He has played all of 10 regular season games. He looked good. But he hasn't even earned a roster spot yet, let alone the first line? It would be great if he EARNS that spot, but he could just as easily be in Laval by the end of November. And, let's be clear, I really like Cole. I really do. But he hasn't PROVEN anything yet.
  2. As for Galchenyuk, he has the second most points and third most goals of any player taken in his draft year! Yet he can't crack a lineup anywhere.
  3. The big issue here is the waste of 3rd overall picks. Getting a 3rd overall pick is how teams get good players. We take Galchenyuk and KK. That sure worked out good to us! Maybe it is finally time to cut ties with Trevor Timmins! If either player was any good they'd still be on the roster.
  4. So...here is where we sit. (I don't know why I post. GHT120 is just going to crap all over it, but WTF). Drouin Suzuki Caufield Hoffman Evans Gallagher Toffoli Paquette Anderson Lehkonen Poehling Armia Perreault (Byron injured) Chiarot Petry Edmundson Savard Kulak Romanov Wideman Price Allen Juggle them any way you want, but those are the 13 forwards, 7 d and 2 goaltenders we have right now. Here is what I believe will happen - Very little until mid season Ducharme will have to see what this group can do. if by some miracle they are in the playoff hunt - Bergevin will get creative. If (likely) we are not! - Price (again) waves his NTC and will be moved to either Seattle or Colorado. Trust me he WILL do it in that scenario (Colorado for obvious reasons for both Carey and the Avalanche - and in scenario 2 - assuming Seattle is in line for a playoff spot). Unless this team really overachieves, Price will be gone by the trade deadline and the full on rebuild will be underway. We, most likely, will need to retain some salary but will get picks and prospects that will help us be a powerhouse in 3-5 years... (The smart move would be to deal Gallagher at the same time. The style of game he plays means he only has a couple of good seasons left, but that will be fine for a team looking to make a serious run now). Or GHT120 will think this will never happen.
  5. Three points. 1. Habs are screwed at Centre if they don't match 2. They can't match. Don't have the money (even with Weber relief). Sets a precedent that will handcuff the team for year. Imagine the dressing room - he'd by the highest paid forward on the team! 3. Bergevin gambled (again) and lost (again). He should be fired. He just crippled the team. All he had to do was lock KK up. He had lots of time to do so. But, like Markov and others, he decided to play hardball. This one hurts the team in a huge way! And it is karma for Bergevin's offer sheet to Aho. Which took the hockey world by surprise and forced Carolina into a position they didn't want to be in. The gloves have been off since then. Steve Moore wasn't blindsided this bad. At least he knew Bertuzzi wanted to fight him.
  6. Are we underestimating Perreault through all of this? The NHL lists Hoffman as a centre? Don't think he has played there for a while..... But could we end up with something like this? Toffoli Suzuki Caufield Drouin Hoffman Gallagher Perreault KK Anderson Lehkonen Evans Armia Paquette Byron (injured)
  7. Exactly. Which is why we DON'T make a trade for Eichel.
  8. And that's assuming Weber is off the books
  9. Eichel for Lehkonen, Drouin a 1st and a 2nd Buffalo retains $2 million in cap space. Mtl signs KK for $3m Habs have about $1m to add a depth D About the only way this happens...but wow if it does!
  10. ...and yet Geoff Molson felt the need to apologize for the Mailloux pick today. Whatever your thoughts are about either player, the truth is both bring baggage (whether you feel that is deserved or not doesn't matter - it is a fact). The Habs don't need the baggage. It is a distraction for everything else.
  11. You are reading that right but the price to sign KK, Lehkonen and Perry will leave them with only about $1.5 million. Now if they can get those guys cheaper then maybe an extra milion.... Based on what they made last year this is what can be expected: KK - $3.5 Lehkonen - $2.8 Perry $1 That is $7.3 Weber is only $7.8 (not $9) So $0.5 plus $900,000 is $1.4. KK might make a little less, but Perry might make closer to $1.5....
  12. I corrected Lehkonen to $2.8. Can you call hitting the wrong number key - a spelling mistake?
  13. Capgeek shows $973,630 left for Cap Space. Still to sign as RFAs: KK Lehkonen As UFA: Perry Potential Cap Relief for Weber: $7.857 If my number are accurate for KK, Leks and Perry - we have $1.5 million left after Weber Cap Relief.
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