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  1. Kovalev backchecking with his stick pitch forked and coasting around is just bush league, and slacking. He gets paid the millions to hustle and put in a strong effort.

    Imagine if he had the hustle and drive that Lapierre has, man Kovy would be scoring so much more. I think Plex actually hustles but he isn't strong on the puck and he needs to get his confidence back. A two goal game would be perfect for him.

  2. Anyone else catch Carey Price after the game?

    It was something like: I have the best time of my life at the all star game and then come back and have the worst f****** time of my life.

    I think it's good someone finally shows emotion. He is pissed and should be.

  3. Awesome, this team has been playing so great lately. Everything seems to be clicking, I think it's because they're hustling so much which is helping to create chances. Their solid backcheck, especially from our franchise sniper Kovy, has also helped our offence.

    Guy must really be motivating these guys because they skate like they are having tons of fun out there. And boy has Koivu been on fire lately. He seems to produce chances on every shift! And how about the forechecking of Kovalev and Andrei. Beautiful.

    BG has no problems to fix, no holes to fill. And take your time with Komo, please, take the chance that he won't test the market. That Hammer contract is looking amazing and I can't wait to see him earn his 5.5 in two years. And man has BGL been a smash hit this year, what a great investment, it's really paid off. Breezer is rejuvenated, and his buddy Cube needs to be locked up to a 6 year deal ASAP.

  4. You didnt see the game?

    Near the end of the game Cube was rubbed out at the Habs bench by Evgeny Artyukhin. Cube got up and slashed the closest TB guy, which wasnt Artyukhin, and then skated along following Artyukhin like he wanted to fight him. Lucky for Cube he didnt say "oh ya". Artyukhin would have destroyed Cube, he's HT: 6-5 WT: 254. Thats why TB kept thinking they are tough, because that guys huge. Artyukhin made several big hits. If BGL was in the game TB might not have acted so rough but Artyukhin might be able to give BGL a good go. I've never seen Artyukhin play before and have no clue if he can fight, but he's even bigger than BGL so if there somebody who could throttle BGL it might be him.

    I could tell Cube was pissed from that hit but he was committing suicide seeking retribution against Artyukhin. Cube is lucky that Artyukhin wasnt interested at all. Artyukhin wasnt even really paying attention to Cube. He's probably like the Borg and only looks for people who are threats, and Cube was definitely no threat to him. :lol:

    At one point earlier in the game Komi knocked Artyukhin down, but I'm pretty sure Komi never thought of dropping the gloves with him.

    Thank you, I seen the first and second periods so that must of happened in third? Anyway, that is good for Boo. He shows he aint fearless, remember he faught Orr and May. Those two are way bigger than Cube. I agree TB wouldn't have been so rough if BGL was in.

    He would manhandle Artyukhin. That beast rarely fights. BGL beat Boogard, a bigger and more experienced fighter than Artyukhin.

  5. Does this team even want to play hockey?

    You may as well play short handed instead of putting Lang out because he is coasting around, why does he think he can just take a game off?

    And Kovy, you are our franchise player, if Smith never gave you the puck you would have been invisible so far. Why don't you show up?

    BG get a god damn defenseman or two so Boo and Breeze can take a seat, for good. They are AHLers at best.

    Is Sergie even playing, I havent seen him yet?

    Plex hasn't done dick all year.

    You think they will make it past the first round with the effort of a last place beer league team?? :puke:

    Sorry guys for the rant but I'm very pissed off and had to sound off :angry:

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