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  1. I want to see a Stewart/Stortini fight.
  2. What is Souray's status for this game?
  3. Here guys, haven't posted on here in forver, anyway, I thought I'd share this awesome blog I found. I encourage every habsfans to read this. All credit to J.T. ~here :hlogo:
  4. Will the interview be live on rds or ris? Or a radio station? CKAC?
  5. When BGL has the majority of chances, your team is flawed.
  6. Just added a few more, I voted Price and Kost's heart to Kovy (that would be sick), and I was VERY tempted to give Boston NYI's record.
  7. Just for fun. I made it multiple answer poll, but pick only your top two.
  8. How is the quality? Outta 10 comparing to a modern day hockey game DVD.
  9. Why worry?? You think Bob has somehow forgotten about Komi? He will get it done. I just hope it isn't for more than 5 mil.
  10. One positive is that Patches will stay a while longer
  11. If Kosto faught Godard he would have woken up in the hospital bed. Henry is 10 times the fighter Kosto is.
  12. Who the Habs need: CHRIS NEIL
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