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  1. Harp77

    NHL EA 2008

    LOL! Its ok but I really would like it if they said the last name, Price. I checked again and I think it will only say the name if its already a name of an exisiting player in the game. Too bad - I think EA dropped the ball on that part big time.
  2. Harp77

    NHL EA 2008

    More than likely but got it at a good price
  3. Harp77

    NHL EA 2008

    So U have to create the player first, then go in after the fact and edit....??? I went with NHL08 because I heard it was better than NHL2k but at least 2k had a good create-a-player.
  4. Harp77

    NHL EA 2008

    Hi ppl - just got NHL08 for PS2- love it but one ques: instead of having those stupid nicknames for created players, is there any way the commentary can say the last name or even the # of the created player? Carey Price was not on the roster so I had to create him and all I hear is: GREAT SAVE BY ICEMAN! ICEMAN STOPS ANOTHER ONE!
  5. Heres a thought: lets do something crazy and make a trade with Toronto: Captain for Captain.
  6. No it was actually on a program we have here in Toronto called Leafs Lunch on 640. I know, its Leafs lunch but its really good insight on the goings on around the League.
  7. Hey fans! Nice to be back! Heard from a very reliable source here in Ontario, actually is Bill Waters, mentioned that the chances of Sundin playing next season with either NYR or MTL is very strong as opposed to him joining back with the Maple Laughs. Apparently he was close to coming here at the trade deadline for a few players, notably Higgs. Just wondering what everyone feels if he does come to Mtl. I think him playing on a line with Saks and Kovalev would be great! We need a big centre. Lets get him Gainey!
  8. Unbelievable! This team has no hunger or drive to win anything! They sit back on their butts and are sooooooo complacent to coast. Boston is clearly the more hungry team, and that hurts to say being a Habs fan. OMG this is the group that got first-overall...???? PLEASE! If MTL goes out Monday night they deserve it! They look like the Mtl teams of the mid-late 90's! DISGUSTING!!
  9. Omg! The last 2 games we looked the loser-Habs we had to suffer with during the mid to late 90's. We spend have the time chasing our own tail in our own end!! OMG! I hope Guy kicks some serious buttocks in the dressing room the next day or so cause if we keep this up we will be joining Sundin on the course!
  10. Ohh totally. Its amazing how just a couple of ppl can turn a vintage franchise into the toilet for so many yrs. Thank the Lord we have someone now that has a plan. Houle and Tremblay s/b lynched from ever stepping foot into anything pertaining to the Habs.
  11. Nope - nothing on the tube.
  12. Hi fans! Just wondering if anyone has a link to the final game and/or the link to the clip of Roy where he goes up to Ronald Cory behind the bench and tells him he is done in Mtl....??? Would love to watch it again as bitter as it is. thanks! :hlogo:
  13. It was for his brother who was being sent for conditioning assignment
  14. .....to continue on with Harry's comment(s) - Huet right now is in the final yr of a 3yr contract. Who knows what he would be asking for in the summer, which I imagine would be a considerable rise. So we don't even know if we would be able to re-sign him. I think Bob did ok on this one. At least we get something, in draft pick which is better than getting nothing if he is gone in the summer. And lets also remember, the Habs are the 3rd youngest team in the NHL. Don't expect them to set the world on fire in the playoffs. The fact they have done this well is a bonus. So to have ppl say "I don't want to go into the playoffs with 2 rookie goalies" - who cares! Were we expecting to be hoisting the Cup in June? Nope. They are in the midst of building.
  15. Standings are gonna change like 10 times before the playoffs start. I think I would like the Rangers over NJ if I had to pick.
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