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  1. Agree with all your comments, great player and great person unfortunately robbed of being a superstar by injury.

    I wonder if there is a place for him within the habs organisation? Surely a classy guy like that would make an excellent player development guy (didnt bresbois have a role like that?)

  2. I sure hope he does force the issue soon. I just can't get my head around us being a serious contender with DD as our number 1 centre. And just to preempt the inevitable, I am aware we nearly got there last season, I just don't think we can do it consistently with him there.

  3. Bourque is a POS who has made millions by basically being a bum. The only people I feel sad for are the fans who have to watch him dogging it night after night.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sad for him. I feel let down that all that size and talent is going to waste, particularly that it is going to waste on my team and not the leafs or bruins. :)

  4. I wish for the usual things, more size, goal scoring sniper, a Stanley Cup. But i also wish that as fans we weren't so hard on ourselves. One thing you can never claim is that habs fans have no passion. Sometimes there is an ugly side to that, but as I've said before, passion has to outweigh empty stadiums and disinterested media.

    I've enjoyed this site immensely once again this year and hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.

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  5. Lots of talk about injuries costing us. Seems to me that for the last 2 seasons (about to be three) we have had a high number of injuries. Do any of you know if our injury rate is above average for the league? And if it is, is it just bad luck or are our guys not conditioned as well as other teams?

    Of course it's entirely possible that every team has the same amount (or more) injuries than us and it only seems the hockey gods crap on us because the habs are my team, but it sure seems the hockey gods are bruins fans to me.

  6. I don't believe MB should react too soon in regards to bringing someone in. At the moment we are in a comfortable position in the standings and rotating Tinordi, Beaulieu and maybe Pateryn is going ok for us. If we go on some sort of extended losing streak or get another injury then he will need to look elsewhere, but until then he should keep his powder dry.

    If we can stay in touch until Emelin gets back it will be like picking up a top 4 D at the deadline. (Assuming he comes back at the same level as before his injury)

  7. I could see M.B shopping around. Emelin isn't back until December and even when he does return, he's going to be eased into his minutes. With the real extent of Murray's injury unknown, it has to make you think a D-man is on M.B's Radar. Drewiski's return is a non factor in my eyes. Looked horrid in pre season.

    I would rather they brought Pateryn up to act as a gritty fillin guy for Murray. I thought he was ok during the preseason.

  8. I think the bridge may be the way to go in most cases, but for the sake of argument, the real risk you run with the bridge (besides overpaying later) is that you potentially make the player concerned feel undervalued and you give them an opportunity to leave the organization earlier than locking them up long term. I imagine the screams will be long and loud if Subban walked next year. I'm not saying this will happen, just pointing out a risk you take with bridge contracts.

  9. Underatted: just to be different Im going for Therrien. Lots of people (including myself) were dissapointed to say the least, when he was hired, but overall I can't help but be impressed with how he's brought on the youngsters and has the habs playing attractive hockey.

    Overatted: I find it difficult for this because one bad period in montreal has a 20000 person facebook page screaming for your immediate trade. However despite saying that, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say Desharnais, and even then, I only think hes overatted by Therrien, MB and Patches.

  10. Interesting reading all of your comments, I would just guess from looking through the comments that there seems around a 70/30% split in favour of banning fighting (or at least banning the staged fighting)

    I must admit to being torn on the subject. There is no doubt, I certainly perk up when a fight starts and enjoy it for what it is, however I don't think I would not watch the game if they banned it (or limited it from what it is today)

    I think they inevitably will, as if they don't, sooner or later somebody is going to take the league to court over it.

    What I would like to see eliminated is the situation where you have someone like John Scott going after Phil Kessel. As amusing as it is to see the leafs getting some of their own medicine, there is no way you want star players being chased around the ice by a thug like that. I don't really blame Kessel for slashing him (particularly the first one) but I don't want star players in the league to be in that situation. Don't get me wrong, if Crosby chooses to fight Giroux I'm fine with that, but when you have goons running around after star players, I'm not so fine.

    Maybe player numbers should be replaced with the players salary and you're only allowed to fight someone in your salary band lol

  11. I'm in New Zealand so like Seb, gamecentre is excellent for me.

    Its kind of sad that you can get better coverage outside of North America than being there, although you guys do get the benefit of going to live games occasionally and having a more friendly time zone for watching games. (7:30 ET games start about 1:30 here, so I'm usually at work)

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