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  1. Agree with all your comments, great player and great person unfortunately robbed of being a superstar by injury. I wonder if there is a place for him within the habs organisation? Surely a classy guy like that would make an excellent player development guy (didnt bresbois have a role like that?)
  2. I sure hope he does force the issue soon. I just can't get my head around us being a serious contender with DD as our number 1 centre. And just to preempt the inevitable, I am aware we nearly got there last season, I just don't think we can do it consistently with him there.
  3. Isn't Benoit Pouliot a UFA now? I thought he played well against us. Any thoughts on chasing him?
  4. In regards to Price vs Bishop, I think that besides the stats, the confidence Price gained at the Olympics should not be underated. He just seems so calm since his return. Also seems to me that Emelin is playing better since the Olympic break.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sad for him. I feel let down that all that size and talent is going to waste, particularly that it is going to waste on my team and not the leafs or bruins.
  6. Its kinda sad the Bourque situation. I often wonder with guys like him, if he ever thinks to himself "I could be the big name trade guy". He has all the physical tools, just won't use them. Its a real shame.
  7. Great Game Day Thread. Reminds me a little bit of the old "four habs fans" site.
  8. Any thoughts on Moen and Bournival swapping lines? I would like to see Bournival play with Plek's and Gionta.
  9. I wish for the usual things, more size, goal scoring sniper, a Stanley Cup. But i also wish that as fans we weren't so hard on ourselves. One thing you can never claim is that habs fans have no passion. Sometimes there is an ugly side to that, but as I've said before, passion has to outweigh empty stadiums and disinterested media. I've enjoyed this site immensely once again this year and hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.
  10. Haha, yeah, all they would need then is Gomez to round out their top 6
  11. Unless there's been a trade I missed, you might want to swap Marc-Andre Fleury with Ryan Miller in goal lol. I assume its a cut and paste error
  12. Yes I still get those emails from the official website.
  13. That's not a serious question is it? Captain K hands down.
  14. Lots of talk about injuries costing us. Seems to me that for the last 2 seasons (about to be three) we have had a high number of injuries. Do any of you know if our injury rate is above average for the league? And if it is, is it just bad luck or are our guys not conditioned as well as other teams? Of course it's entirely possible that every team has the same amount (or more) injuries than us and it only seems the hockey gods crap on us because the habs are my team, but it sure seems the hockey gods are bruins fans to me.
  15. At the risk of suggesting washed up injury prone francophones, what about Latendresse? I'm not sure if he signed in the KHL or not, but he would be cheap and imho better than Gagne.
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