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  1. I've been reading all of the trade posts on the site and most of them refernece the Habs going after a winger (O'Neill) or a guy like Lindros etc. It would seem to me that the habs could use a solid D-Man more than anything. I have been a Habs fan since the 15th second of my life (which ironicaly is how long it took me at the time to realize that the leafs suck.. what can I say I was young now it would only take me 1 second) and I grew up watching great offensive teams in the late 70's and great defensive teams in the 80's and all managed to win cups. Why not go after Leetch for next to nothing, or Gonchar who is an expensive player but arguably one of the best D-men in the league (and is only 29) and these kinds of guys are the ones you build the rest of the team around. Imagine Souray and Gonchar on the PP together can you say #1 ranked PP Build it from the defensive zone out and you will be solid in the playoffs it's been done before and maybe we need to do it again. :hlogo:atvo
  2. If yu ask me the Habs will only go as far as Theo takes them. I agree that O'neill would be a great pick up and for that matter if they could swing a deal for Gonchar even better as it is only too evident that with Souray out the other habs defencemen can't score and as such the PP is hurting unless Ribs is kickin'. But it all comes down to the pipes just look at the last 2 years, Giguere carried a crappy Anaheim team to the finals and the year before that it was Irbe who played so well. If Theo gets hot and it looks like he's getting back to his early season form, we will be able to get through a round or 2 and with a little help in the way of a trade for a solid Power forward or an offensive defenceman like Gonchar we should be watching Habs games well into June :hlogo:catvo
  3. I think he would come cheap as he had been in Sather's doghouse a couple of time this year and had been benched during the 3rd period so I think we could get away with a 3rd rounder or even a 4th as NY is simply looking to rid themselves of some payroll for the end of the year. He gets hurt but would be great crashing the net with Koivu and Zednik IMHO :hlogo:atvo
  4. This is a really bad idea, I spoke to some friends of mine form northern Ontario who know his family and apparently he is physically ready to come back but after what he pulled in Toronto last year I really hope Ottawa gets him so he can disrupt their playoff run and make it easier for Les Canadiens to win yet another Cup. :hlogo:atvo
  5. That part I knew although he didn't actually wear the "C" at that game. The biggest reason this came up is because my buddy ordered a vintage 1947 (the heritage hockey shirt) jersey with Lafleur and the "C" on it and as far as I could remember he never wore it, although if you ask me he should have had at least worn an "A" during his career considering how good he was. Now I've been mocking him ever since but maybe my fellow habs fans can tell me if my mockery is misplaced or if it is acceptable to have the "C" on a Lafleur jersey. Looking forward to your comments :hlogo:atvo
  6. Hi there, I'm new to this board and I was wondering if anyone out there could settle a bit of an argument for me. A friend of mine insists that Guy Lafleur wore the captain's "C" for 2 or 3 games in the 80's when Gainey was out either hurt or missing games. I don't remember and I figured some one out there would know if this was he case. Please help Thanks :hlogo:atvo
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