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  1. This team's effort is discusting. No drive to win. they have all the skill in the world but they decide to float around and only throw their weight around every 5 games. Good news is that T.o is down 2-0. Montreal better wake up now
  2. In my opinion, I did not expect/want Bob to make a trade for an old rental player for a playoff run. Instead, I had hoped that he would acquire someone who is in their 20's, and who can put the puck in the net alot and who is a center. NOT for a rental, to become apart of the team for years to come. Thats what I wanted, and its not what we got. I hope Bob can snag someone in Free agency or make a trade at the Draft to make up for this lack of action
  3. I absolutely do NOT agree with what Bob has done. Leafs go out and get the best face off man in the league and is capable of potting close to 30 goals, Isles go out and grab RYAN SMYTH for a hefty price...but not nearly as hefty as I thought it should be. The teams we are battling for just made themselves stronger, while we do nothing. The only good thing I can pull out of this is that this will make the team more confident, Kovalev said earlier during the teams worst struggles that a reason why they are playing so poorly is that their minds are on whether they will be traded or not and they are playing "scared"...So I think the team will play with confidence now that they are pretty much the same team as they were before minus Rivet and they can now FOCUS on the playoffs. That being said, I still think Gainey was wrong today in not making a move.
  4. According to TSN (tv) Gorges missed his connector to Montreal so they told him to stay in NJ because they are playing the Rangers tommorow night. I know exactly how you feel beliveau, living in Toronto and being surrounded by leafs fans makes this game that more important lol...so i hope i am jumping for joy just like you and every other habs fan!
  5. http://www.habsinsideout.com/ Edit: recalled this morning (tuesday)
  6. According to TSN, Gainey said in his press conference that he will expect Gorges to step right in and play for the Habs...We'll have to wait and see...
  7. Don't think so. I was talking to a SJ fan and he basically said that Gorges isn't expected to be better then a number 5 d-man in his career, he has really no offensive abilities, gets knocked around alot and can sometimes have brain farts in his own zone. That being said, he is 2nd on the Sharks in blocking shots, he is a decent PKer and he gives effort every night and has a good first pass and is a very smart player who is sound positionally. He is only 22 so there is plenty of time for improvement as well.
  8. Or, with an extra first round pick and cap space because of Rivet's rather large contract now off our hands, could this be a precursor to another trade?
  9. Well, Gorges is not a good dman but a 1st round pick!! SWEET
  10. Found this while clickin around on the TSN website. It's from Dreger's column, and he briefly touches base on Gainey. Short, but interesting read. For the second straight day, there was discussion regarding an amendment to the number of instigator penalties that a player can take before, utlimately, a suspension is applied. But, away from the boardroom, every single NHL general manager is looking for an angle, a way to improve his team, immediately. That continues in terms of face-to-face and one-on-one discussions here in Naples, Florida. For some of the Canadian teams, there is a sense of urgency to make a move this week and that's intensified. Like all of the general managers gathered in Florida, Canadiens GM Bob Gainey is working on improving the Montreal Canadiens' playoff chances. With word that Cristobal Huet's regular season is likely over, Gainey admits that his wish list now includes a goaltender. "We have our antenna up, but we brought up a young player by the name of Halak, who is our top prospect in the American Hockey League, so we aren't without some options," said Gainey. *end of article* I thought this was rather interesting, because if Dreger is correct, the Habs are not in selling mode which is contrary to many beliefs.
  11. This guy is somethin else 2 Question: I looked him up and noticed he was drafted by Montreal in the 7th round???? First off, why is he already drafted by us and Gagner is being drafted this year? Secondly, how did we get such a talent in the 7th round!?
  12. Yet another intriguing post by Wamsley. they are sure a pleasure to read. montreal can't give up, we have to play amazing down this last stretch or we are toast.
  13. I'd stick to my personal opinion and say that montreal is above average, but they are just playing with no effort these days. gainey seriously needs to stop being so patient and pull the damn trigger.
  14. By the way, the Islanders average attendance is 11,000....so if there is 15,000 + at this game today, they are all habs fans probably
  15. Enjoy your winning streak while it lasts The isles are surely not a team that is going anywhere
  16. You get offended because people comment on the lack of attendance at the games? its not like they were dissing your team or a player on your team... Speaking of playoffs...the islanders wouldn't know much about them anyways so its rather funny that an isles fan would comment about the playoffs...
  17. Higgggggginsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!1 Higgins - "F*** YES!!" hahaa I love him
  18. Souray is under rated defensively. Okay, hes not great, but just because you are horrible on 1 on 1's doesn't mean you are horrible in your own end. I've seen him easily take the puck of players in the corners and make some great plays.
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    That's awesome. Well their cd is great, can't wait for another one to come out.
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    I am listening to their new album "Tommorow Starts Today", and i think its great! anyone else heard/like this band?
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