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  1. He just motivated theo... great :|

    I don't buy that, Theo was plenty motivated anyway. He would love nothing more than to knock the Habs out. If anything Pleks may have planted a little seed of doubt into Theo's mind. Especially if he gives up a weak goal or two in game one.

    Everyone already knew the only edge the Habs had in this series was in goal. Pleks was just the first one who had the guts to say it.

  2. Price was solid. Our slow right side on defense is so easy to exploit. Has anyone noticed that (sorry Kozed, I know you hate him, but you are wrong) the only time we can control the puck on the right side is when Gorges is out there. I can't wait to see this team with some faster defensemen.

    PK can't be ready soon enough.

  3. I completely agree with the suspension Lapierre got, but to stat calling him a coward is pushing it a little too far. A few people keep saying he never drops the gloves, which simply isn't true. Just in the past 2 seasons i've counted at least 7 fights for Lapierre. To say that he never drops them is false.

    I agree that lapierre doesn't win many of his fights, but at least he drops them a few times a year!

    LOL Yeah with noted fighters like Brian Lee, and Pertr Prucha. But seriously its got nothing to do with who he fights, it's all about when he fights. If you are going to play on the edge like Laps does he's gotta be prepared to back it up when he gets challenged. Look at superpests like Carcillo, Steve Ott, and Shawn Avery. You don't see them decline too many invitations. Everyone hates them but at least they have the guts to back up their play.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Laps. But he is going to get hurt one of these days if he keeps playing the way he does.

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