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  1. Nope, We won 11 straight after the first 2 games against Quebec. We didn't lose again till game 4 vs the Islanders.
  2. When they asked Theo about Plekys comments he replied "Who said that? Tomas Jagr"?
  3. I don't buy that, Theo was plenty motivated anyway. He would love nothing more than to knock the Habs out. If anything Pleks may have planted a little seed of doubt into Theo's mind. Especially if he gives up a weak goal or two in game one. Everyone already knew the only edge the Habs had in this series was in goal. Pleks was just the first one who had the guts to say it.
  4. Gionta's gotta bury that. That was nice of the crowd to boo Price when he was announced as the Third Star.
  5. This game is so frustrating, 25-10 shot advantage and its only 1-1. This is a must win game if ever there was one with 2 tough games this weekend. They've gotta keep it going in the third. Traffic in front, make Wards job a little tougher.
  6. What a pass by Andrei Guess they are reviewing just to be sure but it's definitely good
  7. Deflection, but Halak was not ready for that shot. I don't know what kind of save he was trying to make there.
  8. Atta Boy Jaro, the next goal is HUGE.
  9. AK what a blast. So did Martin intentionally put Gomez with AK and Cammy or was plex just tired or something?
  10. Down a goal to Marty and the Devils after one. Somehow I don't like our chances tonight. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. LOL Yeah with noted fighters like Brian Lee, and Pertr Prucha. But seriously its got nothing to do with who he fights, it's all about when he fights. If you are going to play on the edge like Laps does he's gotta be prepared to back it up when he gets challenged. Look at superpests like Carcillo, Steve Ott, and Shawn Avery. You don't see them decline too many invitations. Everyone hates them but at least they have the guts to back up their play. Don't get me wrong, I like Laps. But he is going to get hurt one of these days if he keeps playing the way he does.
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