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  1. Hi guys, I have season tickets along with a friend and we won't be going to the preseason. We won't be losing the money those tickets cost either (they are always full price). So instead of offering you the usual "will you take my preseason tickets at face value", we have a real deal offer for you. Buy a preseason game and you get to buy a Regular season game taken from the list below. Seats are 316AA (1st row, white, face value 180 a pair). NOTE : We are not selling regular game separately. You must buy a preseason game. preseason = you buy one of those for 180$ DIM. 15 SEPT. 2013 SABRES SAM. 21 SEPT. 2013 HURRICANES LUN. 23 SEPT. 2013 DEVILS JEU. 26 SEPT. 2013 SÉNATEURS regular season = you get to chose 1 game among those (availability may vary, those are available at the time of posting, but it may be otherwise when you post) JEU. 17 OCT. 2013 BLUE JACKETS SAM. 19 OCT. 2013 PREDATORS MAR. 22 OCT. 2013 OILERS JEU. 24 OCT. 2013 DUCKS SAM. 26 OCT. 2013 SHARKS MAR. 29 OCT. 2013 STARS MAR. 5 NOV. 2013 BLUES DIM. 10 NOV. 2013 ISLANDERS MAR. 19 NOV. 2013 WILD LUN. 2 DÉC. 2013 DEVILS MAR. 10 DÉC. 2013 KINGS DIM. 15 DÉC. 2013 PANTHERS MAR. 17 DÉC. 2013 COYOTES SAM. 4 JANV. 2014 SÉNATEURS LUN. 6 JANV. 2014 PANTHERS MAR. 14 JANV. 2014 DEVILS MAR. 28 JANV. 2014 HURRICANES MAR. 18 MARS 2014 AVALANCHE JEU. 20 MARS 2014 BLUE JACKETS MAR. 25 MARS 2014 SABRES JEU. 10 AVR. 2014 ISLANDERS SAM. 12 AVR. 2014 RANGERS
  2. HEY GUYS, At the start of a new season (something like our 14th season of EHM), the following teams are looking for a GM: Chicago Colorado Edmonton Los Angeles Montreal New Jersey Nashville Philadelphia San Jose St. Louis Vancouver 0
  3. it's written in the sky. I'd rather go with Carbo. That list stinks. How has Marc Crawford coached 1152 games!! wow
  4. G is just old enough for people starting to question his contract and his heart. just like Jailhouse Joe back then. The lucky team which will win the bid will probably end up paying a bunch of crap. Sturm + Stuart + a pick
  5. Pierre MacGuire is a super good hockey analyst. that is it folks.
  6. no, it's a poor Koivu, he never had the chance that DD has now. I was watching the game yesterday and I said to myself wow, DD is good, maybe the best offensive center we've had since Koivu... Then I thought wow put Koivu with Cole and Pacio!! what would that be?!!
  7. Somewhere, Saku Koivu is crying. For years, we've ignored the size factor while drafting, signing and trading. For years, we've had regular sized and small sized players. Some exceptions (komisarek, quintal, ivanans) but, never more than 1-2 at a time. Until now, it seemed that they denied totally that factor ... Erik Cole, Max Paccioretty, Rene frikkin Bourque (and, to a certain extent, Travis Moen & Blunden, when you think that we had Steve Begin in that role before) I mean we drafted signed and traded for those guys. What was so tough? I'm saying Saku b/c it's a fact, his play has been hindered by the fact that his wingers were Bulis, Zednik, Czerkawski, Berezin, Savage (ok, Recchi too), etc. The last big winger this team had was Shane Corson. We did get a declining (well, at that state, it's not an active tense, but a past tense : a declined!) Randy McKay... But what else? What was so tough to understand? We had 30M$ to spend on the Market 2 years ago and we went ALL IN on... smurfs? yes, they played well, while it lasted... but fact is, right now, Among our best players night in night out, there is MaxPax, Cole, Bourque etc. and their size IS A FACTOR. There is not much difference between the way Cole and Gionta play. But between the two of them there is 35 lbs and 7 inches. So congrats for getting them, but GEEEEZ, let that be a lesson and always try to balance the size factor on the lineup.
  8. Closing in on the trade deadline, we still need GMs for the following teams: Chicago Colorado Edmonton Florida Los Angeles Montreal Philadelphia San Jose Washington
  9. Subban, Price and... Cammalleri are 3 of the "out of town" guys who've appeared to be most attached to Montreal in the past few years.
  10. my only untouchable is Carey. Offer the rest away. Team for Perry sounds good.
  11. oh man, I thought it was a thread about Jersey Shore... "The Situation"...
  12. wow, that'd be amazing. komi isn't bad, he's just playing bad. big difference. Komi is just like Quintal at the beginning of his career. he got ahead of himself thinking he could be a superstar. he's starting to realise he has to keep it simple. when that will be done, he'll be back on track fo' sur'.
  13. -Mentionned "change of philosophy". -Mentionned PG fired and not Martin fired. -Prior to the firing (and prior to game vs Florida) Cole was not used on PP to everyone's surprise and discontent. -PP didn't produce and was main factor in Habs loss (face it, if it's main factor in our wins in the last 4 seasons, it's also main factor in our losses if it doesn't work) -Pearn was responsible of the PP What it tells : PG and maybe other asst-coach(es) were in disagreement with Pearn over his PP strategy. PP was not working and PG must have said something, maybe put forth an "opinion". Pearn must not have followed that "opinion". Former "philosophy" was that GM wouldn't interfere with coaching (bold guess). Gainey always said that. New philosophy is : I tell you put Cole on PP, you're gonna put Cole on PP or you GTFO (bold guess). aka GM knows best.
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