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  1. Hey guys when do tickets for the regular season go on sale and where can I purchase some thanks
  2. Wow i think you are way off here bud. He is not worth that much, Id say higgins and maybe a first .
  3. Halak looks solid tonight, if he continues to play well he should be our goalie till he loses. Seems to me he has been playing well this year, better then price
  4. Koivu has played 18 minutes and has no shots on net
  5. Wow maybe we should trade for Gerber Halak is sick , he was suppose to start
  6. Price needs to be benched, I know halak is sick but he just sucks. Carb needs to be fired and we need a goal scorer, Kovy just aint doing it and cannot be depended on
  7. I dont have any idea why they would not start Halak tonight. The kid has done nothing wrong and deserves a chance. Dont get me wrong I do love Price but he played like shit against the sharks and needs to sit the bench. Competition always brings out the best in players. Price needs to know that if he doesnt play well Guy will put in Halak .
  8. Way to go Huet, them captials are going to be awesome now go caps go !!
  9. Horribly deal, we gave basically gave him away for no reason. There is no way Price is ready to lead our team anywhere, Huet was great and will surely be missed. The last few games price played have been brutal, my guess is that halak will be the starter by the end of the year.
  10. Well to me he doesnt seem as great as everyone has hyped him up to be. HE seems slow and not to exicted about anything just like his mask.
  11. Im sure you all of seen his new mask. I think it is horrible and he should be traded for such a horrible design. EVen Gerber has a better one geez. Whats so kewl about having a country singer on the side of it ??? Thats real kewl haha go :hlogo: go
  12. this is the best game that i have ever seen go habs go im so proud right now
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