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  1. This is such bullshit. Tim Thomas has not had to make one big save the entire series. All of our shots are from the outside. He has been brutal on every goal except higgins goal in game one. Take the goddamn puck to the net. Tim Thomas blows.
  2. You see that play 20 times a game, they always take the body before playing the puck in the corner when theres a battle for it. Its only because stewart went down it was called.
  3. Brutal Powerplay. That alone could suck the life out of this team.
  4. And 3 habs standing in front of the net with their thumbs up their asses, leaving Thornton all alone. But yerah it would have been nice to see pirice kick that one out.
  5. Wow, how was the hook not called there in the icing play?
  6. Komisarek brutal on that play. Perfect deflection, not much Price could do on that one, yet he still gets the Bronx cheer from the fans the next time he touches the puck. Hopefully it doesn't deflate the Habs too much. If they keep the first period pace up for the rest of the game, we will win, no contest.
  7. Hmm, 17-6 shots for the pens. Nice to see they decided to show up tonight. Lucky to be tied after one. I expect the Habs to come out strong in the second.
  8. The big question is... if we do play the Bruins in the first round, do you dress Laraque if you're Gainey?
  9. Really though, Lats man...he does that all the time. Takes a pass just outside the blueline. then blindly backhands the puck down the ice. The icing was what lead to that play.
  10. Can't be too disappointed. The guys really showed heart tonight, Battled though a rough game and got the point they needed.
  11. I'm a Price fan, he's playing well, other than the second goal.
  12. Why can't they take the extra stride and dump it in without icing it?
  13. Higgins. So much speed and heart, but no clue how to put the puck in the net 4 minutes.
  14. That seems to be a problem with most of our point shots this year, except for Schneider.
  15. 7 more minute ....please They should double shift Kovy for the rest of the game. He's the only guy who can maintain puck possession
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