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  1. Hasek was an NHL goalie for his whole career. 6 Verina trophy's and a Stanly cup.
  2. We need more shots on Timmy. Expose him for the beer league goaltender he is.
  3. Don't want to beat a dead horse, but that was a terrible penalty for dandy to take. There was no reason for it. And so early in the period. I could have taken it if it was last minute or so.
  4. 14 more minutes. Please, they gotta have at least that in them.
  5. Kinda overplayed the first shot, but a nice recovery on the wraparound.
  6. Yeah but if he gets his ass kicked, it's gonna be embarrassing. Although it would be a great tradeoff
  7. What about Matt Schneider. Talk about heart. He probably shouldn't even be playing. 2-2
  8. Please for the love of god, keep playing hard. Do not try to sit on this lead. One more period for the playoffs.
  9. Props to Komisarek for not backing down. He's been in on everything tonight.
  10. Dago!!!!!! Who wanted Laraque in the lineup again? :ninja:
  11. Cant happen, I think if we win, we can finish no lower than 7th
  12. This is where price really needs to step up and shut the door
  13. Wow the B's announcers are actually saying it was a good hard hit and Lucic over reacted
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