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  1. Wow, do you have the lottery numbers for this Saturday too?
  2. Maybe the Pens will have their position secured and give Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Staal, and Gonchar the night off on Saturday.
  3. Nah, i'm confident either the Rangers or the panthers will slip up.
  4. Metro's line has been our most dangerous line tonight.
  5. 1-1 panthers flyers. Plex and Kosty really need to step it up. Both looked like they were turning it around a few weeks ago, now back to being invisible.
  6. Well this is shaping up to be a great second period...
  7. Pretty good road period overall. Would have been nice to have the lead but i'll take 1-1. I think they need to put Avery out of their minds. Maybe if you ignore him he will go away...
  8. I didn't notice it during the game. I, like Wamsley thought we got away with one. But after watching the video again just now, Gerber definitely initiated the contact with Plex. You had to have seen it. Just watch the video.
  9. Oh why can't there be one more game left against the leafs. Grabovsky is a punk.
  10. I heard he was a healthy scratch...but I'm willing to bet he's in tomorrow.
  11. It was the Laps fight that turned the game around. Got the Senators pumped up...Damn you Max....
  12. As soon as I heard Doug Maclean on sportsnet say we were going to have a big third I got nervous.
  13. no call on the cross check in front on Georges. and next thing you know it's 2-2
  14. hmm...they seem to be sitting back a little this period.
  15. Nah he didn't drop em. Threw a couple of slow looping punches with his glove on.
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