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  1. puck, I catch a game here once in a while. The skills are poor, but with the big ice there is more speed, the trap doesn't work so well. Which ice size do you prefer?
  2. Oops, I'll brainstorm then edit, gimmie a minute or two!
  3. Smaller guys do like the big ice. (Maybe the CHL, er, the "KHL" (see my other post today) could have somewhat bigger ice, between the NHL and the international size.) [Edited on 31-1-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  4. KHL!!! (in esperanto, Canada is spelt "Kanada") I guess this has been discussed elsewhere, but why are we so set on forcing hockey on the 'Mercans, in places where it never snows, so they can soundtrack it with thundering rock music, paste ads all over the boards and ritualize (in about the cheesiest way imaginable) the 'fights' with a follow spot? Anyone remember old-style hockey? -- we could have it again if we just kept it north of the border. There are six, hell, let's get Winnipeg and Quebec back on board, EIGHT Canadian cities that could support very decent teams with solid fan bases and pay players as much or more than most Euro leagues. So why doesn't someone step up and create the Kanadian Hockey League! I nominate Don Cherry to take up the task, he is one of the top ten greatest Canadians of all time, right? KHL!!! Montreal could play Toronto like every Saturday night! Soon Boston, Detroit, NYC, Philly and Chicago and a coupla others could set up their own UHL, and the champs of the two leagues could playoff, or why not also have regional eliminations with the European and Scandinavian leagues and invite those two champs over for a four-way playoff? The lockout sucks but if something like this came out of it i would be happy, because I never much liked the idea of hockey in Florida (except for vacationing Quebecers). KHL!!! [Edited on 31-1-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  5. Go Guys Go! so, ummm, how is/was the game? It's hard enough following Habs from out here, but Finnish teams, well... Go Guys Go! (checked the links and won't offer any major spoiler info of a game of this stature, but Koivu and Ribs both got points. And sheesh, think they could possibly fit any more corporate advertising patches on those Euro jerseys?) [Edited on 31-1-05 by JeanLucPilon]
  6. Alright enough is enough, I'm going virtual. What is the best downloadable hockey sim out there? I'd prefer s manager type game to one where I'm trying to smack a puck round. I have done Eastside, anything else?
  7. Welcome Swiss-Habs, i am also a long way from Mtl but still love to follow the Habs. This is a great site, too bad about the season...
  8. puck what has the reaction been to Beliveau's comments? It says on the Gazette that he has been attacked by some players but I don't have a subscription so I only get the headline and lead...
  9. My understanding was that a salary cap or luxury tax would be phased in over several years, so, for example, Brisebois and Rivet's contracts would expire before the cap affected the Habs. November -- it is even starting to get cold in Tokyo, sure hope they start playing again soon!
  10. Yup, never thought of that, it might be a good idea to go to 18 players. Overall better talent on the ice at all times Fewer goons, fewer journeymen out there Lower payrolls But as Simonus wrote I don't think the NHLPA would accept it. Everybody is out for their own interests. Game might also improve if the ice surface was a bit bigger, but that costs owners hundreds of their highest-priced seats.
  11. The Finn anthem singer was moldy, the champion's trophy was gay. Players locked out the next morning - but Canada won, so it's ok!
  12. Just saw the goal today (no live broadcasts here) and it was a nice one for sure! Confidence and poise, would be sweet to see Kovalev in a Habs uniform this year, hope it happens.
  13. Maybe you were thinking of Kariya? In any case, with that first line the second and third lines also fall nicely into place, don't they? Well, we can dream... :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  14. "One thing I know is that someday I'm still going to play for somebody," he said. Here's that existentialist winger we needed!
  15. truthmonger- Good point, Bonk will have just about as much ice time as Koivu or Ribeiro, and he will often play against the opposing team's top line, a very important role, a great addition! We sign a first-line winger (Kovalev?) and i am delighted.
  16. Please forgive with my relative ignorance, guys, but what possible scenarios do you foresee when the CBA expires? Anyone have inside information? Anyone have a gut feeling? A possible solution? Following the Habs keeps me grounded here, I've come to depend on those games! :ghg::ghg::ghg: (...and, is Dino Sisto gone or what?)
  17. yesterday: Beliveau today: Koivu tomorrow: Kovalev?
  18. I like it, Dackell Juneau Perreault and Dowd are gone, we need some depth. Also, don't forget we got through last year without so many injuries (nothing like the year before), that may not be the case next season (knocks on wood).
  19. 1 Toronto 2 Boston 3 Toronto
  20. Don't like the sound of that! Anyone see that interview?
  21. I don't think there is a single player I would want less in a habs uniform than Lindros. Really.
  22. On the depth chart, with all the players we've let go, I was interested in Uwey's suggestion that maybe Gainey wants to break with tradition and try having some young players (Plekanec, Kostitsyn, or Perezhogin) jump right into the lineup?
  23. Thanks puck! I have an idea: Henceforth, I would suggest that we add a gauntlet icon to the right-side collection of smileys. When a general discussion turns personal between two posters, and then things get downright mean -- one poster can simply toss in the gauntlet icon, signifying that he has "dropped his gloves." The icon can have a hyperlink to a new "scrap" forum (the 'lounge' just doesn't seem appropriate) where the pugnacious duo can go and blow off steam in an all-out flame war. Other posters can choose to click through and follow the fight. I think that while those watching should not gang up on one or the other combatant (the third-man-in rule), they could hoot and holler and even hold a good-natured discussion afterward on who 'won'. Anyone else agree that this would be consistent with the spirit of hockey?
  24. thanks for the report puck, new hockey news is great, its 35 degrees here and humid as hell!
  25. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but of our regular or sometimes starters, basically we lost Perreault, Juneau, Dackell, Sundstrom, Langdon, Kovalev (maybe) and Quintel. We got Bonk. Also Guren is out and Huet is in. So with about one-third of the lineup leaving, I expect we will be bringing up some players, signing some UFAs or making a trade or two. [Edited on 5-7-04 by JeanLucPilon]
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