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  1. Yeah, you guys are all turning Japanese! Wow the hockey blows here, I tried to watch Kokudo and a Korean team in the Asia league playoffs the other day, I had to turn it off after 10 mins, no emotion, no hitting, lousy passes, ugh! If you like the avatar you can have a larger look here: http://www.assemblylanguage.com/images/Habs1.JPG :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  2. Jeez, Alex, you get paid 6 million a year, buy some teeth!
  3. Hold on a second -- i just read more about this trade. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ott traded Bonk to LA for a third round pick. We then dealt our (lower) third round pick for Bonk, that I can handle, but we also threw in a promising goalie for a dissapointing one? Why'd we do that?
  4. I trust Gainey -- lots of changes but when you look at the individual ingredients one at time it's hard to know what he is cooking up, no? I am confident we will have a better team next season, I am only worrried when 'next season' will be!
  5. Has anyone heard any rumors/reports on this? I'm curious how much we save with departures and how much we are ready to spend, of course this summer most everything is up in the air...
  6. Next season we need a team that: is as dedicated as puck7x; mixes it up like Habs77, and works as hard as habitual_hab's thesaurus. ;) then we win the cup.
  7. Great to see hockey on (satellite) tv in Japan, guys please go here and click on the "NHL" link (to indicate/register interest): http://www.sports-i.co.jp then maybe I'll see some regular season games next year. Cal/Tampa, I wanted the Flames but anyway a great series and good for hockey, Habs will be there next year I hope!
  8. Yup, he did and you have two more reasons to hate him now. 20 more minutes, Go Flames!
  9. Finally it's on satellite TV here in Jpn, I guess Conroy wakes up and gets the GWG and the Cup goes back to Canada! :can::can::can:
  10. JLP

    HW Playoff Pool

    One game left and it's Chunko or dlblair to win, slight chance I could slip by for the bronze but Zednified has soldiered on well with his short bench. Fun pool, thanks guys!
  11. I would build a time machine and travel back to the day the Rivet contract was signed and burst into the room shouting "STOP, This Makes No Sense!!!" But realistically, maybe the summer would be better spent signing Kovalev and renegotiating Theo and Brisebois -- and I bet Gainey is good at the draft! We will have a very good 04/05 if there is an 04/05. :que::can::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::can::que:
  12. I watched this game in Las Vegas as well, at the "ESPN Zone" at NY NY, crowd was more behind the Habs than last game, still we lost, but at least I got to see the Habs play a coupla games, first time this season! My impression is that Kovalev and Koivu are the only players with finesse, well thay have more than the rest, and too often the others are standing round in the wrong spot, watching. Gotta keep moving, use the fact that ice is slippery and you have blades on your feet. Hope K+K rub off the idea of more creative offence. Summer project for Jose: Learn how to play the puck, don't hold on for a face off if you have a friendly player there ready to carry the puck (see last minute of game 3) Don't like losing, but this time I'm not going out and getting pissed, I'm still recovering from game 3 hangover. Conclusion: We are a much better team now than we were at the start of the season, let some guys go and keep Kovalev and we start next season as a contender.
  13. Watched the game in the ESPN Zone on the strip in Vegas, got drunk out of my fuggin mind after the loss, woke up almost broke with a fat girl in my room, have to go to work now, i still believe... :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  14. Well, so much for tonight's game plan. Put the puck in the net fast we are back in it, but whatever we need to try something else in game 2, something other than giving the puck away over and over again.
  15. Damn Souray penalty! Sounds like the Bolts are skating circles round us, we need the kill, the next goal and a strong finish, we can do it, c'mon Habs!!! :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  16. On Sporting News, dlbair's demons are in first going into the second round, with Zednified pushing. Puck's Prowlers are prowling round the cellar.
  17. I will see the ing games!!!!!!!! (well, not game one and two, those I will have to listen to on internet radio and follow on this board) But for game three and four I will be over in Las Vegas and so I can watch at the Bally Sports Book room or somewhere (anyone can suggest the best location in Vegas for this, please let me know), and for game 5 (assuming we have not won it already - knock wood etc.) I'll will be up in Montreal and can watch with my bro and friends!!! For game 6 (assuming we have not won it already - knock wood etc.) I can be at the Bell Centre!!! :ghg::ghg::ghg: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  18. It would be sweet to get off to a good start here, I don't think my nerves can handle another series like the last one! :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  19. Oh dear God. I just telephoned my brother in Montreal, we talked a lot about the Habs win etc., he said th edowntown is crazy, and I said something like "Yeah, beating Boston is great, I seem to recall that Dad really hated the Bruins ha ha ha!" Then, my brother told me that when I was really young, to piss off my Dad, I had actually been a Bruins fan!!!! "You really liked Bobby Orr" he said. :o:o Initially I was shocked, but then it started to come back to me slowly - I believe I might have even had a Bruins' beanie. This is a memory I must have blocked out, like, when kids experience something traumatic such as a sexual assault or a horrific accident (I know, being a Bruins fan is worse than either of those examples). I hope I won't be kicked out of the HabsWorld community for making this confession, I am better now, honest, I really am. :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  20. I thought I saw a link to the Habs goal song somewhere here, can't find it now -- anyone? (Want to play it when I call my Bro in Mtl!) :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  21. Next best thing to being in downtown Montreal for us far-flung fans: A live webcam!!! http://www.montrealcam.com/en-sommaire.html :ghg::ghg::ghg:
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