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  1. I love how many experts left Bonk out of our offseason acquisitions. When the top two guys aren't producing, this guy can! The depth is there this year. Then again it's preseason, but the signs are good and we're headed upwards. For crying out loud, Vandermeer just about scored!
  2. Radek Bonk! Four points on the night. God how I missed this stuff!
  3. Not a big deal apparently, just day to day... but I guess he won't be playing for a week or so which kinda sucks. Hopefully it really is just day to day, losing Ryder would not be cool. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=136619
  4. I'd love to have Jeff Friesen. Fast and gritty, but not at 2.2 million that he makes. Maybe he'd be a good deadline pickup when he wouldn't cost so much (think his contract's up at the end of the year).
  5. Nah, Eklund reports what people tell him. A lot of those people I think are in the know so to speak. But it's just talk. And personally, I like it. When I see something like Roberto Luongo to Montreal, I get a little excited. Every done when it comes to trade talk. For every deal that's made, there's hundreds of discussions that take place. Eklund knows some people close to those dicussions and they tell him what they know. How hard is it to believe that someone could have a few ties to the NHL. Most people do, christ, Rick Nash lived with my buddies parents, and there NHL players that either live or have family in my neighbourhood. If you live in Canada, you probably know someone in Pro hockey or someone who's close to them. Real estate agents, car dealers, promotional people, salesman.. all come into contact with these guys.. I'm sure you know a realestate agent or two. Christ, a friend of the family just sold Thornton a big ranch. A guy like Eklund gets things right from the horse's mouth.. it just can't all come true. So yeah, a lot of it's bullshit, but Eklund isn't. I like what he's doing.. he just gives us more to talk about.. and that's what it's all about round here, talking about hockey, hockey, hockey.
  6. The money is 1.5 this year, 2 mil the next. So he counts against the cap for 1.75 (3.5/2 yrs). What a deal.
  7. http://www.forecaster.ca/cbc/hockey/player.cgi?4907 Notice the C on his jersey. I think he's definitely a contender. Could be a big surprise and a real solid player, but if not he makes for nice depth and puts the pressure on a guy like Hainsey to perform. Put up great numbers in the Swiss league, but then again... it is the Swiss league. Who knows though, he could post 30 points and score 10 goals. He's not tall, but he's fairly well built (198 lbs). He's also a lefty. Could he be a upgrade on Bouillon? I hear Streit is an offensive minded guy who skates well. Sounds kinda like the Cube, except bigger and maybe not as willing to throw that weight around. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him play. [Edited on 2005/8/25 by jl.roberts] [Edited on 2005/8/25 by jl.roberts] [Edited on 2005/8/25 by jl.roberts]
  8. Can't wait til October 7th.. Habs vs. Leafs and guess who will be there with a big ERIC MEET KOMO sign.
  9. Leafs second line : Wade Belak - Chad Kilger - Tie Domi. Oh dear.
  10. Good point. Gainey said he wants an exciting team and he needed to implement the type of players who can play that type of game. So, Ward is gone.. makes sense. Looking back a couple of days later this move doesn't bother me one bit. Best of luck to Wardo, but a quicker, smoother player can fill his spot.
  11. I think having a goon is useless, unless they are a guy such as Langdon who can also play the game and is a leader. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see Peter Worrell as a leader and a good hockey player. I'd rather have a fourth line made up of three gritty, hardworking guys than of plugs who can't even move around the ice. Rolling four lines is a nice thing to be able to do.
  12. If I'm Bob Clarke I don't trade a player like that to a team which I'll play four times during the regular season, and possibly meet in the playoffs for years to come. But god damn it would be nice!
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