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  1. Yes they are rumours from questionable rumour sites but I find these things fun to think about so anywho.. http://www.hockeytraderumors.com/ started this.. "It was just on CBC Radio One 640 AM here in Bonavista Newfoundland that apperently home town star Michael Ryder along with fellow Montreal Canadiens' prospect Ron Hainsey and a 2006 3rd round draft pick has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Tampa Bay Centerman Brad Richards. They noted that the trade will be formally announced on Monday August 29th when Bob Gainey will speak with the media." and now http://hockeyrumors.blogspot.com/ it talking about it as well.. "I have removed the Richards trade rumor from the blog after much speculation to its validity. I was very slow to post this at all yesterday even thought many, many folks emailed me with the rumor throughout the day..I did not believe the rumor at all at first. It wasn't until I got home from Atlantic City last night that I talked to two sources who verified there was something to it. They verified the fact that Tampa and Montreal had had discussions regarding Richards...However did not know the names. I am now going to spend a lot of time today seeing if the names are similar to the rumor that is out there." Personally I think that this would somewhat make sense to do (not saying that it's happening however). Ryder still is not signed and his market value it high. Hainsey so I read isn't panning out like the Habs thought.. and a 3rd round pick is what it is. The Lightning are not going to be able to keep Richards, Lecav, and St Louis. They might as well trade him sooner rather then later to start integrating the new guys. The only question I have is why would we get another center? I guess you worry about that later if you have a chance at Richards. Hard to say if I would pull the trigger on this.. hate to see Ryder come back and score 50 goals in a couple years but.. They are the same age.. and looking at the playoff numbers.. I say giver.. Richards GP G A Pts +/- 23 12 14 26 +5 Ryder GP G A Pts +/- 11 1 2 3 -5 Please don't complain that those sites are bs and it's pointless to talk about it... have some fun [Edited on 8-28-05 by Fanpuck33]
  2. Deadly to hear.. Now tie up Theo and Ryder so I can stop thinking about all the silly rumours and relax a bit
  3. Roy Denies Comeback how's that for a quick retraction... a source just contacted me who spoke to Patrick about these rumors and Patrick laughed and said "nothing to it"... Hehe...
  4. Hehe... ya I would assume so.. Thats really so way out of left field I don't even know how to react to it. Specially when we don't have a goalie signed....
  5. http://hockeyrumors.blogspot.com/ Ya I know this guy is a little out there... and it is a self proclaimed rumor site so I'm not here to take shots at the guy. More just to have some fun and discuss wether we would want this.
  6. Just FYI my RFA / Jay B talk with Florida was just illustrating that we didn't really need to 'trade' anyone (well picks) and that I'm just suprised that more teams don't try it. I didn't say that the Habs should do it As for me thinking something is up with not having these 3 (Theo, Ryder, Markov) signed.. I just look at what we have spent.. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature.asp?fid=6926 24 Million + max 4 Million for the 5 undisclosed. 28 Million. This gives us 10 million.. or probably 8 Million leaving us with a couple million for injuries or whatever. Say Theo 5.. Ryder at 1.4 Markov.. say 1.6 So there's the 8 Million. Now Theo isn't taking 5 Million... Thank the Bulin Wall for that.. Ryder is looking for a long term deal and he did get 25 goals last year.. Markov is younger, has speed... and most definitely is one of our better D men. Bottom line I don't know if we can sign these 3 guys. When you can't sign because of $$ constraints.. you trade. These are just thoughts.. I take no offense in people disagreeing with them.. what fun is there in people agreeing with you when talking hockey
  7. You would really think that something would be up with Bob seeing that Ryder, Theo and Markov are not yet signed. If there was .. discrepancies.. I'm sure they could just sign for one year like Koivu and such. Training camp is a week away here... I really think Bob is trying to do something and using these 3 in possible trade combinations. Of course what he could be looking for I don't know, cause if he just signed them (none of that should be hard while keeping us a couple million under the cap for injuries) I think we would have a solid team now and in the future.
  8. Why do we have to trade? It sort of amazes me that more teams don't try the RFA route... For example rumor is Jay Bouwmeester is looking for a 3 year 3 million a year deal (ish) and FLA wants him to prove himself first. What if we go after him and try and sign him for that? According to the link below we would give up a First-round and third-round choice should FLA not match the offer. http://www.nhl.com/players/freelist05.html Yes we are out a couple picks.. but with us being pretty deep with prospects already we could make the sacrifice. Plus, who can guarentee that the picks would be as good as Jay anyways.. Just some thoughs.. ~arc~ EDIT: Grammer [Edited on 2005/8/23 by Arcnail]
  9. Ottawa had to lose some salary, and when your in that position you always end up losing talent in the end. Wonder who this D is though... Still, if Heatly signs for a fair amount (this deal is useless if he wants 5 mill a year hehe) I think the Sens did good on this one. Getting Heatly away from Atlanta and the memorys of the accident, back to Canada may do him some good. I'm not sure if he's close to his home town or the Snyder's but I think its going to do this kid wonders none the less. PLUS if Ottawa can keep thier top 3 D, and Hasek can return to form, this team is killer..
  10. TSN also has a good section that keeps track of salaries.. East - http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature.asp?fid=6926 West - http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature.asp?fid=7006 Nice to see what the others are spending as well ~arc~
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