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  1. With Bonk now occupying line 3, Dowd is not needed. Let Higgins take line 4, he is a solid two way player and could get 20 points. Dowd won't bring that in the future, Higgins will. We need to see what Higgins can do this year. [Edited on 8-16-2004 by ricucity]
  2. Higgins would be great. He is supposed to have the qualities of a captain, so I think his outlook would be good to hear.
  3. Gainey needs to get aggressive. I think he is the one guy (or Selanne) who can really thrust us into real Cup consideration. We need a scorer like him, and there aren't many out there.
  4. We all know Higgins will be the captain if he can maintain consistency in the NHL.
  5. He has more speed than most grinders, and he is solid on his skates. I think he would be solid.
  6. Zednik will lose his case. With the market the way it is, no arbitrator will give him more money for 2 above average seasons.
  7. Halifax will win the championship...they picked the crappiest guys who will actually play in the crappy WHA for equal competition. Smart picking. Perezhogin...maybe he will play in the WHA. With a stall in the negotiations for the deal that brings European players to the NHL, and his suspension from the AHL, he may get the best competition he can in the WHA.
  8. He was on the third line too, so that off year we could probably cast off. He isn't as fast as he used to be, but he still has a hard and accurate shot. He isn't as good a sniper as Kovy, but he certainly gets the job done.
  9. I would like to see us add a 4 or 5 physical D-man to accompany either Markov or Souray (I get worried about him trying to do too much). Since Cairns, O'Donnel, etc. etc. have been signed, the market is dwindling. Maybe Dan McGillis or Chris Therien (SLOW, but they can hit) for a low price to come in and relieve some guys would be nice. We do need that goon though...we have Begin to be our agitator, but we need someone to dish out the punches along with the words. We also need major help at RW...KOVY! :ghg:
  10. I am getting tired of waiting on Ron Hainsey. He has some offensive skill and is agile, but his attitude and his lack of commitment are something this organization hasn't seen since Mike Ribiero. Seriously though, this guy needs a real attitude change. He doesn't belong here if he is going to pout about not being in the NHL and if he just doesn't become dedicated in the AHL. He sounds more like a Leaf than a habs. If Hainsey can't turn it around this year, I hope he is gone next year. Thoughts?
  11. He has size, but like Glenn Murray, he doesn't use it. LeClair is too fragile now and is reluctant to get near the net and use his body.
  12. He is a center, but I would love to see him play second line and experiment with Ribs at LW and Ryder at RW.
  13. Well let's just cut Ribs, Ryder & Ward for "taking too long to break out" then :eyes: Of course, because last year the teams used that well-known "let's not touch him" strategy on him... *sigh* Sorry man, is Ribs your cousin or something? Datsyuk went through the same thing the year after his breakout...he could usually get away with good stickwork, until he started getting hit. Then he had to bulk up. I am not spewing random crap here.
  14. If he gets a low base salary with performance incentives, I don't see why not. It eliminates the question marks because if he sucks, he is still cheap.
  15. He wanted to play with Lemieux to get that fire he had before in the Pitts.
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