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  1. Yea! Habs stuff all the way! But DJLazlo, Love the pic and the hat man!:hlogo: Peace
  2. I like it that they're signing some new players. It could be good for the team and let's just pray to God that it doesn't turn out bad!:/)
  3. The Leafs can't compete with Robert Esche. He's got them eating out of his hand and the Leafs are gonna get killed.
  4. Don't bad mouth Souray, he's by far our best defenseman and everyone's all like I love Souray and then when he makes a couple of mistakes in playoff hockey maybe because he's nervous or something and then everyone's like, I hate Souray, he's junk but he isn't because he's better than you so all you that bad mouth him can shut the ###### up!
  5. Tonight is it, it will be like round 1 and we're gonna kick some Julk Hogan loving ass!:ghg::hlogo::ghg: :-^:-^:-^:-^:-^To all you Tampa Fans
  6. I am disgusted with the amount of illeagal checking that is going on without the proper penalties. Last series with Travis Green on Andrei Markov and then Zednik got cross-checked in the back of the head and today Andre Roy elbowed him and he was hurt. These should've been 5 minutes and a game for intent to injure. I'm not saying that Montreal hasn't gotten away with some penalties but if they had gotten them they would have been minors for holding or something. The refs were talking about cracking down on penalties and they only cracked down on the weenie ones and all the majour ones have been missed. Betman has got to do something about this!
  7. Jeff man, I was drinking with my cousin Dave when I wrote that man so it doesn't matter weather you get it or not, the thing that matters is that i got free beer!!!!! I got free beer and you didn't! HAHAHA
  8. I think that next year they should trade Lalime and put Martin Prusek as the starter because he has an amazing career ahead of him and he's one of the best back-ups out there and he should start next year, no question about it.
  9. The coach shouldn't be fired because of crappy goaltending, if Muckler didn't like the goaltending it's his fault, he should've traded him because he's the only one that can do that so it's his fault!
  10. Don't worry, when we win game 2 and get back to Montreal it will all be over!!!!!! TextC'EST LE BUT!!!!!
  12. Way to go Souray! You open some whoop ass in game 3 against T-Bay and the series is ours!:hlogo: :-^:hlogo::-^:hlogo::-^:hlogo::-^ To all you Tampa fans!
  13. Dude, I'll buy them if they're thr right price so U2U me and tell me the price because I would love get a reason to travel to Montreal and miss some school and watch some quality hockey.:/)
  14. You are right with no playoff success no job but they had playoff success last year. They got to the conference finals and that's better than the Leafs and they didn't fire Quinn so I don't see why they fired Martin and plus, Muckler is an idiot and doesn't know jack about hockey!
  15. Hell yea! Keep posting those threads because we got downed by the Bolts last night but tomorrow will be a different story. Let's go Habs! :hlogo::hlogo: GO HABS GO
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