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  1. you'd love to see a greater punishment for an honest mistake ? so you'd love to have no competition b/c my 4th line which ended the game I won w/ 0 pts was mistakenly put on HG?


    tells a lot


    *playoffswarison* *bringonthestarsbashing*

    So you're telling everyone that you wouldn't get equally pissed if someone used illegal lines against your team that resulted in a loss in the playoffs ? Why call someone a pussy for making sure the rules are followed and was discussing his own opinion. If you don't think the penalty should be higher then say that. Don't go out and start name calling people like you're in grade school. And don't sit there and say that having 2 H&G lines doesn't effect the game just because you're 4th line didn't score any points ... you've played this game long enough and in different leagues to know what it does.

  2. Tampa Bay Lightning


    Rich Nash

    MA- Fleury

    Alex Ovechkin

    Denis Gervais

    Yuri Kruchinin

    Shawn Belle

    Drew Doughty

    Dmitri Kalinin

    Jeff Carter

    Petteri Nokelainen

    Joffrey Lupul

    Matt Curtis

    Mark Fistric

    David Runblad

    Colten Teubert

    Ben Eager

    Patrik Wagoner

    Alan Peplinski

    Stefan Kubalik


    Stephen Ducharme 72

    David Belfour 71

    Aaron Snow 68

    Marian Reichel 67

    Alois Schmelzer 64

  3. LA Kings


    G- Cory Schneider

    Jean Patterson

    Martin Erat

    Lauri Kopikoski

    Landon Sutter

    Mikael Niemi

    Ladislav Smid

    Carlo Colaiacovo

    JP Paquet

    Alex Petrochinin

    Jamie Downey

    Mark Stuart

    Sizzle Satellites

    Neil Sivess

    Fabian Brunnstrom


    Ivan Gubernatorov 70

    Jozef Lipinski 69

    Wendell Waymouth 67

    Matt DiPietro 67

    Wes Syde 66

  4. If the sim isn't done already ... just do YES for everyone on my team ... been way out of the loop lately. my apologies


    Matthew Curtis - YES

    Alex Ovechkin - YES

    Yuri Kruchinin - YES

    Dmitri Kalinin - YES

    Denis Gervais - YES

    Casey Borer - YES


    Jason Probert - YES if no PO

    Dean Goldenbert - YES

    Fror Rubylegs - YES

    Peter Holland - YES

    Aaron Snow - YES

    Egor Zharkov - NO

    Anthony Aiello - NO

    Andrew Andricopolous - NO

    Marian Reichel - YES

    Stefan Kubalik - YES

  5. My role is mostly to assist Haydis, with the fact I know him he can always contact me outside of the forums for help or opinion so that things can get done a little quicker, plus with his busy schedule it would leave me and Fanpuck to make some decisions if a quick one is needed

    Well.. House and Haydis know each other in real life... they could plan a cue and usurp Fanpuck's leadership and rule HWL, is it coincidence that Haydis and House met in the final!!! I think not D:!

    I'm watching to many conspiracy docs...

    Who do you think taught him how to build teams ? :ph34r:

  6. House to the finals? Man... and no Calgary to offer up a heartbreaking game 7 loss OHSNAPDRAGONDIDHEGOTHEREYESHEDID!!!!!

    /reviving old rivalry

    This is my 4th trip to the finals ! ... wish I knew then what I know now, might have been a different outcome ... so get CBS into the finals soon so i can get some revenge !

    Damn.... congrats House. Best of luck in the finals.

    Thanks man, I'm shocked that this series didn't go at least 6 .... Atlanta or Winnipeg, a trip to the cup still goes though Tampa :P

  7. I'm not sure I like this ... I've always thought that if the simmer catches illegal lines then they just shouldn't be used and just use lines from the last game ... reason being is now it's not much of a punishment if the other team doesn't know and can't counter act the punishment lines ... it's kinda like the simmers lines beat me rather than the offending GM. If a GM uses illegal lines and it's not caught by the simmer the punishment is announced and the other GM has a chance to counter those lines. Even now I don't know if those lines are going to be imposed for next game or not as further punishment and I work at times where I can't send in lines at the last minute after a decision has been made.

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