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  1. Hey Guys ... I'm not looking to do much this deadline except possibly finding a cheap 4th line center that can take faceoffs.


    I could possibly look into offers for ALEX OVECHKIN !

    Thats right he could be yours for a possible huge deal ... I'm not looking to move him but this off-season some guys need some raises and someone might need to go ... so I'd like to see what the possible market for him could be ... I would ideally like to get back really good almost NHL ready prospects and picks... I'm talking GOOD prospects please. Not someone who is a 83-67 type. PM me here if you're interested or want to propose something. Just so it's upfront but there is a high chance I don't move him because my team seems to be doing pretty well :thumbs_up:

  2. Beast !

    Final player amounts too because I was curious (and stalling on cleaning up my pigpen of a living space). Done from most to least.

    Tampa Bay: 11

    Dallas: 9

    Detroit: 9

    Washington: 9

    Anaheim: 8

    Minnesota: 8

    New York Isles: 8

    San Jose: 8

    Toronto: 8

    Winnipeg: 8

    Calgary: 7

    New York Rags: 7

    Pittsburgh: 7

    St.Louis: 7

    Vancouver: 7

    Colorado: 6

    Edmonton: 6

    Montreal: 6

    Chicago: 5

    Phoenix: 5

    Columbus: 4

    Florida: 4

    Philadelphia: 4

    Guys who are free agents and need a home: 3

    Boston: 3

    Buffalo: 3

    Carolina: 3

    Los Angeles: 3

    Nashville: 3

    New Jersey: 3

    Ottawa: 2

  3. Hey guys I'm moving this weekend and might not have internet set up for a little while on my EHM computer so I won't be able to send in lines for TB or LA ... also if someone could look after LA and do any contracts that still need to be done can someone do that ? TB is ok to be left alone for awhile



  4. Tampa Bay Lightning


    Rick Nash

    Marc-Andre Fleury

    Pavel Datsyuk

    Denis Gervais

    Yuri Kruchinin

    Dmitri Kalinin

    Jeff Carter

    Shawn Belle

    Matthew Lombardi

    Drew Doughty

    Haon Tuobdog

    Joffrey Lupul

    Matthew Curtis

    Danny Kristo

    Mark Fistric

    David Runblad

    Colten Teubert

    Patrik Wagoner

    Ben Eager

    1 Empty Goalie spot


    Marc-Edouard Vlasic - 70 ov

    David Belfour - 70 ov

    Patrick Davis - 70 ov

    Darryl Long - 69 ov

    Casey Borer - 69 ov

    Egor Zharkov - 67 ov

    Anthony Aiello - 65 ov

    Andrew Andricopoulos - 64 ov

    Alois Schmelzer - 63 ov

  5. Los Angeles Kings


    Leland Irving

    Gilbert Brule

    Mike Vaske

    Jean Patterson

    Mikael Niemi

    Ladislav Smid

    Martin Erat

    Carlo Colaiacovo

    Mark Bell

    Junior Lessard

    Jean-Philippe Paquet

    Ryan Malone

    Jamie Downey

    Mark Stuart

    Joe Nelson

    Karlis Darzins

    Neil Sivess

    Fabian Brunnstrum * 1st drop

    1 empty Goalie spot

    1 empty Roster Spot


    Matt Dipietro - 66ov

    Nick Weber - 65 ov

    Ted Wiemer - 64 ov

    Daniel Fortier - 63 ov

    Alex Plyuschev - 63 ov

  6. Okay thank you very much, I didn't know how to do it, I will make sure I don't give you guys any more work in the future! Thanks!

    Also, sorry to New Jersey, the lines I sent for that game were not the lines I intended to have playing... my bad there.

    It's all part of the learning process :)

    If you haven't already ... try simming ahead on your own. make all the teams computer controlled and start simming ahead, it's fun and it's a good way to learn how your team reacts to things, how players develop, how the game works, and you can try different things and line combos etc.

  7. you serious? the team was set up perfectly to contend, all it needed was someone with time.

    Colin you know what you should have done !

    Set up perfectly ? losing your starting goal tender ... bad contracts and no farm team is setting it up perfectly ? :wacko:

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