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  1. Are you or would you be surprised?

    My ideal scenario....which for the record as you know I still like Gauthier, but my idea scenario would be McGuire as GM and Randy Carlyle as coach. Guarantee you we'd see some changes.

    That's a pretty sweet combo, imo. McGuire speaks French so he'd be OK. I really wonder if this city is ready to accept a coach that doesn't speak French though. I hope so, but think not.

  2. First of all, this is just media rumour-mongering. It may be absolute fiction.

    Second, if there's some truth to this, I doubt that it had to do with Gainey knocking on Molson's door and telling him it's time to clean house. Much more probable is that Molson, having already decided that he wanted to explore other options for team management, approached the trusted Gainey for counsel. At that point, if you're Bob, you're probably not going to martyr yourself in defence of Gauthier/Martin; more likely, you agree to participate in the process, offering your reading of the pros and cons of various options (without necessarily conceding that throwing Gauthier under the bus is the best move).

    None of this means that Gauthier is Bob's puppet. The fact is, we have no idea how power is actually distributed at the upper levels of the organization. But my guess is that if Bob had wanted to remain as GM, he'd have done so, rather than go skulking behind the scenes and working to undermine his successor. This is Bob Gainey we're talking about, not Machiavelli.

    LMAO!!! This is pure genius!

    Thats what I am saying. Molson says he has no plans.....is he up front enough to come out and say he is looking for a change? Now Gagnon is going to look like a moron if this is infact true. The fact he gave a vote of confidence usually is a pre-cursor to firing. I really hope someone like McGuire becoems GM but he just sld his Montreal home and I doubt he'd be heading back.

    Don;t know if he is qualified by the way. Just love his passion and the style of play he endorses.

    I think McGuire should be, at a min, interviewed for the GM post if/when it becomes available. Him and Molson has history together too so I wouldn't be surprised if he is on Molson's short list...

  3. I see where you're coming from, but I don't know. Firing Bob Gainey? He's Mr. Montreal Canadiens. Dumping him would be like tearing out your soul. And he probably still brings more value to the organization than he detracts from it. If you really think he's a liability, just quietly marginalize him, don't throw him out on his ear.

    Ya for sure...there are many ways to "fire" someone. They can just shift his responsibilities so that he's no longer involved in hockey operations. That's what I'd do at least...

  4. Interesting. Not entirely convincing, but interesting. The part I found most intriguing was the attribution to some players that JM's system is 'too restrictive.' That'd be Cammy, Gomez, and possibly Gio.

    Hey, if we want to do a clean sweep and bring in hugely qualified people like Jim Nill, I'm not gonna cry in my beer about it; in some ways I prefer that to irrationally firing Martin and keeping Gauthier in charge. It's all definitely an overreaction in pure hockey terms. But it could make sense in terms of the new owner bringing in his own guys - hardly a rare scenario in pro sports. What I would not accept is firing Gauthier and Martin and bringing in other francophones, of no discernably superior qualifications. The good thing about these rumours is that highly-qualified ANGLOS are being cited as possible replacements. It'd be worth irrationally turfing the current management group if it establishes that the Habs are more interested in being the best organization possible than in being French.

    The thing I find interesting about the story is that it says Gainey has been talking to Molson about making the changes. Really? Gainey's the guy who put both Martin and Gauthier in place.

    I think if there is a clean sweep that he is a BIG part of the problem too, and must go.

    Either way, it makes for interesting gameday discussions!

  5. The fourth period says sources but Francois Gagnon spoke to Molson directly and he said he will not send Gomez to he AHL and will not fire Martin or Gauthier. I wonder who to believe in this case. Sources or Molson?

    Whether Molson is telling the truth or not will become evident pretty soon. That said, what did you expect him to say when a journalist asks him about Gomez, Gauthier et al.?

    Say that he wants to ditch Gomez, that he doesn't like the GM and that he thinks the coach is too old-school and rigid?

    Not likely. He said what he had to say...all that remains to be seen is if it was a smoke-screen or the truth.

  6. Please don't shoot me, the messenger. But, local radio host Marinaro just tweeted with a link to something called The Fourth Period. It says a major shakeup might be in the works. Which could include both Gauthier and obviously Martin, who very few want to keep. Again, I'm just offering up information.

    The Fourth Period is a hockey lifestyle magazine....whatever that means...but, they are also NOT a rumour site. The guys at this mag at pretty well plugged into the hockey scene so if something comes out of there it tends not to be garbage.

    That said, I'm surprised they have a supposed scoop on the Habs before any of the other local media who are MUCH more plugged into the Montreal scene than the 4th Period.

    Still...it's tantalizing to say the least since, imo, a clean sweep is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  7. I'm liking that JM is splitting up Pacioretty and Cole. For that matter, I'm glad he's sharing the wealth...this will be the first time in ??? that the Habs have scoring size on each of the top three lines:

    Patches on 1, Cole on 2, AK46 on 3.

    I'm not sure why it's taken so long to figure out that the Habs smaller players shouldn't all be bunched together, but hey, I guess that's why they pay Martin the big bucks!

    Can't risk him being injured before being dealt to Montreal immediately following the game :lol:

    Oh you sick, sick man!

  8. But if Markov is on the left side then where is the 1 timer to Subban? Basically means having to take the pass, take a second or 2 and then shoot ultimately allowing the goalie time to get in position.

    Ah yes, I didn't understand what you were saying...my bad...

    That's what happens when you're trying to feed the baby at the same time!

    Bottom line is that, yes, Markov has to be on the left side. That cross ice pass to his down-low is a killer. When he was playing, teams would often cheat in that direction opening up Cammalleri low right side for a 1-timer.

    When Markov is on the PP, there are SO many more options...right now there are few which is why I think Plek should be down low and there should be two D-men on the point.

  9. But one of the best plays we had in the arsenal was markov fake shot and cross ice for a 1-timer. This play which was so effective for us will be eliminated. Personally I would go with Markov and Emelin/Spacek/Campoli on the point and then use PK on the second unit with Weber.

    I really would hate to see amrkopv play on the wrong side and effective eliminate his options.

    Yes, but I'm still advocating for Markov on the left side...that's back door pass to him pinching WAS a huge weapon. Keep him on the left side and P.K. or Weber on the right.

    What's the problem there?

    I don't mind Markov playing on the right point... at least to try it out.

    I know he played there with Tanguay, and it didn't work at all, but the difference was Tanguay was the passer and Markov the shooter.... now Markov has switched places, but is still the passer.

    If you watch our current PP set up with Plekanec... the right point guy isn't even on the right side of the ice anyway... its more of an umbrella with him playing in the middle and Weber (would switch it to Subban IMO)... playing in the faceoff circle closer to the net, and Cammalleri in the same spot on the other side.

    I think Markov would be fine in the middle of the ice at the top of the umbrella, where he'd have options on both sides for one timers...

    Agreed...either that or mostly on the left side. I think that would work well...

  10. I personally think thats a horrible combination. Markov is most effective on the PP when he is playing the left point. When he was there his #1 option was a pass to the left point for a Souray, Schneider or Bergeron blast. If that was taken away then he would go for the cross ice pass for a Kovalev 1-tmer. That's what made our PP effective.

    If he is paired with PK then it means Markov playing the right side of the PP where he has spent very little time. It also eliminates the cross ice pass to a 1-timing Cammalleri for instance or both players play their respective sides ultimately eliminating the the 1-timer.

    We need a left handed D-man with a big shot for Markov to be most effective.

    Why? You can still have Markov playing the left side and make P.K. switch hit...it would set him up nicely for the 1-timer. I think it would work well...the other option is to share the wealth, and have Markov anchoring the 1st unit with P.K. anchoring the 2nd...

    I still have NP with a righty playing with Markov...I think it lends to a good 1-timer...

  11. Not at all. I love Pleks, but even I get the sense from him that he just doesn't like playing the point either. And I don't blame him. The man does everything but play goalie.

    Markov better come back quickly.

    Ya I think Plek will breath a HUGE sigh of relief once Markov is back.

    The thing is that Plek's playmaking skills are best used down low...he is actually one of the best on the team making plays down low. The ideal, imo, would be Plek, Cammalleri and Pacioretty or Cole on the first wave up front, with Weber and Subban at the point.

    I'm still not sure why P.K. is on the second wave.

    On wave two, they should have Diaz and Spacek at the point with Cole(or Patches) Gionta and Eller or DD.

    Seems pretty clear to see, at least to me it does.

    Question is who is paired with markov on the PP. He is most effective when feeding someone on the right point. You will be the shooter?

    For me, it's P.K....

    He and Markov played the point together, albeit briefly, and looked uber dangerous. I'm still not understanding why Weber gets the 1st wave over P.K.

    If Subban isn't hitting the net, perhaps the coaches should try, well, coaching him. Novel thought, I know...

  12. HAHAHAHAHA omg

    Neither do I. So frustrating. Eller had a great game, and not a whiff in OT. WTF? And this Pleks at the point thing, I hate that. Has to stop.

    Yes, so many things that this coaching staff does makes me scratch my head. I just don't get it. The Plek experiment has been failing all season.

    There are two teams that have let in four short-handed goals against in the league (The Devils and Habs) and BOTH use a forward on the point on the PP (Plek and Elias).


  13. I thought Darche looked good tonight. This was the first game in a while where I've seen him really dig and grind. Eller was great. He really turned it on when Gomer got hurt too.

    Eller was great...but why'd he get so little ice time 12:54..a little over 6-mins after two periods? Also, he got 0:00 of ice time in overtime.

    I just don't understand this coach.

  14. I just think that he would benefit as a player by a year in the ahl

    I don't know about a year but he'd definitely benefit from half a season in the AHL. That said, I really think he's here to stay.

    He is still making mistakes and will need to continue adjusting but he seems to be getting more and more comfortable...and that's key. I think the return of Markov will help Emelin a lot too. I can see the two of them being paired together too...

  15. Darche earning a 1 way contract was a horrible idea. He seems to have lost that edge and willingness. Of course that's what we see yet Martin still chose him on the PP last night ahead of Cole.

    I noticed that too.

    What happened to the guy that worked his butt off each and every shift?

    I don't about you, but I find Darche isn't bringing anything to the table this season. He is eminently replaceable.

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  16. That only works if he has a coach beside him teaching him and instructing him as the game develops.

    I think that will come once Markov is back in the lineup...

    On the Markov front, he is skating today in a white jersey meaning he will take part in the team scrimmages. That means he is tantalizingly close to returning.

    As well as Emelin has started playing of late, I think his game will go to another level once Markov is in the lineup. I think Marky will take him under his wing, the same way Kovalev did for Markov, and Emelin will be a better player for it.

    Moreover, I think it will just help his adjust quicker...

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