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  1. It's been up and down for me. I am really enjoying the individual episodes, but frustration builds as we seem to get fewer answers than expected every episode. The episode tonight was my favourite of the season though and I think I'll end up really appreciating this season on reflection/second and third viewings.
  2. I'm shocked you old farts haven't seen at least one Scorsese film. At least give Goodfellas or Departed a try, even if you don't like it you are bound to find some aspect of it entertaining. I'm not a big fan of Raging Bull or Gangs of New York, but the man knows how to shoot a movie. As for Kubrick, he is untouchable. I'm pretty picky when it comes to movies and I haven't seen all of his films yet, as I don't want to get through all of them and have nothing left to see, but I've yet to find one that didn't hit the mark. Based on the acclaim he gets, I don't expect to find one.
  3. I think Kubrick got a razzie for The Shining if I'm not mistaken. Now many people consider it to be one of the best horror films of all time
  4. LOL at making fun of someone who made a movie worth well over a billion dollars
  5. I really like this trade. A lot of people are pretty high on Palushaj and let's face it, we don't lose ANYTHING in D'Agostini. Only upside here. Nice move Gauthier.
  6. I voted Curling. I've tried it a couple times and enjoyed it, but after really getting into it this Olympics I'd like to join a club. I used to think Biathlon was stupid, but I have a new found respect for it for some reason. I have no idea how someone could calm their bodies and shoot so accurately.
  7. What a great couple of days it has been for Canada! After a sluggish start to the games it has definitely ended with a flurry and the only thing left to achieve is hockey gold. Especially happy for Jasey Jay Anderson. The first olympics I remember is Nagano in 1998 so I can clearly remember all the disappointments and shortcomings he's had throughout his career, amazing to finally see him come through! And what can you say about Kevin Martin and his rink? Pure dominance. The one draw I was lucky enough to attend wasn't even close, I think Sweden conceded after the 8th end
  8. Then why did Tremblay fall? Didn't look like he lost an edge or anything. It is impossible to tell how much force Ohno put on Tremblay's hip from television.
  9. I think Ohno fully deserved his DQ, the nudge was slight but happened right at the peak of the turn and it really wouldn't have taken much to send Tremblay to the ice. And whining about it after in an interview? Give me a break, the guy has benefited from luck and questionable calls on countless occasions, take a sip of your own medicine
  10. Pretty tragic way to begin the games. Awful. But the games go on. Sounds like they are even running the luge today... Anyone going out to Vancouver for the games? I'm heading out tomorrow to stay with some family, got tickets to a few events. Should be a great time
  11. I care about all the events and want to see Canada win the whole competition. Men's hockey interests me the most, but I'd be prepared to sacrifice a gold if it meant we won the most medals.
  12. Blind Side was a mediocre adaption of a story that works best in print, not film. I'd encourage any football fan to read the book though, the Oher story isn't even the best part.
  13. I can understand where the afraid part comes in, the show has been great up until this point but needs an excellent ending to be fully satisfying. I have a lot of faith in the writers and I think It`ll deliver.
  14. I'd be a fan of any change, but I'd like to see the format switch to "first to six points". I feel that if a team scores a TD immediately after winning the coin flip, then they deserve to win. But again, mini-games would be good, playing the full 15 minutes would be good, anything except the current system.
  15. Peterson's fumbling has reached its boiling point for me, but I also have to believe that this will officially put an end to it. It has never cost the team like it has over these past few weeks (Bears game and Saints game). He'll put a stop to it over the offseason, he has to. As far as his running goes, the O-line sucked all around this season. Hutch played hurt, McKinnie is overrated, Loadholt looked ok for a rookie. His ineffectiveness was compounded when he started to get over anxious and not wait for his blocks to develop (which they seldom did to be fair to him). I think he'll have a big bounceback season, I just hope Favre returns or we will struggle to make the playoffs on his back alone.
  16. And can NFL OT please be changed? I felt this way before and I feel even more strongly about it now (obviously).
  17. Saints are gonna get steamrolled. In classic Viking fashion we handed them that ballgame. Manning won't do the same.
  18. Very Classy finale by Conan. Shows you the difference between him and Letterman, who still whines about something that happened 18 years ago.
  19. I gave up on 24 in the middle of last season. Was just getting too damn repetitive, and as someone who followed the show from the very beginning, I couldn't take it anymore. Is this season at least remotely fresh? And I read that thing about Leno's buyout too. He must have some insane lawyers
  20. As a Vikes fan, thanks Ralph Wilson for not taking Leslie Frazier away
  21. Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that then. Some of it might not have been what Leno expected, but these shows are taped in the afternoon and if Kimmel said anything that Leno was actually offended by, he would have cut it from the show. Hardly anything happens on these talk shows that isn't pre-planned. I find it hard to believe that asking him the hosting question was a legit question and not Leno setting Kimmel up, but that's just my two cents.
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